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Nashville Today Show...Cancelled Dates...Halloween Tonight

Happy Halloween...and happy last day of October.  Only two months left of 2017.  Good grief Charlie Brown.



I was on air at WSM radio from 3-6 pm filling in for Devon O'day on the "Nashville Today" show which is mostly a talk show with a little music wrapped around whatever we're talking about.  Devon's talented producer Lexi...a Jersey girl made it easy for me as she had the show all prepped and ready to go...which made it hard for me to screw it up.


I did have to dance a little as my first guest was an owner of a trendy new restaurant in Nashville...all organic...healthy for the most part.  Folks that know me understand I'm much more of carnivore and I'm allergic to most things green.  I did joke with the owner though if I ever opened a "healthy" cafe...mine would be called "What The Kale"?  Look for the sign out front.  The owner of EIO & The Hive (Jennifer Masley)  also told us they combine their healthy food with yoga and workouts out on their parking lot sometimes.  I got quite the education on eating healthy an being healthy.  My combo place is Cracker Barrel where after eating the biscuits and gravy I go and try to rock off those calories on their rocking chairs out front.  Pretty sure.


Following that guest was an Italian dress designer who brought in a bunch of his fancy dresses that he hung all over the RADIO studio I guess for everyone to see on the radio.  Uh huh.  He was actually doing a Facebook "live" thing on his phone I believe.  And...it turned out to be a very funny interview...me playing straight man to a dress designer who was very passionate about is work.  Thank you Rique and your alter ego character "El-Stylisto" for dropping by.  (You had to have heard it folks)


And then we put some male testosterone into the show when my friend and cowboy Paul Bogart  dropped by and sang songs off his new "Leather" CD which is up for Grammy considerations.  I felt like Paul helped get my Man Card back on the show which was appreciated.


So the three hour talk show on WSM went extremely fast...and was extremely fun to do.  I'm hoping Devon will ask me to fill in whenever she needs a day or two off.





I'm literally getting word that a Hits & Grins show date in Alma, Arkansas has been cancelled.  The Founders Room where we were scheduled to play is apparently closing which we are sorry to hear.   All money is being refunded but November 11 is off the books now.  And because of the cancellation there...we will reschedule our November 10 show in Little Rock to another date to be announced later.



We found out that Nashville will add yet another country star museum to it's growing list.  A Merle Haggard Museum will open next summer on 3rd street here in Music City that will also be a "meat and three" which is popular here.  MY kind of eating.  Choose a meat and three sides.  This one will incorporate a little barbeque I understand.  The place will officially be named the Merle Haggard Museum and Merle's Meat & 3.  So this will join the Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and George Jones museum all close by.  More stuff to do when you come to Music City folks. As I'm a huge Hag fan...I'm looking forward to seeing this.



Just in time for the holiday season it looks like Regal Cinema will be raising the price of a movie ticket...again.  I have got to purchase that Movie Pass friends have been telling me about.  For $10 you can go to as many movies you once each month.  Sounds like a bargain to me.  Really hard to beat that deal.  Go to a couple movies per month and you're at break even or better.  Here's the DETAILS.



I don't fly a ton...but enough that I do get frustrated at the baggage carousel when it takes forever for my bag to show up.  More and more of us are learning to pack light enough to take one carry on and forget checking bags.  But here's a cool tip if you do have to check according to those in the know.  The LAST bags checked in are the first to hit the ole carousel.  So wait longer to check in.  And...some folks put a "fragile" sticker on their bag as they will load those on top and those are also early to arrive.  Who knew?




Lots of talks bout whether all the controversy of football players keeling and would it affect revenue for NFL teams.  For now...the proof is in the advertising.  And so far...nobody has decided not to buy ads during NFL games.  In fact...the top 3 commercial spots as far as price is concerned all went to NFL games.  One ad during an NFL game is running advertisers about $600,000 a pop...and there a plenty of ads running.  Of course a lot of NFL games no longer show the national anthem before a game...and that may be a wise move on their part to keep those paying for the expensive ads happy.



I have to dress up like a pirate in order to attend a little Halloween get together this evening that a couple of music friends are throwing.  My wife will be dressed as a cop.  If I try to pillage the punch bowl tonight...I'm sure she'll be happy to arrest me.


Have a great Halloween.




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