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November Be Here...Dog Collar...Hotel California

Nov 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

We have a lot of leftover Halloween candy.  Just ring the doorbell.



Well it was Halloween and it turned colder hear so the heat went on in the Whyte House for the first time this year.  Funny, the guy in the White House decided yesterday he ain’t going back to NYC when the run in office is over…he’s going to Florida instead.  He’s got a golf course there and if you haven’t heard…it’s WARMER.  So you can live with a golf course view and never see snow?  It would not take an act of congress to make one want to do that.


I had some great friends in town yesterday too from Missouri Dodge & Dean Raymer who are on their way to Gulf Shores, Alabama for the month of November.  My wife and I used to spend the same month every year down there but my show schedule has gotten busy in November the past several years so it’s made that impossible…which I hate.  But we had time to gather for dinner at Cracker Barrel where I stole all the golf tees again out of that stupid game that sets on top of the table.  The game of golf is cheaper that way. 


I’ll rendezvous with them for a bit down there next week when I’m there for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.



I saw a picture of my long time friend and song collaborator Brent Burns on the Internet yesterday that had me an others poking their eyes out.  Brent’s new album “My Jukebox On The Beach” has just been released.  I co-wrote 8 of the 10 songs on this new project with him, BUT…I did NOT write the song “Service Dog” that he performed yesterday down in Key West at an event called “Fools On Stools”.  Obviously, the word “fool” applied to what my friend did as he walked out on stage to sing the song in his underwear wearing a dog collar.  Again, I’d like to say I did NOT write this song and I did NOT tell my buddy that this would be a great idea. 


If you look up the phrase “Watch This”…you’ll see a picture of my friend…I’m sure.



This ARTICLE was enlightening to me at least.  A new study seems to indicate there could be a direct relationship between early retirement and Alzheimer’s.  It does kind of make common sense. When you retire, if you don’t keep your brain engaged and stay active?  One could see what they’re suggesting here has some validity.


Not a dang thing wrong with early retirement.  I would have done that too if I weren’t having so much fun in post retirement years.  But to retire early and then not find something that motivates you or keeps your mind active may not be the healthiest way to go.


However, I do NOT suggest that when you are of retirement age that you should sing a song in your underwear while wearing a dog collar.  That’s a different kind of brain disease.



I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s now November and that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just ahead.  Wow.  Time to start Christmas shopping and looking for giblets for the Turkey table I suppose.  All of that makes me realize I’m getting older because I constantly say “man time flies fast”. 



Check out this VIDEO of a Canadian Army Unit dismantling a Jeep in just 60 seconds.  These guys will be hired by NASCAR soon I would think.


Heck, it takes me an hour to change a flat tire!



When folks ask me to name my favorite album of all time…that’s impossible.  I’m a fan of too many. But certainly Hotel California by The Eagles would be in my top 10 list.  And if you’re a music nut and love the Eagles as I do, you’ll love this ARTICLE that tells the story behind every song on this iconic project.


It’s what a lot of music fans have found out when they attend a songwriter show.  That the stories behind the songs are often times more interesting than hearing the song itself.  Or, it enhances the song after the songwriter tells the story and THEN shares the song.  You hear it in a different way.


Here’s a great example.  If you want a laugh, and a great story behind a funny funny song, watch this VIDEO of Vince Gill on stage during the Tin Pan South Songwriter Festival a few years ago in Nashville.  On stage with him you’ll see my friend Leslie Satcher (“Troubadour" by George Strait) my friend Bobby Tomberlin (“One More Day”) and a new member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame Larry Gatlin


But it’s Vince who will make you laugh with “It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night”.  There’s a great story in the beginning…but an even funnier one in the middle of the song.  So watch the entire video.



“Woman Claims To Be A Werewolf After Biting Her Friends Ear Off”.  I’m checking, but I’m betting her last name is Tyson.



“Indiana Woman Found Dead With Python Wrapped Around Her Neck At Home”.  Uh...puppies.  Puppies would have been a better idea to curl up around your neck at night.  Geez.



Off for a songwriting appointment in a few and then the weekend mostly opens up before starting to prepare for the beach next week. 


Have a great weekend!


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