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A Missouri Surprise...New Shows...WSM In The Morning

Back to the blog...I missed posting one yesterday because of being on a road trip that turned out to be quite and experience to say the least.



So my great friends and extended family Dodge and Dean Raymer asked me to come to Wentzville, Missouri yesterday to be a part of a show to honor our veterans.  All they have to do is ask...and I'm there.  And it's a privilege always to shake the hand of anyone who has served and say "thank you".  And we did do that.  But...I was bamboozled...in a very good way.


At intermission they surprised me and gave me a "Lifetime Achievement Award) (yes...that means I'm getting older) from the GCMA...the Gateway Country Music Association who sponsored this show yesterday that was filled with great local talent...folks who love "real" country music as they try to promote it and keep it alive.




My wife Kathy was in on this and kept is secret for a month...hard to do with me.  But she pulled it off as she got my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott who are part of "Evening In The Round" that I'm part of. ..to send her an e-mail along with another one from Steve Dean from my "Hits & Grins" trio.  Those nice comments were read on stage by another friend Mike Thomas from KWRE Radio in Warrenton, Missouri where I once worked for awhile in my youth.  Mike had told me backstage that he had been part of radio event the day before that had him out all day and he was "pooped".  I did wonder...man...why aren't you home?  Now I know. 


And to top that...Joe Lewis who is battling his health these days made it there...and came on stage to say some nice and funny words.  Joe was the morning guy at KPCR Radio in Bowling Green...my first radio job when I was 19.  We've stayed friends forever and it meant a lot to me that he and his wife Rosie managed to get there.  He told the audience in the theater that he remembers seeing me the first time as a very skinny kid and thought to himself, "well...Paul Salois had done it now.  He's hired a broomstick with a moustache".  Paul was the owner and GM of that little one bedroom trailer that housed the radio station that was plopped down in a cowpasture.  Yes...there were a few tears shed.





So I'm honored and humbled this morning to say the least...and my thanks to all who helped make this happen.  There were lots of old friends and family in the audience...some of whom had to remind me of who they were...it' been so many years.  My Aunt Margie made it...90 years young along with her daughter Shirley...great seeing them along with everyone else.


I will say while it's always nice to be recognized for doing something that's been so much fun for such a long time...I do recognize that there are million of hard working folks who do what they do outside of a spotlight.  I just entertain folks and I'm blessed to do that.  Play a song, talk on the radio, entertain, make folks laugh.  Here's to all of you who deserve lifetime achievement awards for being great husbands, wives, parents, firefighters, veterans, hospital workers, caretakers and on and on an on.  We appreciate you.


So...now you know why there was no blog yesterday.













A little "heads up" as I'll be on WSM tomorrow morning from 5:30-10 AM (dark and early) to fill in for Bill Cody.  So I'll be working with Charlie Mattos which is always fun.  You can tune in from where you are at wsmonline.com









If you check my calendar here on my website you'll see some new shows have been added.  The schedule of our shows for the "Blast On The Bay" Songwriters Festival is there which starts this Thursday down in Port St. Joe-Mexico Beach Florida.  Our "Hits & Grins" trio will play three times on the beach there.


The schedule is also up for this year's Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach in November.  I'll have four shows there with "Hits & Grins" and one with my longtime co-writer funny man Brent Burns.



I'm happy to say we've added a performance date for "Evening In The Round" that stars Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me.  That's not until July of next year...in Georgia...but the good news is for those of you who have asked me...there will be more shows coming for this group in 2018 too.  Check the calendar for details.  Can't wait.






I knew Dolly Parton had a program to give away books.  I just didn't know how many.  She was at a children's hospital here a week or so ago and gave the hospital a million bucks.  A million.  She read to kids and promoted the fact that she had written her first children's book titled "I Believe In You".  saying kids relate to her as "Mother Goose".  I can believe it.  Since she started her effort to get kids reading...and to make sure they could if they wanted to...she had given away 100 million books since her program started in 1996.  Just another reason folks love Dolly so much.



Meanwhile...it looks like Reba's old property which sits on Old Hickory Lake may be turned into an events center.  Think weddings.  Barbara Mandrell's old estate is now a major entertainment complex...shops, trails, shows, tours you name it.  There's just more and more to see all the time when you tour Music City.  But do keep your eyes open for roaming armadillos.



Yes...Tennessee has armadillos.  Apparently a LOT of armadillos.  Who knew?  I have not seen nary a one since I've been here...but they say we are having and explosion of them and that they are expanding.  Great.  So not only do I have to worry about that nut case in North Korea...now I have to worry about armadillos exploding in my backyard. 






Skilled software workers.  Nashville has the largest shortage of those of any city apparently.  High demand for those folks as our tech industries have increased a ton here.  And what do we have the most of?  Would you believe folks who were in music production?  Not a stretch huh?  At number two of what we have the most of in Nashville...Health Care Management folks.  So...the good news is if your music career is dying...there's a lot of folks one can hire to try and revive it.



Apparently we will be able to order in food from Facebook soon...if no already.  Wonder if the food comes from Farmville?



So...so I like the show Shark Tank.  And I think I've pretty much seen every show since they started it.  Pay attention if you watch.  A shark will ask an entrepreneur a question and it seems to me the first word they say...a LOT of the time is..."so".  Shark: "how much does it cost to make per unit"?  Answer:  "So......


For those that play drinking games there could be a new one in the making.  Every time an entrepreneur says "so"...drink a shot.  Gonna be a lot of drunks.  ( I know...I need to get a life)



So...some Disney resorts are going to start allowing dogs.  Question.  Isn't Disney the one who shot "Old Yeller"?  Just an observation.



I've got a little parody song writing to take care of this morning but then my day opens up for resting up for a couple of early calls.  Tomorrow morning on WSM radio at 5:30 AM...and Thursday morning an early departure for Port St. Joe, Florida for the songwriters festival.  I've learned to not put the suitcase away.


Have a great Tuesday!






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