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Storms...A Bad Guy...An Aussie Artist

Oct 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Monday morning…and Halloween week.



Lot of rain over the weekend and a lot football and baseball on the tube.  And Tiger Woods won another golf tournament!  He ain’t done yet.


My daughter Heather lost her power and it was out several hours from straight-line winds that touched down in Clarksville, TN where she and her husband live.  Quite a bit of damage done there while Nashville barely missed being in the worst of it.  So she came down while the electric folks up there worked on restoring power to that community. We were glad to have her back in the house for a bit. 



Somehow the Washington Nationals are now celebrating baseball games with shark movements and fans wearing shark teeth and dressing up like sharks to go to the games. In DC?  Last time I checked there are no sharks anywhere near the Potomac.  Weird.


I wonder if the Florida Marlins will have their fans start dressing up like politicians and come to the game that way.  Democrats down the left field line-Republican on the right field line.


And despite all the folks dressed up like sharks in the stands in DC the Nats could not win one game in their home park and now the Astros need just one win at home in Houston to win the Series.  Most of the so called experts called “it over” after Washington went up 2-0 taking two in Houston’s home park and said so all over the media.  Uh…say what?



And since last night's game was not close or ever in doubt, the highlight may have been that guy in the outfield stands who gut got hit by a home run pitch because he had a beer in each hand.  Ball hits his gut...no beer is spilled...man gets World Series souvenir.  If you didn't see THIS...it's worth a look.  Quite a story to tell for the rest of his life. 



And once again this weekend our military showed us just how good they are by taking out the head of ISIS in a raid.  Their deadly skill set is really amazing.  So proud of our guys who serve and help make it a bit easier to rest for us at home.  Just amazing. 



It’s coming…too soon.  Here’s a big sign that’s true.  Hallmark TV will have 40 new Christmas movies to run and re-run this year.  Add that to the amount of Ho Ho movies on Lifetime and you can easily get your Christmas fix for days and days and days and days.  The Grinch must be going crazy knowing this.



This weekend.  There’s one haunted house that says it will pay $20,000 to anyone who makes it through their haunted house without opting out.  And nobody has.  Do I wanna know what they’re doing to scare people that much?  Uh-no.


I worked in a haunted house once.  Jumping out from behind a dark wall and making people run to the clothing store for new underwear.  I’ll tell you without doubt it’s more fun working in one that walking through one for me.



Some kind of thing that would make it physically impossible to “butt dial” someone on your cellphone would make millions me think.  Rudy Giuliani would certainly line up to buy the app or whatever the device might be.  It’s the worst when you hear someone talking to you from your front pocket while you are in the men’s bathroom doing your thing.  And please don’t ask me how I know.



Now Toyota is announcing they will roll out a car that runs on cow-poop.  Methane powered.  We’re gonna see gas pumps in the black and white Holstein colors in the future…maybe.



Music teachers, piano, guitar etc. are losing students at a significant rate.  Why?  Folks are going to You Tube to take musical lessons.  For free.  It’s that way for a lot of things.  I’m perhaps the worst handyman of all time.  But, my wife and I (okay…mostly my smart wife) have been able to fix appliances and plumbing issues by looking it up on You Tube and saving having a repairman come out to the house.  Turn on the video…stop it a each step til ya got it…move on to the next step. 


And they pretty much edit out the chance of you seeing “plumbers crack” when you go for those tutorials so another plus there.  “Don’t look Ethel”!!



Apparently someone is rolling out an electric car battery soon that will let you drive 1,500 miles before you need a recharge.  Wow.  That could be a game changer.


I actually read where one gas station owner has already converted to all electric chargers at his gas station instead of gas pumps…betting on the future. 



A guy going to the hospital for his last cancer treatment stops and buys a lotto ticket on the way there.  He won…$200,000.  And I hope he won his cancer battle too with that last treatment.



So I remember reading the story about a woman in France who had a masterpiece hanging in her kitchen.  She was curious enough to have it checked out.  Good thing.  Yesterday at auction that painting sold for 26.6 MILLION dollars. 


I’m pretty sure the painting in our kitchen that says “More Coffee” is not going to be as valuable.



I’m writing with an Australian artist by the name of Angus Gill who’s in town to write a bunch of songs again.  I got invited to write with the young man about a year ago and he wanted to write a funny idea he had.  Some friends had told him that I write a lot of funny songs so I got a call.  Glad I did as Angus is impossible not to like…always got the big excited smile and laugh.  And one of the two funny songs we wrote a year ago made it on his latest album as a bonus track titled “By We I Mean You”


So, it’s going to be fun see him, and catch up and write again with him today.


Have a great Monday!





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