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A Loss...New Reba...Show Tonight

Oct 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning, prepping for a songwriter show this evening.



Word came yesterday that my younger brother Gene passed after a long struggle. I have one other brother, and two sisters. The sisters and my other brother Gary and myself through the years scattered across the country. Gene was the one who never left the town we were born and raised in, Montgomery City, Missouri. An avid, heck a “pro” fisherman, trapper, and hunter he truly loved the outdoors. And recently he was inducted into the Missouri Trappers Hall of Fame. That’s how good his skill set was at that. We could not be more different that way. In fact, all my brothers and sisters differ from each other in our likes, interests, and beliefs. I’ve always felt that just makes us more interesting.


Gene was a stand-up guy. You needed “back up”?  You called Gene. Tougher than the rest of us for sure and that was proven with this long hard fight he’s had with his health. He made peace with it, He made peace with a lot of things in the last year or so of his life. I’m proud of him for that. I was just home, just saw him. Sat on the front porch and talked for a few hours and I saw his struggle firsthand. He thanked me in the nicest warmest way for coming to see him and just said some wonderful things he’d not really said before.  And he told me he didn’t think he’d see me again. He knew. And so did I really. And lastly, he told me he loved me. 


In his youth, he actually played a little music with me. A lot of folks that know and loved him would never believe that. He ran for office once in our small hometown a complete shock to all of us. But it made me smile. He brought our hometown together to come see me and Linda Davis and Lang Scott do our show there in our hometown with his hard work and connections to the community that was special to my dad who there on the front row. My Dad had health issues too that needed looking after and Gene was the one to handle all those types of things for which I am eternally grateful.


He leaves behind a wife Karen who we all send our love to. Services are this Monday.


Yesterday I posted just a short heartfelt message on Facebook and the words his wife Karen wrote of him and their marriage. You can find that if you’d like. Her words were moving and poignant.


I’m grateful he suffers no more. Surely there is a place for him to hunt and fish where he’s at now. And it's comforting to think his legs and heart are young again, and he breathes freely.



I want to share a couple of the Reba re-mixes on her new 3 album release thing she’s done, “Revised Remixed Revisited” that’s out now. Two of my friends are on one of these three CD’s. Steve Dean, who I’m doing a show with tonight found out his #1 song for Reba “Walk On” is on there and this version is like the “live” version Reba has done for years.


And then they completely did an up-tempo dance groove re-mix on “Does He Love You” that Reba did and now does again with my friend Linda Davis. Congrats to both.


I have a feeling this 3 CD set will wind up in some music lovers Christmas stockings this year.



An In N Out Store in San Francisco has been temporarily closed for violating the vaccination protocol there. To which the owner says, “We refuse to become the vaccination police”.


The Gates Foundation announced yesterday it will drop $120 million to help distribute the new Covid pill that’s been developed.


India announced that they have vaccinated a billion folks after China announced several weeks earlier that they had hit that number as well


Meanwhile at FOX. After taking a stance for six months or so that was at the very least slanted against the Covid shot, the on-air announcers have revealed they have a strict Covid policy in place. If you work there and are not vaccinated, you must test, and everyone is required to mask up in building.


And on it goes.


How about the successful kidney transplant doctors just performed using a pig’s kidney on a human?  Hope for those on the waiting list. And it might be time to buy stock in pig farmers.



Word is that eating pumpkin will make you look younger and lose weight. Great. Just my luck that I like pecan pie.



Everything seems to be going up in price. Been to the grocery store lately? Shortages abound for lots of things. In a supply and demand world, we can’t seem to supply enough to meet demand


In a one gas station town in Gorda, California, they jacked the price of gas up to $7.59 per gallon. Yikes.


I’ve had a new car on order now for over a month. Still no word on when I’ll get it. That “chip” shortage thing to blame for that.


AND we’re short on ammo too!  Might be time to start making your own. And that reminds me of something the late great songwriter Guy Clark said in the middle of a “live” performance once of his classic “LA Freeway” when he was talking about how strange and scary his landlord was out in California when he was living there. Guy said, “he was the kind of guy who went out to the garage and made his own bullets”.



Yesterday I mentioned how Facebook is looking to change its name. That of course led to a lot of suggestions for the new name. One Twitter suggestion is to name it, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Facebook”.



“Florida Man Arrested for Trying to Rob A Waffle House with Finger Guns”. Not sure, but I think one of the cooks may have smacked the guy a few times with a spatula.



I’m off to Livingston, Tennessee, about two hours from Nashville to do a 7 pm show with Steve Dean at a fairly new venue called Americanaville. Before our 7 pm show, we’ll be stopping at 94.7 “The Country Giant” radio station in Crossville to do an on-air interview. That should be about 1:30 pm today with my friend over there Phillip Gibbons who was inducted into the Tennessee Broadcasters Hall of Fame last year. They do stream, so you can listen if you’d like by clicking on the link above. Should be a very fun show tonight.


Have a great Thursday!







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