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Special Song... Bidets...Beartooth Highway

Oct 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a much cooler weekend has arrived in Music City.  Hello Friday.



My writing appointment had me hooked up with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur. Gerald was up on the computer from his home, but Janelle was holed up with her business manager as her husband unfortunately caught Covid so she’s isolation away from him in hopes of not catching it herself. He’s got the milder case and will be fine, but nobody wants the thing so she’s taking precautions to keep herself healthy for a few days until he’s in the clear. And yesterday we wrote a female version of a cheating song because it’s kind of the law in Nashville that writers HAVE to write cheating songs every now and then. This one has a little attitude and turned out to be a fun tune that we can pitch to girls looking to record a cheatin’ song.  Next we’ll write about trucks, then trains, then prison then a Mama song and our libraries will set.


There’s also a line in this new song that I originally wrote as “iPhone 5”.  When Janelle heard that line she said, “let’s update it to “iPhone” 9.  I’ve totally lost track of how many updates Apple has rolled out on their iPhone. The iPhone 12 rolls out in a few days. So at least the iPhone in our song was updated a little!



I did get the demos on the song I helped write to honor my second Mom Dean Raymer who passed a few days ago. Jimmy Fortune sang the male version, and my friend and great singer Sydni Perry sang the second one. I can’t tell you how moved I was to hear these as both Jimmy and Sydni who helped co-write this just sang this impeccably with feeling. The immediate family was sent a copy and it’s great to know how much it touched them too.  Proud to be part of such a song that honors the memory of someone so dear to so many folks.



More ramblings that folks may start over stocking up again at the grocery store with the pandemic ramping up for even more cases this Fall. Gun sales are SOARING too.  My take on that is the same people buying firearms are the same people who overstocked on toilet paper and they’re trying to protect their stash.


Some of us are going to travel no matter what.  Some will book a cruise on the largest ship Disney has ever put to sea “The Wish”.  Take a look at this bad boy. Hard not to want to book passage.


Pfizer is saying they may apply for emergency use of a Covid-19 vaccine they have by late November. And with that news you might see a stock market surge.


Hotel occupancy is down 50% since the pandemic began and some hotels are working hard to make rooms feel safer. Some are equipping rooms with voice control everything. With a voice command you’ll be able to close the curtains, bright-dim-turn on-turn off lights and water. Control the TV with voice commands. And robot butlers will deliver food, towels etc. to your room and helping those who stay avoid contact of any kind.  Even the Jetsons didn’t see this coming.



A lot of it comes from just observing real life, or stuff that happens on the news before our eyes. The comedians don’t miss that and use it for comedy. Last night a woman sort- kinda flirted with Donald Trump at his Town Hall Meeting while behind him another woman constantly kept nodding her head. The question now is, who on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night will play the woman doing the flirting, and who will play the woman nodding her head.



Terry Bradshaw is just naturally funny. Self-deprecating and is so great reacting when the jokes on him. I watched some of his new reality TV show last night “The Bradshaw Bunch” and it’s entertaining. Terry, his wife and his daughters. Just fun if you’re looking for something new to try during quarantine times. 


And it’s still hard for me to imagine that Terry was the second string QB at Louisiana Tech for two years to head of the Duck Dynasty gang Phil Robertson.



Hard to beat a good glazed donut. More times than not…on the rare occasions I now eat a donut I’ll just choose the plain ole glazed.  But the folks who make the donuts are constantly trying to put something new on the ole choice tray. Now at Dunkin’ you can order a spicy Ghost Pepper donut.  Yikes. I suggest they call it the 911 donut because if you know anything about Ghost Pepper? You’re going to need your mouth to be hosed down with cold water later to put out the fire.



I still can’t get over the fact that you can now order wine and beer at Cracker Barrel. I wonder if that will help increase my chances of beating that stupid golf tee game on the tables that I’ve never been able to beat sober?



With rumors going around that some of us are going to stock up again with the virus roaring again we may see a toilet paper shortage again. Manufacturers are hip this and are offering a 45% discount in some places for a bidet. We have one in our house…never once been used.  I just really don’t want to sit on a water fountain that way.  But y’all do what ya want. 



Real estate sales are on fire right now.  More proof here.  Ellen DeGeneres just sold her place in California that she bought for 27 million a few years ago for 39.9 million dollars!  Ocean view out the front, mountain view out the back and lot of square footage near Santa Barbara.  I was umm…outbid considerably. 



I read a travel article this morning that says the Beartooth Highway in Montana is one of the most scenic if not the most scenic drive in America. I wouldn’t argue too hard against that as I got to drive it a couple of years ago when our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott played a show in Montana. Remember shows?  We were close to Yellowstone and the locals told us since we had a day off, we should drive the Beartooth. Best advice ever. It’s breathtaking with high elevations and quaint towns and eventually will dump you into the north east part of Yellowstone National Park.  The Music Ranch we played at in Livingston was beautiful all on its own…but that drive on the Beartooth was the highlight. Go drive it if you’re ever near.



I’m writing with my friend and lyricist Brent Baxter today.  Brent will be in his writing room in Missouri and I’ll be in mine here in Nashville.  Always a pleasure to write with Brent who may be the most organized writer I know…always prepared with great ideas. 


And then it’s a weekend full of baseball playoffs and football games and getting out for a hike or two in this unreal Fall weather we have right now.


Have a great weekend!



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