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Well hello November...already.



Well...I can put away my pirate costume for at least another year...but it was on display last night at a fun party we were invited to hosted by a couple co-writer friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard at their place.  The two went all out to decorate their home-recording studio...cobwebs were hanging everywhere.  Everyone in costume pretty much were in the music business...songwriters, producers, artists, etc so we mingled, ate Halloween goodies and visited.


I do have to say the costumes my friends Shawn Camp and his girlfriend Lauren Mascitti were top notch and Elvis & Priscilla.  So good that I did not recognize either one of them for awhile.  And my wife looked like she could sign up for the police force easily.  So that's Shawn Camp, Lauren Mascitti, me and my wife Kathy...our hostess Jenny Tolman and some creature over our back shoulders I don't know who snuck in and photo-bombed our 5 some.  Hey...it's Halloween.  What ya gonna do?



One of my favorite parts of this party was when my wife and I snuck out with Shawn and Lauren to walk to Shawn's truck where he played me some rough cuts on a new album Lauren is working on that has a song I co-wrote with Lauren and Wil Nance.  It was my first time to hear it and it's just terrific.  This young lady can REALLY really sing and is as nice as anyone you'll ever hope to meet.  Those that know her are rooting hard for her success.  And with Shawn producing the tracks and helping her...odds are good.  But here's the funny part.


As the four of us in costume walked back to the party in the dark...a car slowly passes us.  And it occurs to us there must be quite a conversation going on in that car as a cop, a pirate, Elvis and his bride strolled right past them.  "uh...honey...was that Elvis and Jack Sparrow?"


Thank you Dave and Jenny for such a great evening.



Our "Hits & Grins" trio did cancel two shows it turns out yesterday.  The shows in Little Rock and Alma, Arkansas are off the books now for November 10 & 11.  The good news is...we have already re-scheduled the show in Little Rock for he first Friday in March of next year...and are waiting to hear on a second show for that Saturday night.  As soon as both are confirmed for sure...I'll put the details up on my calendar.


And I did add one more show as I'll be doing a solo set at th Opry Backstage Grill which is just across the road from the Opryland Hotel.  That will be at 8:45 pm Wednesday evening on December 13.  This will be my third time as Brassfield Aly's guest as I get up and do 30 minutes or so.  Good food here...so if you're in town...come see me and Brassfield Aly.






Bill Anderson...who lives just around a corner or two from me is celebrating his 80th birthday today.  Funniest joke I ever heard about "Whisperin' Bill" was from a long time radio legend Gerry House who pointed out that Bill Anderson owned the quietest dog ever.  Even the dog whispered when he barked.  Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson.  The most time I ever spent with him was when I was a radio celebrity contestant on the old TNN TV show "Fandango" that was a country music trivia show that I got lucky and won one week.  My wife and I got to take our first cruise ever because of winning that TV show.  It was not only fun...but also a pleasure to get to hang with Bill Anderson on the set.



Starbucks will roll out a holiday cup that allows you to color it in.  Cool.  I'll have the mocha frappuccino with one pump of soy and cinnamon sprinkles...and a set of crayons please.



Who knew that this place existed?  Lake CHAUGGAGOGGCHAUBUNAGUNGAMAUGG, Massauchusetts.  How's that for a long name?  I'm just glad I don't have to address a lot of Christmas cards going there.  And...you are on your own trying to pronounce it.  I gave up.



This couple went online asking companies to SPONSOR their wedding.  They got it entirely paid for that way.  I've got a wedding to pay for coming up next year and I'm thinking this is a great way to go...although my daughter did roll her eyes when I asked her what she thought about putting a Hooters logo dress.  So many possibilities here.  The rice we throw?  Uncle Ben's.  Flo from Progessive Insurance will be the matron of honor.  This is going to be great!



Pot infused Corona beer.  Uh...no.  But...the apparently are going to start making that.  I have no idea what the lime in the bottle will do to that mixture...or if pot infused beer will still make brownies the "go to" munchie food afterwards but there ya go.  Certainly it's a cinch to be the tour sponsor for Cheech and Chong in the future.



And then there's this.  Did you know if you toss a banana peel into a frying pan before you drop your chicken breast in there to cook...the peel will keep the meat moist and tender.  Hey...I believe everything I read.  The same article also points out you can shine your shoes with a banana peel. I dunno.  I tried it on my Nike tennis shoes and there's still no lustre.  Might need to rub it harder I guess. 



The tribal council (Navajo) that controls most the decisions made about the Grand Canyon have said "no" overwhelmingly to a big tram system some wanted to build that would soar folks over that beautiful gigantic hole in northern Arizona.  Forget it.  However...that 8 mile water slide from the top of the south rim to to the Colorado River below is gonna be a wedgie induced thrill!  Can't wait to try that bad boy. 









Some lady has put glitter on her stretch marks and according to her...she's created art.  Uh huh.  Wonder since I'm in Nashville if I put rhinestones over my wrinkles...would that be art too?  Let me get back to ya.



Well...I thought I'd be on the road to Gulf Shores this morning...but that trip will happen November 10 when my wife and I make our way down to the beach to see our friend Brent Burns who sadly lost his wife to cancer a few days ago.  Our thoughts have been with him ever since we first heard the news.  So we are looking forward to spending some quality time with him and hopefully be somewhat of a healing force for one of my very best friends. 


We will also hang for a few days to play at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival where I have 5 shows scheduled at the moment...and since I'm now going in a bit earlier than expected...a couple more could be added. Keep checking my website calendar for all show dates.


Because of the change in plans...my calendar has holes in it...so it will give me a chance to catch up on what needs catching up on...like trying to find rhinestones for my wrinkles.






Glued to the tube for Game 7 of the World Series.  In case you have not heard?  This has been an amazing back and forth Fall Classic between the Dodgers and Astros with Dodger's winning last night in LA and evening it up at 3-3.  I gotta check to make sure we have enough popcorn in the house to get me through it.


Have a great Wednesday!


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