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It was in the 90's yesterday for game 1 of the World Series.  Meanwhile...here in Nashville?  High temp will be mid 50's. 



I had a Tuesday catch up day.  I wrote yet another in a long line of Halloween parody country songs for my New York folks as the Great Pumpkin approaches.  I also spent a fair amount of time preparing songs that I'll be recording in studio today with my friends Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith.  These are new songs...4 that Gerald and I have co-written...and one of those Paul is a co-writer on along with my friend out in Arizona John Carpino who worked on the Grand Canyon Train with me singing to tourists.  The first day I was on the train with John he said something out loud that I thought would make for a great song title...and we wrote that...and like it enough that we will put it in demo form today so we can pitch it around to artists. 


I'm not sure whether I mentioned this or not...but my friend Paul just got 4 nods for Grammy consideration this year.  One of those is "All That Cowboy Jazz" that we wrote wit Zach Runquist.  The song is in the "American Roots" category for Grammy consideration.  Sometime in November we'll see if it gets officially nominated...but it's a great feather in the cowboy hat of my friend Paul and I'm happy for him.  Happy for me too!







I also found out yesterday that I will be on the air this coming Monday afternoon filling in for the regular host Devon O'day on 650 AM WSM.  Happy to do this...always.  So listen from 3-6 pm this Monday if you can.  Don't forget you can listen to the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry for 92 years from anywhere at wsmonline.com









Many of you know that one of my best friends in the world in Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We've written a lot of beach and funny songs through the years that he's recorded on his albums...and man have we shared some laughs.  What's happening to my friend right now is not so funny.  His wife Pam whom we adore is not doing well...and that's a massive understatement.  My wife and I have had them in our prayers and the top of our minds for weeks now hoping for good news.  If you pray...say a prayer for Brent and Pam.  It can't hurt.  Brent's friend and former assistant Sharon Kendall posted the news officially on Brent's Facebook page yesterday...so I'm sharing this now while respecting their privacy.  In Brent's own words she's a very private person. Late in his life...my friend could not have picked a better partner to share his life, travel, and laugh with him.  All of our best best thoughts and then some are going out to the two of them.



On a much happier note...congrats to my pal Jim McBride who was just inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  So deserved.  Jim went from carrying the mail in Huntsville, Alabama (he showed me his mail route recently) to the highest honor you can receive as a country songwriter.  Alan Jackson who recorded something like 16 or 17 songs that he wrote with Jim honored him by showing up and singing some of those songs.  What a moment.  Think "Chattahoochee" and "Chasing That Neon Rainbow" and "Someday" to name three.  I could not be happier for him The two of us share baseball as a passion and we've seen a few games together including one at the new Atlanta stadium not all that long ago.  And for me...it makes me smile knowing I've got a few songs in my catalog written with this Hall of Famer.  Congrats pal!



According to the publication Lonely Planet...the one city they suggest we visit is Seville Spain.  I would have thought maybe Minot, North Dakota in February...but no.  It's hard for me to fathom that I still have not set foot in Europe.  But...if I ever get near Seville...I'll poke around and see if I can't find that famous barber they sing about.



Here's how you get rich.  Do something outrageous...a lot.  Then folks will pay you.  Here are two new examples.


The Kardashian clan just got $150 million dollars to film their "look at us" reality TV show for five more years.  Sigh.  A show about women who got famous for being famous with lots of make up, expensive cars and houses, and more botox and nips and tucks that one can count.  Now...I will say they have given me plenty of comedic material over the years...so maybe I should be grateful that the endless well is not going to dry up any time soon.  Maybe.


The other sign?  Colin Kaepernick looks to be getting a 1 million dollar deal for his book that will surely talk about the controversy the now unemployed Quarterback started by kneeling during the national anthem.  It's a great country isn't it?  My guess is they will put the book on the bottom shelf forcing anyone wanting to buy it to take a knee just to pull it off the shelf.  We'll see.



Here ya go.  The perfect gift for those who might want a pet but hate the fuss of keeping one.  There's a robot dog you can buy now that the makers say is capable of forming a human bond with the owner.  Uh huh.  I thought that was a joke until I remember the emotional bond I have with my cell phone.  If I misplace it...I panic!  If I get good news on it...I'm happy and smile.  Bad news?  Tears.  When I'm waiting on an important call...I stress.  So...got get yourself an aluminum dog you can bond with.  And don't let it steal your cell phone.



Off to the recording studio for several hours which should be fun.  Game two tonight of the World Series...Dodgers up 1-0 over the Astros.  I'll be on the couch with my robot poodle and iPhone if you need me.


Have a great Wednesday!

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