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Writing Tables...Bluegrass Museum...Frank Brown Songwriters

Oct 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

54 degrees for a high here in Music City today.  Look for hillbilly singers wearing leg warmers on their jogs today.



I gathered for the first time in a while with two friends to write and catch up on each other’s lives.  Wil Nance, Lauren Mascitti and myself have been scheduling semi-regular appointments for awhile now as Lauren has been working on a new album (just completed) that all of us are hoping will reach it’s way to lots of folks.  Lauren is one of my favorite young singers in town with a deep appreciation of the “roots” and history even at such a young age.  Her boyfriend Shawn Camp has produced her album and now they are hoping to land it with a label of some kind to expose Lauren’s talents.


The three of us have a song that made the final cut so we do have a vested interest in this for sure.  And our song is a bit “retro” and sounds a LOT like a song Crystal Gayle would have recorded in the prime of her hit career.  That makes Lauren happy because she’s such a HUGE Crystal Gayle fan.  So that’s pretty cool.


And…we got a start on a new song so it was great day at the writing office yesterday.



Wil Nance and me will both be headed down to Gulf Shores in a few weeks for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival where one can hear hundreds of songwriters performing on the beach.  I'll be playing five different times this year and the shedule is now online at fbisf.com. I'll also be posting my individual shows on the website here later today.  This songwriters festival may be the oldest in the country named after the janitor who used to clean up at the world famous Florabama road house that straddles the Alabama-Florida line.  If you've never gone...it's worth the trip to come down and hang out on the beautiful gulf coast and hear some great music as it was written from the creators. 



Shawn Camp whom I mentioned above is knee deep in the bluegrass movement as well as the mainstream.  He’s part of the Grammy winning group “Earls Of Leicester” which is an all-star band of players that tribute the iconic music of Flatt & Scruggs.  If you ever get a chance…go get your mind blown by these unreal musicians.  Shawn plays the part of Lester singing all those great songs.


Every bluegrass picker must be thrilled that this weekend they will open a bluegrass museum in Owensboro, Kentucky.  I’ve become a bigger fan of the genre over the past few years and have written more “grass” songs that I would have ever suspected.  And I’ve been blessed to have several cuts from bluegrass artists that I truly love.  So I’m thrilled that a great museum is opening to put even more light on bluegrass music and the legends who have moved that music forward through the years.



I guess I gotta buy a ticket now.  Megamillions is worth 645 million!?  Good grief.  Don’t tell me what the odds are.  Just let me dream if you don’t mind.



The co-founder of Microsoft lost his battle with cancer at age 65.  Just another reminder of how fleeting life can truly be.  Many years ago I was at a radio seminar in Dallas conducted by the late Kidd Kraddick about the time the internet was coming on line.  I remember Kidd telling a room full of us morning radio guys that his one piece of advice was that we should go out and buy as much Microsoft stock as we could afford.


I remember thinking I couldn’t afford a ton so I bought a whopping 10 shares or so of Microsoft that I then watched split three or four times.  Geez.  One of those “kick yourself” moments that keeps replaying in my head from time to time. 


Some folks see the future better than others.  Paul Allen and Kidd Kraddick being two of those.



But…I may not be able to afford it one day down the road if you believe some of the news coming from scientists.  They say climate change may make barley a scarcity driving up the price of a beer big time because there won’t be as much beer. 


No beer?  Every politician that loves a cold brew may now start paying more attention to those whacky scientists who keep warning and warning and warning us about the effects of global warming that we are now starting to witness. 


Polar ice cap melting is one thing.  But no beer?!!!!



Now you can go to a plastic surgeon that has a new machine called EMSCULPT that they hook up to your tummy and works it out while you lay there.  4 sessions and you walk out looking better.  It will cost ya between three to five thousand bucks but you just lay there!  Of course the catch is you have to maintain it or it comes right back.


Between that and beer disappearing… I see me looking like I’m in better shape in the future.  Maybe.



At the Atlanta Airport they stopped a customer at screening because they found a pig in their suitcase.  A fully cooked whole hog they were trying to take on board.  Gosh…airlines are just so narrow minded aren’t they?


If you want to make flying more fun…put some bar b que grills on the plane and let’s tailgate while we fly. 



My writing appointment cancelled so I’ve got the day mostly free which means I can catch up on some of the “gotta do’s” stacked up on my desk here in front of me.


Have a great Tuesday!



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