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Early Christmas Spirit...Fast Bike...Hero Parrot

Nov 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday in Music City…and the weather is on an incredible run right now. Nothing but sun for several days in a row with temps in the low to upper 70’s. In fact, we might hit 80 on Monday.



I wrote with Bobby Marquez online Wednesday and we created a song around a title that Bobby had on his books. We wrote something with a smile in it and that happens quite a bit as some of the folks who I write with, or writers who reach out to me know that I have a “funny” catalog and a lot of them want to try and write something in that vein. I love writing funny-comedy songs but tend to try as much as I can to write songs that are more “smile” oriented as opposed to just funny. Not many people record flat out comedy songs these days, but “smile” songs always have a better chance commercially. So that’s what we did yesterday.  We avoided trying to be completely funny and made the song relatable with a smile…I hope.  Either way it was fun writing with my cowboy hat country singer friend Bobby.



Our daughter Heather came down from Clarksville and brought a new Christmas movie to watch that none of us had seen, “The Man Who Invented Christmas”. The movie is about author Charles Dickens and how he was inspired to write the Christmas classic “The Christmas Carol” that is still one of the best-selling books of all time. The lead actor Dan Stevens (whom I had never heard of) is terrific and Christopher Plummer’s portrayal of Scrooge is excellent. So we managed avoid watching any “bah humbug” post-election coverage and got in a little early Christmas spirit. God Bless us Everyone.



Election coverage ratings were down 20% this go around despite the fact that so many were at home during the pandemic. Maybe more folks than me put on a Christmas movie instead.


And how about this election day joke?  “It’s important to look closely at lawn signs during election campaigns. Last time I voted for a real estate agent”. (Love that)



Has Kanye West sued for a recount of votes yet?



Despite some dire predictions by many that have wrung their hands over this election the stock market has once again surged and has had a heck of a three-day upwards run.  It rose up another 367 points yesterday to add to the 1,000 plus gain it had the two days prior.



Also in the early Christmas spirit is Starbucks who just tossed their Halloween cups for their new line of Christmas cups that are reusable for their holiday drinks now ready to pour. Including an eggnog latte. Help me. I know what an egg is and where it comes from but I’m clueless about the “nog” part. What the hey is a “nog”?  Anyone? Wonder if I can ask for an “eggnog…but hold the egg”?



Wal Mart rolls out some of its best Black Friday deals tomorrow.  You can grab a 50-inch Vizio big screen for less than 300 bucks. But what I REALLY want?  Walmart doesn’t have.  Trying to run down where to buy a holiday sweater for a chicken.  Yes...someone makes those…and some folks BUY them.  Merry “Cluckmus”.


Hey...maybe that's where "eggnog" comes from!  Christmas chickens.



For the first time yesterday over 100,000 coronavirus cases were reported. The pandemic has gone so long that I have a long list of friends, acquaintance and co-writers who have gotten sick from it. A co-writer in Knoxville died from it unfortunately. So it’s as real as it can get.


And the Task Force is on record saying that new cases are increasing exponentially.  And meanwhile you really don’t hear a lot as to where we are exactly with a vaccine.


Because of the pandemic restrictions some of those “in the know” are suggesting we could see less flu cases this winter. So, we have that going for us.



They just released a Top 10 List of the “Most Watched You Tube Videos” of all time.  Did you watch the “Baby Shark Dance”?  Me neither until this morning. It’s the most watched with over 7.5 BILLION views since it came out in 2016.  Where have I been?



Now you can find a snowy wintry wonderland in Florida…sort of. It opens this month on the Florida coastline and stays open until March.  Snow tubing and more.  Check out this travel destination in the sunshine state.



Have you seen this ELECTRIC motorcycle? It just broke a record speed of 254 mph!  A rider named Max Biaggi was the guying cranking the throttle and hanging on. Wow. I’ve had a bike or two. I can’t even imagine what the sound would be like when a bug hit that face helmet.



In Australia a young man is awakened to his parrot screaming his name “Anton”!!!  His house was on fire. The parrot is a hero.  Think a cat would bother to wake you?



I had a VERY full day this morning and it all got cancelled. Both a writing appointment and a rehearsal with “Hits & Grins”. So…mid 70’s and sun?  I think I’ll put my boots on and find a hiking trail.


Have a great Thursday!


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