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Carolina and Back

Oct 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Road trippin’ home to Nashville.



I had no time to post a blog yesterday morning as I took a long road trip at the last second from Nashville starting at about 2 AM and ending up in Sumter, South Carolina where I just have time to put up a short blog before returning home.


Some of my friends lost a Mom-Mother In Law-Grandma and I went to pay my respects as they did when my Father passed a few years ago.  Lang Scott drove all the way from Nashville to my little hometown of Montgomery City, Missouri to show his support to my family and me and I’ll never forget it.  I most certainly wanted to be there for him and his great family.


My daughter sang at my Father’s funeral and I played guitar and sang harmony.   Yes…that’s tough to do.  But we managed to get through my Father’s favorite old hymn that day “The Old Rugged Cross”.  Yesterday at the graveside service Lang picked up his guitar and played a wonderful song dedicated to his Mom.  And at the end of the ceremony he, and his wife Linda Davis and their two daughters Hillary and Rylee managed somehow to get through this wonderful song “Love Remains” to close the service.  There were not many dry eyes after that.


I love this family as my wife and my daughter do too.  I came to convey my entire families sympathies for their loss.  Surely glad I came.  And I know Miss Rose is now back with her long time husband WM and that’s the great thing about a passing of someone who believes and has faith. 


It was great seeing them and so many friends of theirs whom I’ve come to know through the years. 


So I’ll dedicate this little blog Miss Rose today and to all the Scott Family and friends.  If you’ve not listened to that song “Love Remains”…click the link and take a few minutes to be inspired by the message of that song. 


Have a great Wednesday.

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