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Walking and Rhyming...Military Pictures...Pop-Tart

Oct 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week…we’ve landed on another “Hump Day”. Back up near 80 hear today, but a high of just 65 coming up on Friday.



Becky Buller joined to walking and then in front of her computer to write a new bluegrass song with a “Train” theme to it. Lots and lots of train songs in the bluegrass world for some reason, and now they have another.


The idea started as Becky called me as she was walking home. She had dropped her car off to be fixed a few blocks away and was late getting to her computer for our Zoom hangout, so we talked about the song until she got home and then there, she was looking at me looking at her and we hammered the song out. Becky and her band are at the top of the bluegrass songs all the time, she plays several instruments, teaches, is a heck of a songwriter and on and on. In fact, Becky is in the only person in the bluegrass awards world to win awards for both her vocals and her instrumental skills. Pretty impressive. Always a pleasure to write with someone who’s as much fun and talented like she is. We had a good day.



I want to pat my daughter Heather on the back here a little as she and her military husband Casey made a trip to Foley, Alabama a few days ago at the request of a military wife who knew my daughter. Her husband has been stuck in Afghanistan trying to get home for months to his daughter and kids. He finally made it, and both my daughter and son in law were there to photograph the homecoming. The pictures will be a lifelong keepsake for that family and as you can imagine, the photos are moving. Proud of my daughter and her husband Casey for doing this.



While there’s good news about Covid cases decreasing in many places, the opposite is happening in Britain and Russia right now as those governments look to add restrictions. In England have spiked to 223 deaths yesterday with over 40,000 new cases reported daily since this past summer.


In the face of the pandemic word is that as many as a million nurses will leave their jobs by 2026. Some it is salary related. On average a nurse’s salary right now is around $60,000 per year. Look for that to go up. California and New York each say they will have a shortage of 500,000 nurses.


Meanwhile, more and more of us are traveling again, and booking hotel rooms again. Hotel bookings are growing at 60% month on month now.



There’s work out there…lots of it if anyone is interested. The trucking industry announced its 80,000 truck drivers short right now for what they need to deal with the supply crisis going on in the country. Better stock up on everything...especially toilet paper...I guess.



There are reasons that folks looking for work say “no” sometimes. True story. A person turned down a job in an interview with the prospective employer told her, “We can’t pay you for the first 3 months only in experience”. I’m guessing he got a LOT of “no, pass, and are you crazy?!.



In Nashville they are finally going to regulate all those rolling vehicles that roll up and down our honkytonk entertainment district known as Lower Broadway. Those tractors pulling hot tubs, those rolling pedal beer taverns full of screaming tourists will be restricted in how much alcohol they can sell, if they’re allowed to sell any at all. I don’t see tourists paying to pedal down our streets while drinking our sweet tea so those businesses could be in big trouble. And I’m not sure that many of us in Music City will miss seeing any of those.



Word is that Mark Zuckerberg and company are going to rebrand and rename Facebook considering all the controversies and bad press they’ve endured lately. What will the new name be? Don’t know…but I think the name “My Space” is available.



Walmart is going early Christmas. Really early Christmas as they roll out black Friday deals. You can get a Chromebook laptop for a little over $200. Great, but I haven’t even bought a pumpkin yet.



“Woman Sues Kellogg’s Says Their Strawberry Pop-Tarts Don’t Have Enough Berries”. I didn’t know there was a berry minimum for Pop-Tarts, did you?



I’m writing with Tim Stafford over in Knoxville this morning who just won a couple of big bluegrass awards at the International Bluegrass Awards a few weekends ago in Raleigh. So, I’ll be able to say “congrats” to him on the computer before we tackle a new song.


Tomorrow evening I have a songwriter show over in Livingston, Tennessee at Americanaville with my buddy Steve Dean. Before the show we’ll do a “live” interview in Crossville on the radio to help promote ticket sales. More on that in tomorrow’s blog.


Have a great Wednesday!












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