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Cowboy Songs...The Macarena Flight...Beer Tours

Oct 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s finally Friday!  And we’ve got some heavy rain a coming here in Twang Town USA.



My writing appointment at my publishing company was with my pal Paul Bogart who is starting to stack songs towards a new album that he’ll be recording sometime next year.  So we added another song to his pile for consideration.  I’ve mentioned before that Paul and his wife delivered their second boy in Paul’s truck as he was trying to get to the hospital here in Nashville but didn’t quite make it.  It’s a great story and we wrote that whole experience into a song a few months ago and he’s telling me that one will be on the new album for sure.  I can’t imagine his friends and fans and family not loving that song.  It’s a real blessing as the two of us also wrote a song about his first child born that was included on Paul’s last album “Leather” and it’s titled “Buckaroo Lullaby”.  So…I kinda sorta feel like I’m a small part of Paul’s cowboy family.



And Paul shared some wonderful new news with me yesterday.  One of his cowboy singing heroes…who I also love…Red Steagall just released a new album that has a song on it that Paul helped to write with Paul’s producer Trent Tomlinson and Shane Minor.  All three of those guys have cowboy background so it’s easy to see how they used that experience to write this great song "I Won’t Have Far To Go”.


I played Red Steagall records early in my radio career.  Still love songs like “Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills Music”


For those that don’t know Red…amongst his other accomplishments he discovered Reba McEntire and got her signed to Mercury Records.  Both Okies…both were into rodeos…and I believe Red heard her sing the National Anthem at a rodeo and that’s how the whole connection happened.


Anyway…happy for my friend Paul.  Congrats.



Now scientist believe if you do the “Macarena” dance it will help prevent jet lag on those long flights.  Probably any kind of “movement” or exercise would work but they pointed out the “Macarena”. 


I know three dances.  Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey and Macarena.  So, I should be goo for a long flight for a Danube River Cruise that my friend Brent Burns and I are looking at in early summer of 2021.  Start learning the dance yourself in case you decide you wanna go along.



Some stars, female actresses in particular wear socks…but not like yours and mine.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes to name two wear socks ranging between 150-250 dollars per pair.  Another reason for moving to the beach.  You don’t need to buy any.



So if you go to Japan, most travel experts seem to list the Sapporo Beer Museum as something to put on your tour itinerary.  You get a history lesson and FREE beer.   Hard to beat that incentive huh?


I know they give free beer at the end of the Bud-Busch tour when you visit Busch Gardens in Tampa.  Same at the Guinness Tour we took when we were in Dublin, Ireland. 


Now that I think about it…I don’t remember a lot about those tours.  Ya think that’s related to the free beer?



I never thought “Rhinestone Cowboy” would be coming out of Bruce Springsteen’s mouth.  But it did.  Here’s the Boss doing a Glen Campbell classic pretty danged well.  Yep…these are the kinds of things that catch my attention when I’m online at Starbucks at 5 AM in the morning.



Carrie Underwood got her Mom up on stage to “rap” with her.  Wow.  My Mom’s gone, but I can’t imagine her wanting to get up on stage and rap with me.  Maybe sing “His Eye His On The Sparrow”…but Mama didn’t rap.  Another reason I loved her so much.



I’ve got a quiet one this weekend and will probably just overdose on the World Series, College Football and the NFL this weekend and gear up for a busy week ahead full of writing appointments.  My next show will be November 7 at Lulu’s down in Gulf Shores with “Hits & Grins” alongside Steve Dean and Victoria Venier for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival that officially kicks off that day.  I always look forward to that festival for sure.


Have a great weekend yourself.


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