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November Be Here...A Co-Writer Engagement...Sean Connery

Nov 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello you cool November 2.  Clocks are rolled back. Getting braced for the “dark early” months ahead now. And oh yea…it’s Election Eve. Do you know where your “hanging chads” are?


Speaking of weather. I turned my space heater on for the first time this morning. It’s 35 degrees in Nashville at 7 AM with a high of just 55. Glad I added more fleece to the trap door in my long johns.



I started my weekend early with a writing session with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur and we wrote a song idea Gerald had that was a “tear” in your throat and heart kind of country song that Janelle just sings the heck out of. And because he had a chorus already written, it didn’t take us long to finish it up. It was good to hear that Janelle’s husband of almost 3 years now is doing better after his battle with Covid-19 and they’ve both finished up their quarantine period. He still has limited sense of smell and taste which seems to be fairly normal post recovery for those that have had it.  Glad that they are out of the woods.



I got the nicest Facetime call late Friday night. It was my friends and co-writers Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman who were out in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a show and they booked some extra time to view that beautiful part of our country. When their faces came on Jenny was all smiles and said, “guess what”?  And then she held up her finger that Dave had put a ring on. Engaged! Could not be happier for those two. Jenny and I started writing before she met Dave and now the three of us write all the time and have written her new single “If I Could Invent A T-Shirt” that’s doing well.  Hard not to propose when you find yourself surrounded in magnificent scenery like Jackson Hole and the nearby Tetons have and I jokingly told Dave that. Jenny’s Dad Steve who was a great musician himself at one time and now books and manages Jenny career also made the trip with his wife Kathy, so they got to be part of that magic too.  Could not be happier for those two.



This one to young artist, singer, songwriter, fiddle player Catie Offerman who just signed a major record label deal with UMG here in Nashville. My friend Wil Nance and I have written a couple of cool songs with Catie and we came to find out that she actually had the guts to turn down a MAJOR record deal when she was out in LA. They wanted her to dance, and “pop” up things and Catie decided to risk it all…turn it down and come to Nashville where her true creative heart wanted to be. Not many would do that. And now it’s worked out and I don’t have any doubt that she’s going to create a little noise. Way to go Catie!



The second season of “The Mandalorian” kicked off on Amazon + this weekend and it did not disappoint.  If you need a great “Star Wars” fix while you wait for the next movie…this is your ticket.


And I’m totally into the Apple + series “The Right Stuff” that gives us a much more detailed look at the individual astronauts that made up the Mercury 7 back when we were trying to race the Russians into space. The book was great, the movie awesome and now this series just adds to all of that.  I’m learning a lot I didn’t know about those American Heroes.



Some folks miss flying so badly during the pandemic that they’ll jump at things like getting on board planes that are going nowhere. They just love flying that much. The latest proof of that goes a step further as Singapore Airlines turned a couple of their airbuses into restaurants. The planed never leaves the ground but you’re served a meal on board. In Economy it cost around 60 bucks a plate. But up in the luxury section?  The price was $640 a plate. And it SOLD out instantly.


Some good news. Saturday Australia reported zero Corona virus cases. That’s the first time that’s happened down under since June 9. The country went into a 112-day lockdown and is just coming out of that. So far so good.


Word is that we’re close to having a non-invasive Covid test available. This one can test your breath and have results back in a minute or less. Yep.  I’d be more comfortable with that as opposed to a cotton stick reaching up into my nostrils.



I don’t know.  Maybe those electric trucks are going to take over. Check out this 2022 Atlas XT electric pickup truck. This bad boy can go 500 miles on one charge and it only takes 15 minutes to fully charge it again. Okay Santa…I’ll take one.



Jon Lester won’t be pitching for the Cubs next season. Instead of being upset that he has to find a new team he decided to say “thank you” to the Cub fans for their support. So he’s going to buy them a free drink. He announced the three bars where fans could go and get a free drink on him.  Pretty classy way to say goodbye.



4 more states may legalize some of Willie’s favorite thing to smoke this month.  Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota are all in play to do so. Sooner than later it may become legal nationwide and if it does, I’m sure one can order their stash from Amazon and have it delivered to their door. I’m betting the Amazon Prime drivers will all have goofy smiles on their faces when they drop it on your doorstep.



RIP Sean Connery 007.  Nobody classier…and he did it seemingly with such ease. I guess one might be at ease a little easier in front of a movie camera if they had started their career as a nude model as Sean did in his youth. He was a lady’s man…but also a man’s man for sure.  Lots of tributes have rolled in. Here’s one of my favorite memories of him I read this morning from produce Michael Bay who was a very young “green” producer when he directed Sean Connery in the movie “The Rock” …based on San Quentin. Michael Bay said he would “timidly” offer direction to Sean and Sean would reply “okay boy”. He called him “boy” on the set. But he must have liked Michael.  Sean was driving with him one day and said, “you okay”?  Michael Bay confessed he was not okay because the Disney executives were in town and expressing concern that the movie was two days over its scheduled time allotment, and he was getting heat. Sean grinned and said, “want me to take care of that”?


At a lunch with the executives in a third grade classroom where Michael gathered with the execs sitting on tiny chairs with tiny tables…Sean strolls in and says in his Scottish accent, “This boy is doing a good job, and your living in your Disney F*#@ing tower and we need “f*$3ing money”!  Without missing a beat one exec asked, “How much do you need”.  He had that kind of pull…and presence.


So I’m guessing when Sean is at St. Peter’s gate and they ask his name?  Yep. Surely, he’ll reply…” Bond…James Bond”.



This might be a Christmas gift for those on your list who complain of stress all the time. Hard not to laugh and have less stress when you hit the button on this “Screaming Goat Figurine”.  Stupid but funny…but I’m sure given a preference?  Most folks would take one of these baaaaad boys over another fruitcake.



They reported they’ve lost 1.2 billion java bucks since the pandemic started BUT…their quarterly earnings exceeded expectations. It’s also brought about what could be a permanent change as a lot more of their customers are now using their Starbucks app to pre-order so they can just walk in, grab their Grande and run. The thinking is that even when the pandemic ends that this habit will hold and there will be less and less folks lined up to order at the counter.


I have not seen or heard how Chik-fil-A is doing but I can’t imagine they’re losing money as I’ve NEVER been to one where the cars were not lined up forever…and MOVING quickly at the same time. I wish Chik-fil-A would take over the DMZ license department and any other business that forces us to wait forever in a line. 



I’m writing with now east coast buddy Rob Bellamy who just released his new EP “Starving Eyes” that includes a song we wrote earlier this “100 Proof”. So I’ll have a chance to find out how the new album is going, and we’ll finish up an idea we started last time we got together.


Have a great Monday!












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