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Songwriter Venue Last Night...A Patriotic Song...Road Ahead

Oct 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bleary eyed this Friday morning from a late show last night. 47 degrees as I begin the blog here today.



My friend Steve Dean and I drove about an hour east of Nashville the “The Giant Radio Station” in Cookeville, TN and went on air with a radio buddy Phillip Gibbon to help promote last night’s songwriter show we had in Livingston, TN at a wonderful venue called Americanaville. Phillip is a member of the Tennessee Broadcasters Hall of Fame and has been on air for 48 years at the SAME radio station. That doesn’t happen a lot in that business, and it says a lot about how loved he is in his community. Thank you for the great interview, Phillip.


We met a couple of the owners at our radio interview Mark Hauser and Tena Rogers who could not be nicer folks. Mark is a great songwriter himself with numerous cuts, and Tena has been in the business for a very long time, a lot of that spent managing and helping Lori Morgan’s career.


Then at 7 pm, Phillip Gibbon introduced me for our show at their great place in Livingston, TN. What a great venue! Everything about it was first class. Some of my other songwriter buddies who have already played there told me how great the place was, and they weren’t lying. It’s a combo entertainment venue, event space (weddings) and the restaurant attached is SO great. It would be worth the drive just to order something off the menu, that’s how great our dinner was.


We truly could not have had a better time. Thanks to all who came out and to Tena and Mark and the staff and family for providing Steve and I a first-class experience. We certainly made some new friends and can’t wait to be asked to come back again.  



My phone was “dinging” quite a bit last night and I got one great “music” message after another.


First, Jenny Tolman’s new single that I’m a co-writer on “I Know Some Cowboys” is out today. A fun video is to come, and already “Taste of Country” has said some nice things about this up-tempo fun song. Thank you.


And at the very same time this amazing article came out yesterday talking about Jenny’s other song “Lonely in the Lonestar” that the two of us co-wrote with her talented fiancé’ Dave Brainard. Check out the article and you’ll see the lyrics to the song at the end of the article that talks about a wife who lost her husband-soldier in Afghanistan. Jenny will sing this at the celebration of this soldier’s life tomorrow in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and right before that she’ll be on Fox and Friends “Live” singing “Lonely in the Lonestar”. Quite an honor.


Then my friend Jerry Salley sent me a picture of the video being shot in Kentucky of “Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit Ya” the song that former American Idol Alex Miller recorded that I wrote with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson. That song is getting some attention and is the current single of the month at all the Texas Roadhouse locations. Walk in one and you’re liable to hear our song. Jerry showed me a picture of Miss Kentucky who is going to be in this video that’s being shot on the farm that Alex’s grandfather owns up in Kentucky. Can’t wait until that’s out so I can share it with you.


And then, I also got a note telling me that CMT in Australia is now playing the video of “Person of the Year” that Kristy Cox recorded penned by Jerry Salley and myself that’s dedicated to the front-line workers…doctors and nurses. So thankful that this “thank you” video to doctors and nurses is getting that kind of exposure.


Quite the good news music day yesterday.



The CDC is now saying that the fully vaccinated make up less than 1% of Covid deaths.


Meanwhile, here in Nashville a large gathering of anti-vaccers will be gathering for a convention at the Opryland Hotel. And at the same time, we have the funeral director’s convention in town.


A new Yale study claims that the unvaccinated are likely to catch Covid every 16 months and that immunity from already having Covid may not last as long as some think.



And with all the sobering Covid news that we can’t get away from, I give you this. Tis the season for wine advent calendars. You drink a different shot of wine each day. Surely one day on the calendar will feature a vintage year of Boone Farms. Surely.



I do like Chipotle. Made a stop at one yesterday. Their business model is really working when you consider they raised their prices, and then watched sales increase 21% over the year. They did 2 billion dollars’ worth of sale over that year. That’s a lot of bowls and guacamole sold. I’m expecting they’ll send me a thank you note soon for my contribution to their bottom line.



I can only imagine how Hollywood must be looking at new safety measures for scenes that involve prop guns on the set. You can’t help but feel mortified for all concerned after Alec Baldwin fired one and killed the director of photography on the set of the movie they were shooting and injured another person. Hard to believe that’s even possible. Just awful.



Nashville homes are selling faster than anywhere in the US now. Folks are still moving in. On average? 10 days to sell your home here. That median price of a home in and around Music City? $399,000.


Keep in mind if you’re buying and your realtor uses the phrase, “Potential Waterfront Property” …pass.



Yes, you can order a vanity plate for your car or truck. But you can’t just put anything on there. I saw a list of “declined” ideas this morning, 99% of those I can’t print here. But I can share that they will not let you print “Buttz” on your rear plate no matter how much you’d like to. And yes, a driver did request that here. Only in Tennessee folks.


I’m not sure “Wide Load” is appropriate either, but I digress.



One woman posted, “This dumb mama didn’t raise no quitter. She raised a failure, not a quitter.


Thanks Mom.



I’m doing some catch up today and working ahead as I have a road trip home to Missouri this weekend, and I’ll also be pre-packing for a three-week road trip of shows that starts next Tuesday morning that will take me all the way to Key West and back…driving.


Have a great weekend!









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