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Zeta and Another One...Writing Cabin Day...Flying Cars

Oct 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Thursday morning…we are about ready to rip October off the wall and head into November. Lots of rain yesterday, more today…and then we’ll probably get some more from hurricane Zeta that came ashore hard in New Orleans leaving half a million without power once again and 2 dead.


In Gulf Shores, Alabama where I head in less than 2 weeks for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival I’m hearing that some are without power there too…though nothing like Louisiana where 2020 has kind of wiped out “let the good times roll” attitude the city normally lives by.


And get this. It looks like yet another storm is forming out in the Atlantic. All of a sudden Iowa may start looking better to some folks who live on the beach.



I went out to my friend Wil Nance’s little mini farm that has a pond, ducks, turkeys, chickens, dogs…a menagerie. And Brian White joined us in the little writing cabin that Wil build on the back of the cabin where we could rhyme and look out and see the turkeys and goose. And the geese apparently were trying to help us write as they kept interrupting with their loud honking. Wil and I were talking before Brian stuck his head in the door and I responded to something Wil said with, “not bad for a hillbilly singer”.  Guess what we wrote?  Uh huh. And it turned out to be a very fun song. And congrats again to Brian who has the brand-new single for Jason Aldean that will probably go to #1 considering his track record. Good for Brian.



And we lost another great songwriter-singer and all-around character yesterday…Billy Joe Shaver. Man it’s been a tough year that way. His buddy Jerry Jeff Walker passed just a couple of days before him. Billy wrote “Honky Tonk Heroes” for Waylon, “Ride Me Down Easy” for Bobby Bare, “I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal” for John Anderson and others and I loved Billy’s own song “Fast Train”.  He was colorful too. Had a gunfight in a bar and was acquitted.  Here’s to “Old Five and Dimers” like Billy.  RIP.



In Vegas the MGM is going to start having shows again for the first time since the pandemic started. David Copperfield will be the first in. It would be nice if David would use his talent to make the pandemic disappear.


France is shutting down their country for a second time with all but non-essential businesses forced to close their doors.  And the question still seems to remain, is it the virus harder on folks or the economy.


The LA Dodgers who just won the World Series report they lost 125 million dollars in revenue this year after being the best team in baseball. I don’t think I’ve ever crossed my fingers so hard hoping that ballparks will be able to open for the 2021 season.  Pitchers and catchers report in February!


Stock market dropped steeper than the Beast Roller Coaster in Cincinnati yesterday…down almost another 1000 points. Should have bought more Tupperware stock as they are soaring because of folks staying home during the pandemic and having a lot of leftovers. Don’t forget to burp your bowls folks.



Ever go to the bank to and tell the bank clerk, “I’d like to open a no interest banking account”?  And then she replies, “Who cares”?  Just me?



In Europe the Pal-V flying car is now street legal. The Dutch engineered this bad boy and no, it’s not made out of wood like their shoes nor is it powered by windmills. It do look fun though. Imagine working downtown and having the option to suddenly fly over traffic jams!



The “Mandalorian” kicks off season 2 tomorrow night on Apple +.  If you like Star Wars, you’ll love this series. I’m hooked. And a lot of folks fell in love with Baby Yoda from that series, especially this woman in Dublin, Ohio who decorated a 451-pound pumpkin to look like Baby Yoda. She’s named it “Baby YodaKin”. Some folks have a LOT of time on their hands.



I was supposed to be playing a show in Bluefield, West Virginia with my “Hits & Grins” trio. Have I mentioned how Covid 19 killed our 2020 tour. Just one more reminder on my calendar that makes me shake my head.


Today I have an off day from any writing or anything significant so time to catch up on some stuff that’s been piling up.


Have a great Thursday!



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