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Fall Be Here...Official Trop Rocker...Ax Throw

Nov 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Halloween be done and the season is most surely turning this morning.  Wind is up…leaves are blowing and there’s some rain.  AND we have to roll back the clocks this weekend. 



With an “off” day of not having anything big to do with the possible exception of writing a Halloween parody about a guy who has a lot of leftover Halloween candy titled, “I Got Nobody To Eat It But Me” taken for the Chris Stapleton hit, “Nobody To Blame But Me”…I took the open time to get in a walk on a beautiful Wednesday we had here in middle Tennessee.  However…I did see a danged snake crawl out on the path I was walking on which has me thinking maybe I’ll just go to the Y in the future and hit the treadmill.



I also joined TRMA the Trop Rock Music Association that’s an organized group of Parrot Heads and those that love beach music and Jimmy Buffett.  Right now their bit weeklong celebration is going on in Key West with that features a ton of music from folks like Brent Burns, Donny Brewer, Thom Shepard and other Trop Rock friends of mine.  And this Saturday they hold their annual awards show where I have a song nominated for “Song of The Year” with Brent Burns.  "Emergency Vacation" is also the title track of his last album and the album is also up for “Album of the Year”.  We’ve won the award once for “Don’t Come Knockin’ If the Tiki Hut’s Rockin”…and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we won again.  Good luck to everyone down there.


Mr. Burns has been bugging me to join for years and I finally did that which means I’ll be able to vote next year.  And I think I see me doing more Trop Rock kind of gigs down the road.


Yesterday was Halloween in Key West with all those party folks gathered down there.  Can you imagine how crazy Duval Street must have looked last night?!



My wife loves Fall.  Lots of folks love Fall.  If the sun is out…and the colors are painting the trees…I like it too.  But with it being dark later in the morning…and getting dark EARLY in the evening…I’ve come to know I’m a summer guy.  First crack of a baseball bat on a ball always signals to me my favorite time of year has arrived.  Spring is cool…winter?  You can have it.  I do not miss snow, snow-blowers, snow shovels, long underwear and have no desire to go ice fishing…ever.  So the question for me is…how many days til summer?



There are ALREADY some Christmas movies on cable TV.  And…Starbucks will roll out their holiday drinks this Friday.  Get rid of the pumpkin spice and bring on the hot chocolate and peppermint-laced drinks.  And FYI…if you don’t have tiny marshmallows in your hot chocolate cup…that ain’t really a hot chocolate!



One of the “Boys Of Summer” passed…a legend.  I grew up rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.  I listened to Jack Buck and Harry Carey back in the day call games between my Redbirds and the Giants.  And if you didn’t know the rest of the Giants lineup…you knew the two Willie’s who played for Frisco.  Willie Mays and Willie McCovey.  Fearsome.  I would sit by the radio and root for Bob Gibson to get those two sluggers out.  Sometimes he did…sometimes he didn’t.  Willie McCovey passed in his sleep yesterday.  Thank you Willie McCovey for those great childhood memories.



Now they tell us the brain implants may be prone to hacking?  All I know is if I donate my brain and it gets hacked…the hackers are going to be really disappointed finding not much of nothing.



Apparently they are turning ax throwing into a sport.  Lumberjack competitions already feature the event but now they’re talking about building indoor ranges where you can go in and compete in axe throwing.  Maybe Top Golf, which is making millions, will expand into “Top Axe”?  And all of that of course makes me think of the classic axe thrown that Ed Ames immortalized one night on the Carson show.  Still funny today...and the quip that Carson gave off the cuff at the end of the bit is priceless. 



The article lists these.  Drink water, get extra sleep, socialize and play music.  Although if someone near you is playing music while you’re in bed it do make it harder to get extra sleep.  I think maybe had I won that Mega-Millions last week I’d be happy the rest of my life. I didn’t so I guess I’ll keep playing music.



“Half Naked Woman Falls Through The Ceiling Of A Restaurant Twice”  Ya know…it’s not the fact that she was half naked, or fell through a ceiling that got my attention.  It’s the fact she did it TWICE!  You’d have thought she had time to put some clothes on before she crashed through and fell into a spaghetti plate a second time.



Some more working ahead today and catching up.  I’m headed back to Gulf Shores a week from Saturday as the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival is getting ready to crank up.  I’ll also be working on starting a new bluegrass song to bring to the table tomorrow with a couple of folks I love who are successful in that world...Jerry Salley and Kristy Cox.  Jerry produces the former Australian artist and he and Kristy were nice enough to include a song I wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry “Blame It On God” on her current CD.  I’m hoping the three of us come up with a little more magic that might work for them tomorrow.


Have a great Thursday!







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