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Still No Winner...Pensacola In Town...Drink Some Vino

Nov 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the first Hump Day in November. Post-election day 2020...and it ain't over. Is your Excedrin bottle empty?



I got together with my long-time friend and “Hits & Grin” partner Steve Dean at his house where Jessie Ritter joined us. Jessie was up from Pensacola where she lives, but she still has a little place here in Nashville she kept when she attended and graduated from Belmont University. These days she runs back and forth from the beach to Nashville to play, write and record.  And yesterday Jessie brought an idea she wanted to write so we chased that and turned it into a fun up-tempo commercial song. Next week our trio will be at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival and a week from Saturday night we’ll play at the Florabama Main Listening Room where we kind of expect to see Jessie as the Florabama is not the far from Pensacola as it sits on the ocean straddling the Florida-Alabama line. 


Our complete schedule is on my calendar and you can also find it here on the festival’s main web site. Our Thursday show is SOLD OUT and I’m told it sold out the day tickets went on sale. Because of Covid protocol and concerns they can only sell half capacity so I’m sure we’ll have a few folks disappointed that can’t get in.  But we are very much looking forward to being part of a downsized Frank Brown Festival this year.



I watched little of the coverage last night…very little. Worked out pretty well. I woke up this morning and found out the expected happened…still no decision. So I have no idea whose yard signs I need to pull up yet.


The highlights and or lowlights for me?


Kanye tweeted “Kanye 2024” …already.  I guess that’s his concession.


Trending this morning, “How to Move to Canada” …on Google.


And another search trend after New Jersey legalized marijuana is, “How Do You Roll A Joint”?  I would think the second one could have been typed in by those stressing over the election as well. 


And actress Kate Beckinsale…from England…who can’t even vote here sported a gold bra that encouraged Americans to “Vote”.  She didn’t say who she preferred but I’m fairly certain that conservatives don’t parade in a gold “Vote” bra.


Have a glass or two of wine folks…it’ll all be alright.



According to an article I read, here are 5 good things about drinking wine.


It could help prevent cavities.

It keeps allergies in check

It could delay Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Reduces the risk of depression

Keeps blood pressure in check if you have type 2 diabetes


We have several bottles of wine in our house. We RARELY ever open a bottle. Some were given to us, some we bought and I’m starting to think we only have them because it might make us look like we’re half cultured or something. And I know that’s not working for sure.



You can drink Venison flavored whiskey that’s now made in New Hampshire. True. So, when you pour a glass of that act snobby like wine folks. Look at the bottle label and proclaim, “Oh…this is a good deer”. 



Some airlines are really trying to entice us to fly again with loss of business they’re suffering through during this pandemic. Alaska Airlines has been offering a two for one deal for a while. Another airline is offering a one price ticket to fly as much as you want between now and March of 2021.


Meanwhile here in Nashville they unloaded a Southwest flight because a passenger refused to wear a mask. And on it goes.


And to show the extent of how the airlines are suffering…American announced it cancelled 100,000 flights for December because of low demand during the pandemic.


In Hawaii only 1 in 1000 have tested positive entering the country with their Covid protocol. I’ve never seen a hula dancer with a mask on but if you could get a 2 for 1 flight and it’s safe? Maybe more folks will start going back to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.



I’m keeping an eye on that hurricane which could get really intense. The trackers are now thinking it could hit south Florida, and even one model shows it could turn towards Alabama where I’m headed next week for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  That looks to be a long shot at the moment and I’m certainly hoping that doesn’t happen.


Doe ETA mean, “Estimated Time of Arrival”?



The #1 Travel Destination in Europe for the second year in a row is the Irish Immigration Museum located in Dublin. I was in Dublin a few years ago…took the Guinness tour which was very fun. The Titanic Museum is also in Dublin and I didn’t see that (which I regretted) and I had no idea the #1 travel thingy was also in Dublin.


It beat out the Acropolis is Athens, Buckingham Palace in England and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Ireland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been too…and our family surely wants to go back again. If we do?  I’ll try not to miss the #1 travel destination.



“Real Housewives Star of Cheshire Once Had Sex with A Ghost and He Dumped Her”.  Proof that you just can’t believe in ghosts. 



I’m writing with Bobby Marquez, a traditional country artist who always wears a cowboy hat when he performs with a big smile. Bobby invited me to come over and sing around a campfire while they show it on Facebook, and I passed because I’m being choosy about going out in Covid times. He was great about it, and my friend Wood Newton went instead and sang some of his hits like “Riding with Private Malone” and “Twenty Years Ago” while he was FREEZING! It turned out that the temps dropped on Bobby’s night and even around a fire trying to play a guitar was a chilly challenge. I’ll wait until it warms up.


It will give us something to talk about this morning before we start rhyming.


Have a great Wednesday!

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