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Election Day Song...Hall of Famer Writers...Dogs vs Cats

Nov 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday…Election Day. Trying to guess how many “Vote” signs I’ll see today.  I voted several days ago. Hope my candidate wins but if he does not?  I won’t be setting the world on fire. Y’all try to do the same if you would.


Songwriter Brent Cobb wrote and released this new song that PERFECTLY describes how I feel about all the ugly politics and ugly screaming and worse we’ve seen and heard this election round. Thank you Mr. Cobb for writing "Soapbox".  Why didn’t I write this?!



I wrote with Rob Bellamy out in Boston on the computer. Rob has got me into this Western-Yellowstone music kind of vibe over the past few months and yesterday we finished up an idea that’s also in the vein of the kind of songs you hear on the Kevin Costner series. Doesn’t take much to point me that way as I love that kind of music…and certainly I love western imagery. So we had a good time chasing that thought yesterday and just catching up in general. His now fiancé’ Ayla Brown was not able to join us as she’s getting up really early every morning for her radio show at the big country station out in Boston. She’s dumped us to be radio famous!  I’m glad they’re doing so well.


And I’m happy to hear her Dad and Mom move home from New Zealand at year’s end after Scott Brown…the former Senator, Ambassador to New Zealand will come back to the east coast and become the Dean of a Law School out there.  So Rob is marrying into an interesting cool family for sure. 



Yesterday the Songwriters Hall of Fame announced the 2020 inductees. All with songs of course you know, you love, you’ve hummed you’ve sang.


Bobby Gentry. Still wondering why Billy Joe McCallister jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge?  Me too.“Ode to Billy Joe” is still a masterpiece of a song. Oh, and she also wrote “Fancy”.


Kent Blazy has a ton of hits under his belts including a couple of Garth monsters like “Ain’t Going Down”.


Brett James also has a huge list of hits including the song that launched American Idol winner Carrie Underwood to the top of the charts for the first time “Jesus Take the Wheel”.


Spooner Oldham  who helped create the Muscle Shoals sound penned the pop hit “I’m Your Puppet” and the country hit “Lonely Women Make Good Lovers”.


Steve Earl…wrote memorable songs he sang like “Guitar Town & “Copperhead Road”. With a gritty rock-country edge.


Congratulations to all of these writers going into the Hall. 



In October alone guy sales jumped 65%. 18.6 million have sold so far this year. A record pace to say the least. Wonder if baseball bat sales have leaped too?  We’re quarantined…and loaded.


Last month a record number of children tested positive for the virus.  An 8th grader from my home state of Missouri died of Covid complications.  Too sad to even think about.


One study suggests that these are the things we’re overspending on during the pandemic. Groceries, food delivery, pet food, personal care products, alcohol and children’s toys and games. Nothing more challenging that trying to answer a “literature” question playing Trivial Pursuit while you’ve had too much to drink.



In China a family left their Golden Retriever with family about 60 miles away for a few days to look after. The dog somehow gets out…and disappears for days. Two weeks later the retriever tired and hungry shows up at the owner’s doorstep.  It walked 60 miles in two weeks to get home!


That’s the difference in cats and dogs. A cat would have caught an Uber home and hit the owner with the bill.



One of the new products trending up is electric bikes. Even Harley Davidson got on board and opened up an E-Division to manufacture some of these. Here’s a look at their first offering the Serial 1.  My wife says I can’t buy one until I sell my hoverboard.



Walmart fired its robots that were scanning items on shelves to stock and re-stock in about 500 store locations and will use humans again to do the job. Must be quite the scene. The boss sitting with the HR person and handing a robot it’s walking papers and then asking security to walk the robot out the front door. 



I’m off to write with Steve Dean at his house where our mutual friend Jessie Ritter will join the two of us. Jessie is up from Pensacola for a few days so it will be nice to write in person for a change with a couple of talented folks.


Have a great Tuesday.










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