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A Number One Song!...A Canoe...Christmas Taping

Oct 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning with a cloudy day on tap with a high of 64. But, no snow…and not nary a hurricane coming at us.



I wrote with my hockey friend Rob Bellamy in Massachusetts yesterday online. Rob’s new EP album is out this Friday titled “Starving Eyes” and includes a song we wrote together titled “100 Proof”. So thanks to Rob for including this song on the album. Yesterday Rob brought a very cool idea for a song about a canoe made by a company that’s been making Old Town Canoe's since the early 1900’s up in Maine where Rob played his college hockey. We tried to capture some of those memories Rob and his buddy had when they were young taking that canoe out on the water and whiling some lazy days away. Just a “tad” different than normal which I like a lot. It was very fun to help him shape those memories of his youth into this song. One of those songs that you not only would listen to…but you’d see it from the imagery in the song I think…at least I hope that’s true.



I got some great news last night. The album “No Headlights” by Kristy Cox is #1 this week on the Roots Music Charts. I have FOUR songs on that great bluegrass album. And if that wasn’t amazing all by itself…at the very same time Kristy’s song “Finger Pickin’ Good” that I wrote with Kristy and Jerry Salley featuring world class guitarist Tommy Emmanuelle is the #1 SINGLE this week…at the very same time! Wow. Thank you Kristy and thank you Jerry Salley for producing this great project and including 4 of my songs.


Thank you to my co-writers on those four songs too that include Jerry Salley, Kristy Cox, Jimmy Fortune, Sydni Perry, Steve Dean & Daisy Mallory.


And I surely want to thank Tommy Emmanuelle for saying “yes” to playing on “Finger Pickin’ Good”. There’s an interesting back story on how this happened too.


Kristy was looking for one more up-tempo idea for what is now a #1 Album and I had that title in my hip pocket that day I went to my publishing company to write with a very pregnant Kristy at the time and Jerry. Jerry LOVED the title and we wrote it on the spot.  After it was finished, I asked Kristy how well she knew Tommy Emmanuelle.  Kristy is Australian, so is Tommy. Turns out they were good friends. I told her, “ya know…this song would really be something if we could get Tommy to play guitar on “Finger Pickin’ Good”.  The lights went on and they reached out to Tommy and he said “yes”.  The night we recorded the song?  I can’t tell how magical it was watching Tommy do his thing. He could not have been nicer, and he did not charge Kristy a dime for doing it. In fact, when Jerry said, “Tommy how much do we owe you for this”?  Tommy replied, “Nothing mate…you can’t afford me”. 



Apparently, Wall Street is nervous about the numbers going higher and higher for the virus and the lack of new stimulus money for businesses and individuals. Down over 600 points yesterday. I’m no expert on markets but I’ve learned some things you can predict.  Bad news brings a downturn…good news brings an uptick. So, I’m waiting on a stimulus plan that will PROBABLY come after the election and a vaccine to be announced. Those two days will be good days for those invested in the stock market.  (I think…did I mention I’m no Jim Cramer?)


I should have bought stock in Taylor Swift as her album “Folkore” is the first and only album to sell a million copies this year. A million copies in a pandemic. And it just returned to the top spot on the charts for the 8th week.


More stark warnings this morning with one expert saying that the virus is now spreading like a wildfire.  And a young 18- year old college student in Dayton died from Covid. 


Sales of campers have jumped a bit and some of the buyers are those who can’t stand quarantining forever in their house so they’re traveling and camping and trying to wait out the pandemic with different views each day.  Not a bad thought.



My wife and I watched “The Voice”.  Still fun, but not as fun when Adam Levine was on and he and Blake would go back and forth. Word is now that the show is getting a LOT of e-mails asking them to get Adam back on as a 5th chair.  That would be great if he would say “yes” as it would “liven” things up again.



It’s only on- week until the election. Thank God. Can’t wait for it to be over either way and for the commercials to be gone and for the Yard Sign Police to show up and make lawns look greener and less tacky again.  7 days.



They released a list of the top 100 baby names over the last 100 years.  You can probably guess a few.


For girls from 5 to 1.  Elizabeth, Linda, Jennifer, Patricia and most popular girl name?  Mary.


For boys from 5 to 1.  William (yay!) Michael, Robert, John and most popular boy name?  James.



Got your costumes for your kids yet…or for yourself?  Can’t afford to spend a lot of money on one?  I do like this Mom’s idea. She put a raisin in her kids belly button and send them out as a cookie.



Down in Florida some of the really rich folks are buying waterfront property for millions of dollars. Not to live in, they already have mansions inland. They’re buy SECOND mansions, so they’ll have a place to dock their yachts. Wow…pretty expensive dock.


I don’t have to worry about that…ever. I blow up my boat, deflate it when I’m done and throw it in the back of the car.



It just reads “Everything’s Fine”.  Works as is for guys, but if the wife wears one?  The back will need to say whatever is NOT fine.



My former WSM Radio friend Devon O’day put this on her Facebook page. A sweatshirt she wants that says, “Don’t Piss Off Old People.  The Older We Get The Less Life In Prison Is A Deterrent”. 



Some guy in Wisconsin (of course) is selling his jet powered cheese-wedge car.  He calls it the Cheese-N-Ator”.  I lived in Wisconsin for a year. Loved the state, the people and became a big Packer fan. But for the record, I did not buy one of those cheese hats to wear. Couldn’t do it. 



Our “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself will gather to shoot a little Christmas song video for our booking agency “Live Arts & Attractions” today to send out clients and folks that book music shows…or used too before the pandemic. It’s a nice way to say, “thanks for hanging in there during tough time with us” and here’s to a brighter New Year. So I’ve got my guitar and Santa hat…and I’m good for getting a little Christmas spirit going.


Have a great Tuesday!  




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