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New Album From A Friends...Running...Climbing

Nov 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Tuesday morning where it’s light outside my little blogging window overlooking Old Hickory Lake.  With the time change, I’m no longer doing this in the dark!



My songwriting appointment was with my friend Gerald Smith “The Georgia Quacker”.  We sat down in a writing room at my publishing company Billy Blue and tackled an up-tempo bluegrass song as the label is looking for those kinds of songs right now for multiple bluegrass artists.  Gerald had a great title in his book so we had fun writing that yesterday.


One of the things I enjoy being part of a “family” now…a publishing company is getting to see and visit and write with lots of different folks.  While Gerald and I were writing in one room, right next-door writing together was two more talented friends Jerry Salley and Irene Kelley.  So we had a chance to catch up and I was able to give Jerry a copy of the new Brent Burns CD “My Jukebox On The Beach” that has a very fun song that Jerry and I wrote with Brent “Motel Margaritaville” that was included on the album.  Jerry will be headed to the beach like me this week for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival, so I think I gave Jerry a little music to listen to while driving down to Gulf Shores. 


So a good Monday at the office as they would say.



I’m excited to see that my co-writer Missouri friend Becky Denton is releasing a new album in a couple of weeks titled “Fire & Grace” that has three songs on it that we wrote together, all of them were singles, including “Take Me Back To Tybee” that went to #1 on one of the Trop Rock charts for her.  She and her talented husband Will Denton were down in Key West this past weekend for MOTM ("Meeting Of The Minds")  to really check out the Trop Rock scene and got to get up and play in front of those Parrot Head fans multiple times.  I hear she was more than well received and I have a feeling Becky will be seen in front of more and more Parrot Head folks in the future.  Congrats Becky…and thanks for recording our songs!



Stay tuned as I’m getting more details about another overseas tour that looks like it will happen in 2021 that will be off the hook great with some beautiful destinations included.  And yes, you’ll have a chance to go if you’d like.  How’s that for a tease?  Details coming in just a few weeks.



I’m not sure why some folks list their favorite hobbies on a resume, but they do.  Check out this LIST of “weird” hobbies that have shown on some of those.


I’m pretty sure that”


Snake skin collecting, drinking beer, and handcuff collecting is not a huge plus for your potential new boss. 



That running any distance at any speed reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Kind of eye opening huh?  I think my knees would be screaming at me, “what the heck do you think you’re doing” if I tried to gallop or even canter.  Plus I don’t look all that stunning in lyrca shorts.  Sigh. 


If I owned Fitbit though I’d be using that in my advertising.



I don’t “climb” either.  Not really.  If there’s an elevator handy I’ll take it to go one story up instead of taking the stairs.  Even though I know better.  So I’m not likely to book a long flight to go tackle the world’s tallest climbing wall.  Check out this BAD BOY of climb located in Abu Dhabi.  


In Colorado a couple of years ago my daughter took me and my wife to a trail that went UP.  Way up.  It was actually hand over hand to pull yourself to the summit of this trail that had a little bridge to walk over to a beautiful lake.  So the payoff was great.  But then we had to go down and down and down the rocks.  Did I mention that my knees know how to curse?  Here's a great VIDEO that will let you experience it yourself.


Next time my daughter wants to do that I’m grabbing the bench by the Colorado stream that was flowing by and will instruct her to take some pictures to bring back when she’s done.



My co-writer for today came down with a “bug” so my day has opened up.  The sun is shining, the Fall colors are gorgeous right now so I see a walk (not a run) coming up.


Have a great Tuesday!




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