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Home from the beach...greeted by rain and cooler temps this morning.  Good to be home with my girls...always.



Gosh...what a great "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival this year in Port St. Joe-Mexico Beach Florida with my "Hits & Grins" trio.  Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself could not have had a better run of songwriters shows at this great boutique songwriters festival now going into it's 10th year down on the Forgotten Coast...beautiful area.










Friday night we played Coneheads out on Cape San Blas road if you're familiar with the area.  Coneheads 8020 is a little ice cream shop-restaurant combined and they have a stage built out on the parking lot that was packed with folks for 4 pm show which kicked off the "live" music for the festival this year. 







Saturday we played at the Port Inn to another enthusiastic crowd of folks who love original music and the stories behind the songs.  Several other songwriters dotted the crowd in front of us...and hit writer Aaron Barker liked the show so much he posted this on this Facebook page.

"Hits and Grins" put on an awesome performance.  We need more of this!!!  Thanks y'all.  Aaron wrote "Love Without End" and "Baby Blue for George Strait just to name a couple...and he also wrote the Blue Bell Ice Cream jingle that's aired for years...he also sings this jingle.  High praise from someone we respect so much.  Thank you Aaron.




Then Saturday night we finished up with a 7 pm show at Toucan's which sits right on Mexico Beach.  We pulled up in time to catch an amazing sunset that we could see from the stage.  My friends John and Sharon Kendall drove all the way over from Gulf Shores to catch this show...then drove straight home...about 8 hours of driving just to catch "Hits & Grins".  Thank you guys.




We finished our set...was blessed to get a standing O as we did at the other two performances...and then something happened that has never happened in all of these years that I've played shows.  We had to walk through the crowd to get back to our car to load up...a pretty good walk.  And as the three of us did that...applause broke out at every step we took...table by table...with people telling us how much they loved the show.  Really a goose bumpy what just happened??? kind of moment.  Gosh.



The trio has spent a lot of time together and apparently that seems to show itself when we play and cut up and have fun.  We and I are appreciative to all of you who showed up to enjoy our shows....and we thank the organizers, sound folks and volunteers for making this such a great experience.  Can't wait to come back next year, play music and catch a couple more amazing sunsets.






What in the wide world of sports is going on with turkeys?  While I was in Port St. Joe my friend Steve Dean's wife Lori sent us a video of a turkey at their house attacking my little SUV that I left parked on their driveway. Over and over.  And then this morning I see a headline about Dallas police warning folks about AGGRESSIVE turkeys.  Who knew?  Keep it up my fine feathered friends.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.




And yes...the Great Pumpkin is on us now...Halloween time.  Everyone is picking out their costumes.  A couple of new one's caught my attention.  How about a baby in a Woopie Cushion?  Uh huh.  Gonna be hard to tell if that sound you hear when you open your trick or treat door is the woopie cushion or the baby doing what babies do.


And then there's the "Dancing Hot Dog" outfit.  Yep...put yourself between a couple of buns and bust a move at the Halloween party.  Not particularly an outfit I would RELISH to wear.  Sorry.  But if I did wear it...I'd have a name tank stuck on me that says "Frank".  Okay...sorry again.  I'll move on.





The average left now by the tooth fair under the pillow is $4.66.  Thought you should now.  Slip 4 dollar bills and change under the youngun's toothless head.  I don't know why there is no Hair Fairy.  I could have made a tidy bit of change if the Hair Fairy dropped $4.66 under my pillow for every strand of hair that has departed my scalp over these past many years. 




Cheese is pretty much good on anything you put it on.  A proven winner.  More proof?  Folks are lining up in China for a "cheese topped ice tea".  Uh huh.  I think I have a Lipton Tea bag or two in the kitchen and some shredded cheddar in the fridge.  I'll get back to ya.



Adele has just been offered 26 MILLION dollars to do one of those residency gigs in Las Vegas.  That should allow her to parody her own hit "Rollin' In The Deep" to "Rollin' In The Dough". 



"Four More Women Claim To Be Butt Botching Victims".  I'm actually not sure how one botches a butt to tell you the truth.  Surely there's a You Tube tutorial one can watch.  Surely.  I can only hope that when the tutorial finishes that they post "The End" on the film.  Hopefully.




A little catch up work after being gone the last four days...some comedy writing for New York...and TONIGHT I have a show with hit songwriters Brian White and Greg Barnhill at a little Italian place named "Vuocolo's" in Ashland City that I'm looking forward to.  Brian's hits include "Watching You" for Rodney Atkins that he co-wrote with Steve Dean.  And Greg Barnhill is the writer on a great song I love "Walkaway Joe" that Trisha Yearwood turned into a big hit with Don Henley of the Eagles singing on that song too.  I'd invite you to come...but it's a small place that is already sold out for tonight.  But...that means we're going to have a great time playing songs I'm sure.  Full report on that here on the blog tomorrow.


Have a great Monday!

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