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Beach Music...Roomba...Those Pants

Nov 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the first Monday of November.  Hopefully you done rolled you clocks back an hour.  After living in Indiana a few years, I’m still not sure why we need to do that.



The new Brent Burns CD “My Jukebox On The Beach” arrived in my mailbox over the weekend.  Brent and I wrote 8 of the ten songs on this project over the course of a year or more…and that’s always fun.  There are some really good beach songs AND funny songs as always…and even a polka that is SO incorrect…but funny.  Yes…we did.  We went polka. 


My thanks to my longtime Gulf Shores friends for some major kind words he inserted in the sleeve of this new project and my thanks to all the talented folks who were part of this new CD.  It should be available for purchase on Brent’s website and CD Baby shortly.



My weekend entertainment was football and Roomba.  Yes, we are now the proud parents of one of those little circular vacuum cleaners that runs around the house picking up dirt and when it’s battery gets low…it goes back to it’s little docking station to re-charge.  I felt like we had a cat watching it dart all around the floors and ignoring when I would holler “you suck” while it worked.  Thumbs up from the Whyte House as it was apparently a snap to learn to operate (according to Mrs. Whyte) Just plug in the charger…hit the button and off it goes.


We are some high tech rednecks now at the Whyte House y’all.



Some guy just grew a 22-pound sweet potato.  Why?  Because he could I guess.  So if you’re short on sweet taters for your Thanksgiving gathering this year…look up this dude.  He’ll have leftovers.



Over 600,000 folks have moved out of California over the last decade.  Fires, mudslides, high taxes, traffic, Kardashians…all driving them out.  Where did they go?  500,000 chose to move to the Lone Star State of Texas.  Actually, 300,000 of those folks were just moving back to where they came from when they decided to move out on the left coast.  Lot cheaper in Texas…and I think they give every resident there a free oil well.



One of the hottest tennis shoes on the planet is the new Nike Vaporfly designed for runners to make ya faster.  They’ll cost ya $250 or so.  Supposedly that makes your running 4% more efficient.  I could care less than that.  How doe they feel when I put them up on my footstool to watch baseball?  Can ya give me that break out Nike?!



CNN Travel just listed the five scariest roller coaster rides in the world.  Take a look HERE if you like…but wait until your stomach is already empty.  There’s a wooden coaster that inverts…upside down.  Wow. 


I’ve ridden a bunch of roller coasters.  When asked I always say the “Beast” at Kings Island just north of Cincinnati will always be my fave.



They now make apps that will help you with jet lag, for those that fly overseas on those looong flights.  The apps will tell you when you need to sleep, when you need to be awake, when you should get some caffeine in your system and when not to as it helps adjust your body clock.  After being on those long flights three times now over the past few years…I could see trying that.  When we went to Ireland I pretty much slept away a  complete day away because of total exhaustion.  And then I started driving on the wrong side of the road after that and was WIDE awake for the rest of the trip to the Emerald Isle.




A buyer just HAD to have THOSE pants Olivia Newton John danced in with John Travolta in this SCENE from the movie Grease.  He paid $405,700 to own them.  (And you can bet he won’t look nearly as good in them) 



Blake Shelton is doing okay.  His net worth now is 80 million dollars.  He gets 8 million per “Voice” season to sit in that spinning chair and have fun.  Not bad work if you can get it.  He’s pretty much impossible not to like…and that transfers dollars pretty easily.  I can’t imagine “The Voice” without him



“Man Faces Five Years In Prison For Using Live Cat As A Weapon”.  Apparently the cat copped a plea and got community service and won’t have to in with the idiot.



I’m writing and tomorrow.  Wednesday I’ll be the guest of “The True Country Podcast” that’s hosted by Justin and Theresa Mason a husband and wife team from Fort Worth, Texas.  They reached out to me at Facebook to set up the interview.  Should be fun and here’s the LINK where you can listen.  All of the podcast episodes they do are archived so you can pull it up once it’s recorded and listen anytime you want.


Then it’s beach time Thursday through Saturday with my “Hits & Grins” trio as we head to the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival that is always a great time.


Have a great Monday!









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