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Tornado Night...Election Day...Spices

Nov 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Voting Day.  That means we can start yanking those signs out of the lawns right?



The weather was gorgeous here yesterday making it nice enough to get a walk in outdoors but that changed last night with tornado warnings and watches until the wee hours of this morning.  My sage advice to my wife who stays up later than me is, “honey, let me know if a tornado is coming”.  She’s not just my wife…she’s my Jim Cantore.



My parody song challenge yesterday was to turn in a song encouraging people to get out and vote as their patriotic duty.  Did that.  Today should be more fun as I’m hoping they’ll ask me to write a parody about how grateful we are that the election is over which means no more election TV ads!  I personally think the day AFTER an election should be declared a national holiday to celebrate that being over.  Let’s start a movement.



That’s because somehow someway once again People did not pick me as the sexiest man alive.  I don’t know how this keeps happening.  Some actor named Iris Elba took the trophy.  I won the swimsuit competition this year easily so there must have been something about my personality that bugged the panel.  Don’t know how I’ll survive.



A Mom in Iowa stepped up to claim half of that huge Powerball worth 700 million dollars with someone in NYC.  She be very rich even after taxes.  And there are seemingly more millionaires than ever too.  Get this.  In the last quarter 187,400 more folks can say they are largely due to 401K investments into the stock market.  It’s been a really good long while to have some dough in the stock market.  Might be time to pull some of it and invest in something safer like Beanie Babies…hoping they’ll finally gain value.  Ummm….if you need one or two of those bad boys I’ve got an upstairs closet full of em’.



Nashville was in the top 5 of cities that could have been chosen for a huge Amazon move here.  Looks like they will go to NYC or Virginia instead…or both.  A lot of jobs will be had.  Personally…the way Nashville has grown?  I don’t think we’re all upset about that loss.  The traffic is already stupid bad and that kind of influx of even more folks living here?  I’ll just say congrats NYC and Virginia!



The Spice Girls are back together?  Surely they’ve been re-named the “Old Spice Girls” by now right?  Think of the sponsorship money available from that whistling old sailor!


Everything keeps coming back.  There will be a Gladiator 2 movie coming, a Toy Story 4 AND the “Nanny” with that really annoying voice is coming back to TV.  Don’t know why but Fran Drescher now somehow reminds me of “Flo” from the insurance commercials.



Some of those who rescue lost hikers may start using a fleet of drones to find them.  Can’t imagine how successful that could be.  Fly a fleet of them over a wide area with cameras to find them before sending out a search and rescue team that’s just hoping to find them.  I gotta get a drone.  I’ll use mine to fly over the DMV to check out when there’s not a long line before leaving to get my license.



There’s a whole bunch of things listed in that article.  They think it’s cool we walk in the rain with no umbrella.  And they really think it’s cool if we can drive a stick shift. Of course if your stick shift is on an AMC Pacer?  Not so much.


I’m off to write with Brian White today who helped write hits for Trace Adkins, Rascal Flatts and had a smash that he co-wrote with my buddy Steve Dean “Watching You”.  And on top of that Brian, who’s from Cincinnati where I spent a lot of years…has tons of his songs that have been recorded in the Christian music world. Brian actually posted something on his Facebook page months ago that I thought should be a song…and after alerting him…he agreed.  So we’ll spend some time trying to write that later today.


Have a great Tuesday!



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