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Through The Woods...Roll The Clocks Back...General Jackson Showboat

Shorts again...temps up to mid 70's near 80 the next couple of days.  Dear Mother Nature...make up your mind!




I had the day wide open so decided to get out for a hike...a looong hike.  8 miles to be exact over a trail that wound around a big lake near here.  8 miles is a long hike for me..a really long hike.  And the first six miles I didn't see a single soul.  So the only sound was the sound of leaves crunching under my hiking boots and me whimpering wondering if the last two miles would ever end.  I've discovered I need better hiking shoes for sure as the heel of my left foot has been screaming "what did you do!" at me all morning. 



I did discover a danged TIRE 4 miles into the woods on this trail.  Things that make ya go ????.  How do a full size tire wind up on a wooded trail deep in the woods?  I'm betting a redneck and beer were somehow involved.


At any rate...those kinds of walks allow me to day dream and sometimes come up with new song ideas which is great.  And I was feeling pretty good about my effort until two guys BLEW by me running the entire 8 miles while I was gingerly stepping over rocks and puddles and tree limbs.  Maybe they were racing to claim that tire...who knows?



Sunday we roll our clocks back.  My least favorite time of year to be truthful...when it gets dark so early.  Mix a little Fall gray weather with that (it's pouring rain right now)...and you realize why so many folks run for a beach and sunnier weather in the Fall-Winter.  I know I'm looking forward to Gulf Shores starting next Friday where as of now I have six shows at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  Complete details on all of those are up on my calendar. 



Finnair Airlines is going to start weighing it's customers.  Uh huh.  It's come to that.  We're so fat...the airlines have to weigh us now.  This is why I fly Cracker Barrel Airlines.  All the seats are wide rocking chairs and instead of a cookie during the flight you get a biscuit.  Can't beat it.



Reba McEntire sold her huge estate not too far from were I live.  The person who bought the property will start holding events there.  Pretty spectacular for sure...if ya wanna take a look around...here's an overview that ran in the Tennessean today.  Did I really read it had three story master bathroom?




Survey says 49% of all women admit to using the men's bathroom when the lines are long for theirs.  Don't blame em'.  Someone is going to make a lot of money if they can figure a better faster system for women.  It is awkward walking into one as a guy and having some woman greet you with "so how's it going"?  Crickets.



How about this?  Some company in Japan is going to give it's non-smoking employees 6 days off to be even with those who smoke and take smoke breaks.  Apparently those smoke breaks add up to 6 days worth of lost production.  Maybe those that don' spend time gossiping in the workplace can get a few more days to go with that.



I read where a nurse had to deliver her own baby.  It was coming...no one around...so she did what she know how to do.  She delivered it on her own.  Mechanics fix their own cars, accountants do their own taxes...and songwriters like me rhyme our restaurant orders.  So...why not?



I'm off to write with Ayla Brown who lives right around the corner....the former American Idol Top 10 finisher, former Boston College basketball player, world traveler performing for our troops...yep...she's talented and good people.  We'll write with her boyfriend today who's a former college hockey star so I won't pick a fight with him...or her.  Should be fun.



Sunday I'm board the General Jackson Showboat with my "Hits & Grins" trio as we float down the Cumberland River and entertain a corporate gathering.  With the leaf colors...it should be a beautiful cruise for sure. 






Have a great weekend!


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