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A Birthday In Studio...Magic Fingers and Frank Brown Festival

Oct 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And where in the world did October go? 



I spent the better part of Wednesday in studio recording some new songs with Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith.  4 to be exact.  Thanks to our friend Vaughn Lofstead who played guitar and mixed for making the songs sound great.  Turns out it was Gerald's birthday yesterday so I'm happy to have shared part of his celebration with him.  We recorded a couple of main stream tunes as well as a couple new bluegrass tunes Gerald and wrote...so we had a very fun productive day.


You do know you've gotten a little older when you are excited that a Keurig Coffee Maker is your birthday gift from your wife...as Gerald was.  Happy birthday Gerald.




I wrote what must have been my 5th Halloween song parody for my New York folks yesterday.  It's Halloween everything if you haven't noticed.  This morning in Starbucks they were advertising a "Zombie Frappuccino".  I passed and ordered the "Walking Dead Latte" instead. 


I've stated before...I'm not much on Halloween or Halloween costumes.  I'd prefer a Halloween party invitation that is billed as a No Costume Halloween Party.  No such luck this year as I'm committed to go to one a good friend is throwing.  So...I've dug out the ole trusty pirate outfit again.  It never ceases to amaze me how all of my friends look so good in costumes...as pictured here...me?  Not so much.  Either way...there's no getting out of it...so I'll be out sawing off a limb to carve a peg leg later today. 








Survey says the average amount of times we will move in our lifetime is 5.  How bout you?  I counted.  I'm way ahead of the curve.  17 times at least... I've loaded a truck up.  Between radio and music...there's been a lot of relocation.  I'm so accustomed to that...when I hear someone say they've been in one place all their life...it's hard for me to believe it. 



The top 5 real estate markets in the country are Seattle followed by Austin, Salt Lake, Raleigh and Dallas.  Nashville falls in at #9.  Good time to be selling property in those cities for sure.



I read an article this morning from a "seasoned" traveler who rolled out her tips for first thing one should do when they check into a hotel room.  I thought for sure the number one thing was to see if they had a Magic Fingers at the foot of the bed...but no.  #1 was open the curtains and let some light in. 


My daughter Heather flies for American.  Wanna know what her number one thing to do is?  Check for bedbugs.  Yikes.  She says you'd be surprised.  And now I have trouble falling asleep in Tom Bodet's place. 



I applaud the creativity in this headline today.  "Support For Legal Marijuana Reaches All Time HIGH In This Country".  I didn't realize being a headline writer could be so much fun.  Wonder where you apply?



I do love how creative this guy was.  He teaches the blind at a school here in Tennessee.  He likes to fish.  He recently landed a couple of HUGE catfish...the kind my brother Gene seems to regularly haul into a boat back in Missouri.  One of these lunkers weighed nearly 40 pounds.  He wanted to describe what that experience was like to his kids who can't see.  So he said, "it was like reeling in an angry washing machine".  I'm betting his kids could imagine that in their minds and smiled.  All because a teacher went the extra mile to make sure his students shared that experience.  Here's to more of those kind of folks.



Off to write for the first time with Matthew Szlachetka.  I know...a mouthful...even he admits it.  I played a little songwriter show with him in Gatlinburg recently...first time we'd met.  I was more than a little impressed with his vocals and his songs that he'd written.  So I'm looking forward to seeing what we can create today.


FYI...the complete schedule is up for the five shows I'm doing at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival this year in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach.  4 of those will be with "Hits & Grins" with one additional show with my friend Brent Burns.  Just check my calendar for details or go to the festival WEBSITE.


Have a great Thursday!

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