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Blast On The Bay...We Are Houston...Flip Flop Weather

Oct 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And good morning from beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida.



I had a little 9 hour drive yesterday from Nashville down here to the "Forgotten Coast" which is a beautiful area that holds the "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival.  This is the 9th year for this festival...and our trio has only missed one...the inaugural year.  We got in to this little Port Town in time to drop our bags at a 3 bedroom condo they provided us that has a view of the Bay.  I know...tough duty.  The condo is above a bar which also has a big stage outdoors that will host many of the songwriter shows over these next three days.  So that mean...nobody sleeps until the music stops.  I'm an early to bed guy...so...I'll be testing my endurance these next couple of nights for sure.





We then made a little trip over to the Port Inn to grab our credentials, sign posters and guitars that they will sell at the festival, and grab a goodie bag provided each songwriter which is full of coupons for eating at some of the great restaurants they have here.  Seafood out the wazoo this week for sure. That done we make a little 7 mile drive down to a VIP party with music, and food, and a fish boil...and we arrived just as the sun was starting to sink over the Gulf...one of my favorite views....never gets old. 








It was great seeing so many friends we've made down here through the years at the party.  And we'll be seeing some of them out front at our shows the next couple of days.







And we closed out the night at the Thirsty Goat inside the Port Inn watching some of the Dodgers-Cubs games with friends watching LA get rid of the Cubs this year which is always fun because Victoria Venier in our trio is a very large Cubs fan and a lot of folks know that...so umm...she got teased a bit. (Looking like Dodgers and Yanks right now...which will make the TV folks joyous having those two big markets in the World Series)








Today we play at 1 pm at Coneheads...a little ice cream place that has built a stage out on their parking lot near the water.  This is always always a fun show location.







Tomorrow we play at 1 pm at the Port Inn...on stage that's set up on the hotel lawn. 







And tomorrow night we'll close out with a show at Toucan's which is right on Mexico Beach...in fact we'll be seeing the stars and moon shining on the water from our stage before we start the trip back to Nashville on Sunday.  This is truly one of my favorite trips each year...and if you ever come down for this...you'll get hooked too.






They released the song "We Are Houston" yesterday worldwide that I have a small part in...as a member of an All Star Choir.  Do click on the video and watch.  BJ Thomas sings the heck out of this song that will raise money for those who have suffered at the hands of hurricane Harvey.  You will certainly recognize a lot of folks in the choir...Ray Stevens, Duane Allen, Linda Davis, LeRoy Parnell, Shelly West and on and on and on.  Everytime someone downloads the song...we help.  Very very proud to be part of this.  My thanks again to Sandy Knox...the writer of this song and organizer...as well as my friend Bobby Tomberlin for inviting me.



For those already Christmas shopping the ole Neiman Marcus catalog came out for those who have a LOT of moohlah.  One of the offerings is His and Her's Rolls Royce's.  It will cost Santa $700,000 but she or he is so worth it aren't they?  Pretty sure I couldn't afford and His and Her's Yugo...much less a Rolls Royce...but hey..."happy holidays...happy holidays"....



This hit me after reading that someone "mooned" the President while he was headed for gala in Washington.  Yep...a little two cheek salute I suppose.  So...we have a President "tweeting" and a citizen "mooning" back.  It really is a new era of communication isn't it?



Taco Bell is offering up a chocodilla.  Not a Quesidilla...a CHOCODILLA.  Just like it sounds.  I have high hopes now that one day at 2 am in the morning I can hit their drive thru and order up the MAC&CHEESEODILLA.


It's all about this songwriters festival.  Our trio actually has the first official show this year to kick things off at 4 pm.  Shorts, t-shirt, flip fops, guitar....good to go.  85 and sunny today.  Probably should toss some SPF into my guitar case.


Have a great weekend!




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