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Rhyming Time Again...Songwriters Hall of Fame...Skyline!

Oct 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Halloween Eve.  And I still don’t have a costume or a pumpkin.  I’m probably breaking some kind of law I’m sure.



I had a chance to catch up with my friends Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy who have been on the road a lot lately…mostly out east performing.  Except for a northeast trip they were just back from where they recorded a brand new EP with three of our songs on it.  So it was fun for me to see their excitement and sit back and listen to what they’d done with the tunes.  And…we wrote a new song from an idea that Rob had already started before I got there…which helps make the process go a little faster.  Both of them are former college athletes on a pretty serious level.  Guess which of the three of us doesn’t fit in that room!


It’s always fun being in their company for sure and as soon as the EP is out I’ll let ya know. 



And my writing assignment for New York that I turned in before leaving the house yesterday morning was yet ANOTHER Halloween parody.  Apparently folks can’t seem to get enough of it.  Yesterday’s parody was all about the costumes that will show up at your door in force tomorrow night. 


I’ve mentioned before that we live on a pretty steep hill…and we’ve had not one Trick or Treater over the years because of it.  I still buy candy knowing full well that I get to eat the leftovers, which is pretty much the entire bowl.  That’s my kind of Halloween.



I got some info about a fundraiser that will take place December 8 in Navarre Beach down near Pensacola to help raise money for those who lost so much in the hurricane that pretty much destroyed Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach, Florida where a great songwriters festival I play at was cancelled this year.


I’m fairly sure I’m going down to get up and sing, emcee if they want…whatever just to help out those folks down there.  And I’m sure there will be a bunch of writers from Nashville making the trip south too.  Full details on that coming soon.



Last night they inducted Wayne Kirkpatrick, KT Oslin, Ronnie Dunn and Joe Melson into the Hall.  All deserve the honor.


Most know about KT and Ronnie as they were big time recording artists.  If you’ve never heard of Wayne Kirkpatrick…here’s one of his SONGS he helped write with Gordon Kennedy who I had as a guest a few weeks ago on WSM radio.


And this ONE is just one of at least three classics that Joe Melson wrote for Linda Ronstadt that’s been recorded so many time by so many folks I can’t count.  But the iconic version of course is by Roy Orbison.


Congrats to all those rhymers last night.



Camaro has come up with an electric version of their sport car for racing.  It has an 800 volt battery in that bad boy.  And the driver in front will never hear it sneaking up to it’s back bumper.  When it pits in a NASCAR race I’m guessing the pit crew will jump over the wall and plug it in for 20 seconds then send it back out again.



Yes…Nashville continues to grow at a furious rate.  So much so that there’s a billboard up that says, “Stop Moving Here.  We’re Already Full”.  True.


With that comes every food chain ever invented…for the most part.  There was an article this morning in our paper listing the Top 10 food chains that are NOT here but need to be.  Two I could not agree with more.  Whataburger being one of them…and Skyline Chili.  Yes!  If I could get a Skyline Chili moved down here from Cincinnati?  Nashville would become the perfect town.



I’ve never gone but have always wanted to.  In Scottsboro, Alabama you’ll find the home of unclaimed baggage from the airlines.  Stuff people never reclaimed that’s up for sale at discounted prices.  I have friends who make a journey there once a year to buys clothes, sporting goods, suitcases, watches you name it.  This weekend it’s a big ski sale with hundreds of unclaimed skis and snow ski equipment that got left behind at airports.


One of these trips down to Gulf Shores I’m gonna make a detour just to see how many flip phones they have in stock. 



I’m off to write with my young Wyoming friend Manon Ward to touch up and try to make better a song we worked on a couple of months ago.  And then I’ll come home and put candy in a plastic pumpkin bowl to put by our door and then wait for the day after Halloween to dig in.


Have a great Tuesday.




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