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Home...Halloween Weather...Beach Ahead

Oct 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

End of October…Halloween…and we have a frightful turn for the weather here in Nashville.  Lot of rain and wind this morning and I could see no yellow line on our back road where we live because it was entirely covered with leaves that are dropping faster than the Astro’s lead they once had in the World Series. 


Coats on the little goblins and ghosts tonight with temps maybe in the 30’s!  Yikes.  Makes me glad the beach is on the schedule next week.



I had a long drive home from Sumter, South Carolina to home after attending a funeral.  Even though it rained the entire way the fall colors coming across the Smokies in Asheville to Knoxville was pretty amazing.  I got home and settled in and stayed up late for the World Series that Washington won last night coming from behind.  Pretty great stuff for baseball fans.  And now I’m wondering how many days before Spring Training begins?



I killed a lot of time on the long drive down and back to South Carolina listening to music.  My young Aussie friend I wrote with on Monday…Angus Gill…gave me a copy of his new CD that has a funny song we wrote together on it.  But it was another song titled “We Prefer You Pay In Cash” that caught my attention and actually made me laugh while driving.  August is a talented young man who makes regular trips over here to write with other folks.  Plays guitar, and now he’s producing other acts.  All this at age 21 I think.  Good grief.  Thanks for the CD Angus.



That little old computer company just had it’s biggest 4th QUARTER ever.  64 BILLION taken in by the computer-phone-TV and more company.  Steve Jobs was not the warmest bug on the planet by far…but man did he ever build a company. 


I was cursing his name a bit under my breath over the past few days because I could not for the life of me get my files backed.  My computer kept saying, “Disc not found”.  A head scratcher for me.  I was all set to take it to computer guy I know when I finally woke up and realized I had been plugging in my DVD player instead of my back up drive.  I’m an idiot.  Steve Jobs is not.



Now, I’m an idiot…but what does that make LouAnne Harris who just stand- up paddled the entire length of the Mississippi River?  2,300 miles and through 30 docks.  I always wonder what exactly goes on when one wakes up one morning and thinks, “ya know what I’m a gonna do”?  Wonder if she got the word that they make something called boats?



So the end of 2019 is now approaching as we tear off the last page of October today.  My calendar has about four more trips on it before there’s a lull in the action.


Up next is the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down on the beaches in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach. Next Thursday night my “Hits & Grins” trio will be a Lulu’s.  Friday night the Perdido Beach Resort and then Saturday night at the world famed Flora-bama Main Listening Room.


The following week it’s Louisiana and Texas for three shows with Lang Scott and Linda Davis and our “Evening In The Round” trio that will include their youngest daughter Rylee Jean on this trip.


A weekend later it’s back near Dallas for a theater show with “Hits & Grins”.


And then my year will end with three shows the first week of December back at Billy Yate’s place in Branson, Missouri.


All the details of all of those shows are on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com.



Also, the new Brent Burns CD is done and I have 8 songs on there I wrote with Brent.  He’s in Key West right now for the big annual Parrot Head gathering called MOTM “Meeting Of The Minds” and has those new CD’s with him.  He should be putting up a link to purchase the CD titled “My Jukebox On The Beach” shortly, so I’ll let you know when.  There are some really good beach songs, and couple of really funny songs including “Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked But So Does Beer”.  AND…of course he’s already selling T-shirts with that title on it. 



I’ve got the day off…so I’m working ahead on reaching out about more bookings in 2020 and it is Halloween.  We live back out of site enough that we’ve not had one trick or treater I don’t think since we’ve lived here.  But, I’ve got a bowl full of candy just in case.  When they don’t show up again…guess who gets the spoils?


Have a great Halloween. 

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