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Gulf Shores...Golf...Parrotheads Everywhere

Oct 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Gulf Shores where I’m dusting off some old golf clubs and stringing a guitar.



I made a little driving jaunt from Seacrest, Florida over to Gulf Shores where I’m in a Parrot Head 9 hole golf scramble today (thank goodness it’s a scramble) and then tonight my friend Brent Burns and I have a show to do for all those golfers who signed up on this Donny Brewer Karavan of folks along with Trop Rock artist Eric Stone.  The event is only open to those Parrot Heads who have been on the Karavan to Key West with Donny Brewer (another Trop Rock artist) and his wife alongside Eric Babin and his wife Gina who own and own and operate Radiotroprock, an internet radio station playing beach music.  The station will be covering our little event today and tonight.


Donny Brewer has been doing this Karavan for years and here’s how crazy this is.  Jimmy Buffett Parrot Head fans sign up and pay to follow Donny down to Key West for the big “Meeting Of The Minds” Parrothead party-award show-convention that’s held every year at the southernmost part of the United States.  So if you see a string of cars and motorhomes following each other...that would be them.


All along the journey the group stops at several different locations and there’s an event or concert for the group.  That’s where I come in tonight and today.  It should be a crazy fun day.



I got in early enough yesterday that Brent and I had time to write a new song.  He’s had this phrase he’s been saying for years on stage to his core audience of retired folks or near retired folks, “If Not Now When”.  Sounds like a song idea doesn’t it?  It is now.  And I surely think it’s going to resonate with Brent’s following.


I also picked up several copies of Brent’s new CD “70 and Party S/Funny” which has 7 of our co-writes on it that I’ll wear out when I head home early tomorrow morning to Nashville.



We finished the song and then headed for one of Brent’s favorite activities down here….Happy Hour!  And we ran into some good friends there…some of who are in town to participate in the Karavan I mentioned above.  Three of these were just on the trip to Italy with Brent and me and will join us next year when we do a cruise down the Rhine River together starting in Amsterdam and ending up in Switzerland.  And by the way…there’s still more room for you to sign up and join us on this spectacular trip.  Here’s all the DETAILS.


So a little wine, a little something cold other than wine…and we made our way over to Lulu’s for dinner and found a couple or three big table of other folks in their shorts, and beach shirts and flip flops.  Judging by that…today is going to be a heck of a day.  I’m pacing myself already.


The weather will be in the mid-70’s today but going home tomorrow is going to be very wet with thunderstorms as this area will feel the effects of hurricane Wilma who came ashore in Mexico yesterday.  So a slooow drive coming up dark and early tomorrow.




First…SEC football is king.  It dominates the paper


Second…it’s not just birds that migrate in the winter.  Fish do too.  Big time.


Third…if you see a woman wearing beads around Mardi Gras season…there’s always an interesting story about how she got them.


Fourth….formal wear is shorts with a T-shirt.


Five…hurricanes are bad news whether they come ashore or you order one in a bar.



My parody song assignment from New York was to turn a Justin Moore hit “Somebody Else Will” into “Somebody Else Won” for the 1.6 BILLION dollar Mega Millions drawing.  One person won it all.  I’m living the song I wrote yesterday.



Polio has been reduced from 350,000 cases in 125 countries in 1988 to 22 cases in three countries in 2017.  Hope that someday the same thing might happen with cancer and Alzheimer’s and other diseases that rob human lives.



Uber announces it will have drone food delivery by the year 2021.  I don’t know why but I have a vision of a redneck on a porch aiming with his Winchester.  “Pull!”.



A stealth bomber was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday.  Did anyone see it?



Starbucks has opened its first store where its employees all know sign language for the deaf that order.  Love that.  But I wonder how long it will take a barista to double check this order that I put into a song of mine, “I’d like an ice latte six shot half caf two pump sugar free cinnamon dolce with a shot of vanilla and splash of 2% milk”???



Off to tee it up and play a little music.  Here’s hoping word got out to wear a hard hat to all of those on the golf course with me today.


Have a great Wednesday!







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