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Zeta...Christmas Video...Free Taco

Oct 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Dang Wednesday. Got my eye on “Zeta” right now as it’s turning towards the Gulf Coast as I’m headed there in a couple of weeks for the songwriter’s festival down there…hopefully. For now it’s looking like a Cat 2 with 90 mph winds. But right now it looks to be a glancing blow to Gulf Shores, Alabama where the festival is to be held Nov 12-15.  We’ll see.


Meanwhile poor Louisiana has declared a state of emergency…again. 



I had a little “normality” return as I got together with my “Hit’s and Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier as we gathered at Matt Davenport Productions just north of town to make a video to send out to those who book music shows…some whom we’ve worked for, some we were going to work for before Covid-19 cancelled all our dates across the country. Matt Davenport is Victoria’s talented husband and his company set up a 5-camera shoot of us in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas set that should look great on the video. It’s going out to clients, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to share it here once the editing is done. It truly was fun singing and harmonizing again with those two as the three of us have not played one show since March.  We are getting ready to play the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach in a couple of weeks and we are very much looking forward to that too.



Steve told me yesterday that a song of his will be used on a new Netflix show coming up about country music and songwriters. He said he had no idea how the producers had found the song he helped to write but he’s grateful that they did. Cha Ching. I’ll let you know the title of the show and song and when you might be able to hear it soon as I get all that info. But congrats Steve!



I did watch the Dodgers wrap up the World Series in six games. They were most surely the best team in baseball this year so congrats. One oddity from this Covid-19 baseball season. In the middle of the game Dodger Justin Turner finds out he tested positive for Covid. He’s yanked from the lineup and told to quarantine from the team. That doesn’t happen. As soon as the Dodger’s clinch he ran onto the field without a mask to celebrate with his team. It may be his only World Series championship and he wasn’t going to be denied that moment. Tough call there.


Oh…and don’t forget you can get a free taco today at Taco Bell because of Mookie Betts stealing a base in the Series as part of what’s become an annual tradition for Taco Bell. I’ll be making a run for the border later today.



Sign of the times. Thieves stole 6 million surgical gloves in Florida from a supplier. So if you get an e-mail or see an ad for cheap gloves?  They’re probably hot.


The left and right seem to be promising a big stimulus package after the election is over. Of course the sad part of this statement is us thinking, “why does the election have to be over before y’all agree to do this”?  That probably falls under the old “seeking the credit” diagram.


And on a related note, an MSN article this morning says that folks are buying guns and pots thinking Biden will win.  Wow. I think I’ll open up the Winchester & Weed store here in Nashville tomorrow.


Some good news. In Europe where they are getting wrecked again with the second wave of the virus the death rate is much lower. They are attributing it to new and better treatments. A little progress.



Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani finally got engaged. He turned his chair for her long time ago but now it’s official…she’ll really be on Team Blake.  Blake apparently built a little chapel for Gwen on his Oklahoma ranch trying to ease her moving from LA out to Oklahoma.  She’s a devout Catholic. Guess where he got down on his knee to pop the question?  Uh huh.  In that little chapel he built. 



Apparently, there’s a lot more water on the moon than scientist thoughts.  And I’m sure with that news that some folks are jumping in early to buy low cost waterfront property up there. Ya snooze ya lose.



This year’s list is out for most popular Halloween candies.

5 Starburst

4 Twix

3 Butterfinger

2 Kit Kat

And the most popular…again…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


I’d have to have those little Nestle Crunch bars and Snickers in mine.


Again, a warning. Do not drop a potato in the bottom of the kid’s sack as my longtime friend Roger Naylor used to talk about in his stand-up comedy routine. Unless you really need your windows soaped. Come to think about it, my windows are really dirty.



It’s on us to mix in with Covid.  Lovely. So I pulled up a list of things to help you avoid getting the flu.


Avoid close contact, stay home when sick, cover your mouth and nose, clean your hands.


Gosh…any of that sound familiar??



I’m off to write with Wil Nance who just got an extension on his publishing deal with Curb. Congrats there. And Brian White will join us who got some GREAT news yesterday finding out that Jason Aldean has just released this single “Blame It On You” that he helped write. That’s going to put a little extra cash in his Christmas stocking for sure.  Congrats to both.


Have a great Wednesday!





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