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General Jackson...CMA's & Rhyming With Good Folks

Everybody rolled their clocks, sundials and hourglasses back right?



Last night our "Hits & Grins" trio played on board the General Jackson Showboat for the Delta Vacation folks...travel agent from all across the country in town to do up Nashville and our trio was part of their entertainment as we floated down the Cumberland River.  Dinner, line dancing, a band...and our songwriters show gave them a pretty good Music City experience I think...and we were happy to be aboard for that.  Nice folks.





We did a one hour show so that gave us plenty of time to explore the big boat and I think we saw it all.  Victoria Venier in our group has a husband who produces big shows on this boat so Victoria knew every person seemingly as well as the Captain so we got to sit in the pilot house with he and his co-captain and got their view as we floated from the Opryland Complex to downtown Nashville which was all lit up.  Just a really fun time last night and we hope to do it again.




And if you've never taken a trip on the General Jackson...I highly suggest you do so when you come to town.



I'm thinking safe flight this morning for my daughter Heather's fiancee' as he's on a 9 hour helicopter flight for the Army this morning flying to Albuquerque for more training. Casey is an onboard crew chief now on a chopper...and is bound to be deployed before too long.  9 hours is a long flight for sure...but he's gung ho and excited and I certainly admire that while at the same time hoping he stays safe...like all families who have family members serving. 



It's CMA week...anyone tied to country music is in town for the Awards Show that happens this Wednesday night on ABC.  This year I'll be on WSM from 7-Midnight while they are passing out the trophies...but I'll be keeping listeners up to date on the highlights.  Listen in if you'd like at wsmonline.com



The CMA actually tried to put a bit of a gag order on radio guys an girls/TV/print/media...by initially putting out a release making reporters agree not to ask any stars about Vegas, guns, politics.  Brad Paisley jumped on that and got them to not only change their minds...but issue an apology to the media.  I'm sure they thought they were doing a good thing but it backfired on them big time.  And now there's the Texas shooting to add to the list of bad news that some may choose to talk about. 


I've covered and worked the show many years.  And I know if I were holding a microphone up to a country artist who's from Texas...and in particular San Antonio like George Strait...well of course I'm going to ask for his reaction to that as opposed to asking how many horses he has on his ranch now.  Duh.  Look for Brad Paisley to have a joke or two about the gag order in his opening monologue Wednesday night.



Some women somehow got a DUI while riding a horse on a highway.  Drunk in the saddle.  I didn't know you could write a ticket for that...but there ya go.  Friends don't let friends gallop drunk.



We have not seen a movie for awhile.  I've got a few off days coming up on the beach in a few days so maybe the wife and I will do some catching up.  I saw the latest superhero movie "Thor" raked in 121 MILLION bucks this weekend.  Most surely it is a good time to be producing superhero movies.  And if you have big muscles and can swing a hammer...guaranteed success.



I read where a guy makes a lot of money buy buying bargains in Wal Mart and then re-listing them on Amazon for a higher price.  All kinds of ways to make a living folks.  If a person shopped the Dollar Store he could probably list all of that stuff for $2 somewhere else and double his profit too.  Probably.



Christmas shopping has begun in case you have not noticed.  Way before ole Tom Turkey shows up on a platter for Thanksgiving.  For that hard to buy guy on your list....PLEASE do not buy him an ugly Christmas ROMPER.  Men do not wear rompers...or should not.  I could possibly see the Village People singing a Christmas song in these ugly things...but other than that...please remain in the No Romper Zone.




An article I read this morning says that alcohol improves your ability to speak multiple languages.  I do believe that because if I have two margaritas...I have no idea what I'm saying.  But I'm guessing anyone from France would be laughing their hind ends off at what I was saying.  Yes...I'm fluent in Jose Cuervo. 



Well...this will be fun.  I'm in a writing room with Linda Davis who has been so busy these days...gone a lot on the road with Kenny Rogers on tour so we'll get a chance to catch up on her busy life and her new twin grand-daughter due early next year.  And...we'll be joined by one of my favorite writers Leslie Satcher who's so talented and wrote my favorite George Strait hit "Troubadour" to name just one of her many many hits.  Plus she sings her tail off!  Very much looking forward to that.


And a very busy week lays ahead with lots of writing...the Wednesday night shift on WSM and then Friday morning I head for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores.   More on the festival coming later this week.


Have a great Monday!

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