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Starve A Cold...Gulf Shores Golf...Beer For Dogs

Oct 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Starting to come out of a long cold funk.



I’m pretty sure whatever cold medicine we had in a cupboard is gone.  It never ceases to amaze me how a little tingle in my throat that I felt a week and a half ago turns into Nyqil Armageddon.  Geez.  So a lot of the weekend was spent on the couch with a remote control.  The good news is both my wife and I are starting to feel better.


I’m one of those guys.  When I get laid up with a sore throat, runny nose, aches, and chills you name it…I open the cupboard and drain it.  Time to go to the store and restock.



I did get a little work done.  March 29 and March 30 of next year I’ve added a couple of dates with my “Hits & Grins” trio as we’ll be in Fort Smith, Arkansas on the 29th for a private house concert followed by a return to Khalil’s Pub and Grill that Saturday night March 30 in Little Rock sponsored by a great local songwriters organization “Songriders Live”.  These are always very fun shows and complete info is available now on my website calendar.



I have a Trop Rock concert a week from Thursday on October 24 at Glen Lakes Country Club with my friend Brent Burns and Trop Rocker Eric Stone who I’ll meet for the first time.  This is part of Donny Brewer’s annual tour of shows he schedules on a run from California to Key West for the big "Meeting Of The Minds" gathering that happens every year where they pass out the Trop Rock Awards.  Happy to say that Brent is up for "Song Of The Year" for a tune we wrote together "Emergency Vacation".   

Donny is a extremely talented Trop Rocker with a big following and actually ask me to take his place on this leg of his Karavan of folks who are following him across the country to Key West with this stop in Gulf Shores.  I’ll be leaving a little early for the beach this Sunday so that Brent Burns and I can do a little writing before our show together that week.  More info on that right HERE.


One word of warning.  Both Brent and I will be playing golf as part of this event.  If you signed up…wear a hard hat.  I have zero idea of where my ball may be going.



To the Grand Ole Opry now officially 93 years old.  Long may she live.  WSM is the radio home for the Opry…has been since the “get go”.  And…I’ll be on WSM October 29 7-midnight filling in for Eddie Stubbs.  If you’d like to listen just dial up wsmonline.com on the world wide web. 


I can’t make some stuff up.  They now make beer for dogs.  Uh huh.  And they have these available for your pooch.  “Crotch Sniffin’ Ale” and “Maltman Malt Liquor”.  The brand is called “Good Dog Beer”.  Must be interesting for clerks who have to check the dogs ID when they buy a six-pack.



Jessica Simpson owns $13,000 worth of sunglasses.  Because she can I guess.  My total invested in sunglasses right now is probably 6 bucks.  I’ve discovered if I actually buy a good pair of those…like a pair of Ray Bans…I ALWAYS lose them.  So now I wear that designer brand “Dollar Store”.  One can never be too fashionable.



Microsoft is working on a foldable iPhone.  Didn’t we use to call those flip-phones?  Gonna be fun to say, “Siri…fold my phone”.



Uber mowing. Yep.  An app that let’s you hire someone to take care of your lawn.  I’m looking for them to invent a drone that can fly over your yard and fertilize it like a crop duster. 



I still love a good Three Stooges movie every now and then.  There’s a new biography out on Moe Howard that I want read.  The only thing is that I’m hearing if you buy the book the clerk will give you an eye poke.  Be forewarned.



“Saw Wielding Father Loses Leg To Lawn Mower While Trying To Kill His Son”.  It is Halloween isn’t it?



“22 Year Old Brat Arrested For Attacking Mom With Sausages”.  Don’t ya hate it when Oktoberfest gets abused?



Back in a writing room with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti today.  As Lauren says, “it’s been a minute” since we’ve gotten together.  I always look forward to these collaborations, as Wil is such a fun writer and Lauren?  Have you hear this girl sing?  Here’s an EXAMPLE.








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