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7 Games...CMA's and Fall Walk

Nov 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Yo-Yo weather in Tennessee...warming back up today.



Nothing huge yesterday...just like today which is more than fine.  I did write two World Series songs for my New York folks...writing it twice...once for an Astro win...a second time for a Dodger win.  So this morning there will be some country stations playing the Astro's version as Houston won it's first ever World Series last night.  Houston has something to celebrate which is only appropriate after they suffered through Hurricane Harvey...and are still re-building in some places.  Congrats to the winners in what was a very exciting 7 game series if you're a baseball fan at all. 



I did add one more show yesterday at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  I'll be playing at the "Beach Brewing Company" in Gulf Shores Friday November 10 which is the kickoff weekend for that great two week gathering of songwriters on the sand.  I'll be sharing the stage that night with Randy Brooks who wrote a song you can't get out of your head..."Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer".  We did a show together last year so it will be fun to hook up and play original songs with Randy for a second time.  Show time that night is 8:30 pm. 




In case you missed it...this LINK will let you check out all the nominees up for the CMA Awards this year.  The big show is November 8 on ABC.  Lots of familiar faces.  Garth is back up for Entertainer...and the way he is STILL selling out shows?  Would not be a shock to see the trophy go his way.  My favorite category is "Vocal Event Of The Year".  Within the nominees...the late Glen Campbell is up along with his singing partner Willie Nelson on the old classic that Willie wrote  "Funny How Time Slips Away" that Glen recorded on his last ever recording "Adios"...which is terrific...every cut.  I voted for that and I hope I get to see Glen's family and Willie accept one more award for Glen.






The guy at the table directly behind me today said to his friend, "sometimes crazy is where you're suppose to be".  I don't exactly know what that means...but it sounds like a song of some kind to me.  I made a not on my napkin.  If you write tunes you always have your ears open.  So...my "Grande Pike no room" was worth what I paid for it this morning...and then some.



Scientist confirm that humans living forever is impossible.  Geez.  And I just took out a really really really long term insurance plan from Flo.  Just my luck.



This will warm your heart.  A 98 year old woman in Liverpool just checked herself into a retirement home.  What's interesting about that you ask?  She checked herself in to take care of her 80 year old son who's already there.  Always a Mom...always.



A million folks have cut the cord with cable over just the past 3 months.  We may see them become extinct like dinosaurs with the increase of streaming choices now for getting our TV fix.  Have you seen the You Tube offer of $35 a month?  And supposedly you get what you've had all along?  Apple, Hulu and others are getting us to "cut the cord".  Probably a good time to sell your stock in Comcast.  And...a good time for advertisers to buy more ads on streaming services.



Bibles.  In hotel rooms.  Gideon Bibles have been part of what you find in hotel room forever...but that too is changing as some big hotel chains are pulling them..trying to cater to a younger generation they feel isn't interested in flipping through the pages of the Good Book in their hotel room.  Another bit of cultural history that will disappear.  It's a digital world...I'm guessing the number of millennials that read the Bible digitally on their phones and smart devices is fairly significant.  Everything is in the palm our hands.




Always always upgrading.  The iPhone 10 ships tomorrow.  New bells and whistes?  Well...facial recognition is a big one.  Your phone looks at your face and you're in without having to type in a password.  And...the camera is once again better...sharper.  Amazing how good photos look off phones isn't it?  I'm waiting for the "photo-light" app that will allow one to light up their subject by pointing the phone at them and then clicking the pictures.  Good lighting is the difference maker for photographers.  Someone is surely going to come with an app idea to compensate for that.  I actually look better these days in dark shadows...but that's for another time.



The new Star Wars is coming.  Star Wars geeks are excited that Luke Skywalker is coming back!  They released a new tease yesterday that has every fan fired up.  Here's the TRAILER.  I too love this series.  I won't dress like Chewbacca and stand in line to see the first showing...but I'll be there.  Might take my light saber with me so I can find my seat more easily in the darkened theater.  Maybe.



The temps have warmed up enough to hike in shorts today...so I'm going to pack some bottled water and energy bars and go for a pretty good walk through the woods that should be gorgeous with the leaves turning as they are.  It's a chance to take a deep breath and re-set for a very busy few weeks ahead.


Have a great Thursday!

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