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Italian Songwriter Night...Homestead Ahead and Studio Time Tomorrow

Anyone else thinking where did 2017 go?  Wow...end of October.  I like the colors of Fall...and the cooler temps...but I hate it getting dark so dang early.



Gosh...my wife Kathy and I had a great time at Vuocolo's Italian restaurant playing in a songwriters round that included Brian White and Greg Barnhill.  Brian invited me to be part of this round on a Monday night that he hosts that has turned into a really great evening.  This was the 6th show they've had there...and this one was the first one sold out...to the max.  A really great crowd all enjoying the amazing food prepared by the local owners Sam and Melanie Vuocolo who were so gracious to everyone.  Vuocolo's is located in Ashland City, Tennessee...if you're ever close...do yourself a favor and go...enjoy the food and wine as we did.


Brian was a great host last night singing his big hit "Watching You" that had the entire crowd singing along...and Greg was just incredible.  A talented singer, player, writer...and I was meeting him for the first time.  He sang "Walkaway Joe" that he wrote for Trisha Yearwood and Don Henley, and closed with his big Amy Grant hit "House Of Love".  Brian's talented wife Karyn Williams got up and sang that song with Greg and they brought the evening to it's feet as we closed out.


Karyn Williams is on the road a lot with Chonda Pierce and Chonda was on the front row enjoying the show.  Chonda is a noted comedian on the Christian circuit...and I'm making a vow to get out and catch one of their shows someday soon.  Here's an EXAMPLE of what Chonda does for a living.


And thanks to our fellow songwriter friend Greg Friia who set up and ran sound for us last night and made the evening sound so good. 


All three of us, myself, Brian and Greg all have a background in radio which I didn't know until our dinner conversation revealed that.  So when I sang my new song, "I Got A Face For Radio" I wasn't singing just about me!  Man what a great musical night last night was.  Thank you Brian for inviting me.



I just added a date to my calendar for 2019!  How's that for booking in advance?  This will be a show all the way down in Homestead, Florida with at least one other date to be added in the future for our "Evening In The Round" trio with me, Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  I am so looking forward to working shows on the road again with my two great friends here.  Keep checking my calendar here on the website for the dates and locations of my shows.





Have I mentioned we have a massive traffic problem in Music City?  We have outgrown our transportation system big time.  I think rush hour in this town now starts at 1 pm.  Our Mayor has proposed a costly overhaul that would include a light rail system, and underground tunnel, and more.  Billions and billions.  How expensive?  Today our local paper revealed it will cost 100 to 125 million for every mile of rail built for that light rail package.  I'm trying to buy a drone big enough that I can strap a saddle to it and ride-fly to downtown when I have to go.



The folks in the know are now saying they could have a drug to help cure Alzheimer's in 10 years or so.  5 and a half million suffer.  There's probably not any of you reading this who have not been affected in one way or another by this awful disease.  I'm so hoping this report is accurate.



Apparently the little town of Candela, Italy...about the size of my hometown in Missouri...1,200 or so on a good day is looking for folks to move and live there.  $1,200 for an individual, $1,500 for couples and as much as $3,000 for an entire family.  With the traffic I mentioned in Nashville...maybe there will be some folks from our town think that this might be one way to not mess with gridlock every day.  I have no idea what kind of salary one can make stomping grapes...but I'll look into it.





It begins today.  Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Dodgers.  For once...there will be no cold weather scenes for the Fall classic.  Houston has a dome...and LA is going through a heat wave right now.  For me...that will be fun...watching the boys of summer actually playing in summer like conditions for the championship.  I don't have a fave...but do love baseball period...so my couch and big screen will be seeing a lot of me over the run of the series.  Play ball!



Nothing huge.  I'll try to write something funny for my New York folks this morning...and then my attention will turn to preparing some new songs we are going to record tomorrow in studio so that we can present them to artists for consideration...begging, pleading, bribing...whatever it takes to get them to record these little musical babies.  I think I'm doing some of the vocals on these...so I have no idea now if we have any chance of success.  What ya gonna do?  Great musical help is hard to find sometimes.


Have a great Tuesday!


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