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New Beach CD...Another Key West Show...Bad Tattoo

Oct 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning prepping to write a bluegrass song later this morning.



After being in Texas and then Florida over the past week, it felt good to be at home for a day with no appointments and no place to go. That’s going to change very very quickly with a three-week road trip that starts next Tuesday, so I took the time to catch up on what needed catchin’ up on and working ahead. And it felt good to get out in the sun a bit with the temperatures feeling very fall like right now, low 70’s.



Got a nice little surprise the postman delivered yesterday. The new Brent Burns CD is out! Titled “Somewhere South of Here” Brent’s new album has 10 news songs on it, 8 of which I helped him write. And I also wrote the liner notes for this one which was fun to do. Once again, it’s a mixture of beach and funny tunes and a couple that fall out of that description titled “Gypsy in Me” that I had the idea for. The song is pretty much Brent’s life story. From Oklahoma, grew up in Arizona, purple heart recipient and his love of music that’s kept him wandering the world for years playing his songs and entertaining folks. I have a feeling it could be a fan favorite. The CD will be available soon on Brent’s website, and wherever you download your music.



I did officially add one more show for the “Meeting of the Minds” down in Key West. This will be a short set at Island Dogs Bar that Brent hosts every year. I’ll be playing at 3 pm November Wednesday November 3. All in all, it looks like I’ll be playing 8 shows over three days, November 3-5 AND being a presenter at the Trop Rock Awards Friday night November 5. My flip flops are going to get a musical workout in Key West this year. Details again for all these shows are on my calendar here on the website.



In Japan Covid-19 cases have plummeted from a mid-August peak of nearly 6,000 in Tokyo alone to routinely below 100 now. They’re not completely sure why, but no-one is complaining.


And more good news. Germany says it plans on ending its pandemic state of emergency in November if numbers keep looking good there.


A New Jersey hospital fired 118 employees for refusing to vaccinate. Allison Williams, a popular NFL sideline reporter quit because she did not want the shot, The Washington State football team coach just did the same. And Travis Tritt, the country star will now refuse to play any place that requires folks to be vaccinated. There is most surely continued resistance to getting the jab.



Blake Shelton dropped about a half million dollars on the shiny rock Gwen Stefani is wearing right now. Wow. I think I spent maybe a hundred bucks on my wife’s ring, and it would have cost me much less if I could have grabbed it from the claw machine on one of the first 50 or 60 tries.



My funny comedian friend Heywood Banks always says this about getting a tattoo. “If you’re going to get one, two things. First, be sober. Second, enunciate. Yep.


Here’s a case in point. A guy that speaks Japanese sees another guy sporting a massive Japanese tattoo. He asks, “What did you ask them to put on you”? The guy replies, “Oh this? It means courage”. At which point the other guy had to break it to him that what his tattoo really spells out is “breast milk”. I’m not sure if you really need courage to have breast milk or not.



Getting closer and closer to reality. A Chinese company says they will have their Xpeng flying car available to purchase by 2024. I’ve heard of business folks in Houston who work on one end of that massive city but live on the other end will fly from the airport on one end to the airport on the other end as to not have to get stuck in the constant traffic jam there. I can see some of them buying one of these bad boys.



The FCC is close to requiring wireless phone providers to block illegal text messages. Wouldn’t that be grand? In the last year the number of those have increased over 140%.


I’m trying to invent a digital device that one could attach to their phone that not only blocks unwanted calls and texts, but also sends a high volt electric shock back to the sender.



This is a funny marriage meme. Some of you will nod your head and go “uh-huh” after reading this…I’m guessing.


From a woman: “The key to a successful marriage is having a sense of humor. For example, I make a joke about my husband, and he laughs. He makes a joke about me, and I get the bed all to myself”.



“Man lived with phone in his stomach for half a year”. True. Some guy in Egypt managed to swallow one and was too embarrassed to tell everyone until he couldn’t take the pain and the constant ringing going on.



I’m back to the writing table this morning with Becky Buller who’s on the road a lot these days with her bluegrass group. So if you’re reading this, and you have a great bluegrass song idea get it to me ASAP!


Have a great Tuesday!









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