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Home From Texas...Person of the Year Video...Beach Packing

Oct 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and I’m back home in Music City.



Our “Evening in the Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself made our way home from Woodlands, Texas where our show at Dosey Doe’s was on Wednesday night. Man we had such a fun time. Steve Said is the owner of this great venue that started as a coffee place. Dosey Doe Coffee. They are one of the highest awarded coffees in all of Texas and we brought some back with us. Steve then started adding music to what was a small place but got bigger. He bought a 165-year-old barn in Kentucky and had it moved to Texas and it was then converted into the wonderful venue we played at.


This show was a little different as 4 cameras video-taped everything and Kyle Hutton, who is a songwriter himself was on stage with us the entire time interviewing us for his video-pod-cast called "Real Life Real Music"  that has already aired well over 200 episodes. So, you’ll be able to see our show soon. As soon as it’s available I’ll post a link so you can watch.


Gosh, we had a lot of laughs, and the audience that was filled with a couple of friends of mine, and a lot of Linda’s family and friends were just so great to play for. We were all reminded once again how lucky we are to get to do what we do. 


When we got home, the owner sent us a note and said it was one of the best shows he’s ever seen. And they’ve had a who’s who list of great artists who have graced that stage. So high praise, and we can’t wait to go back and play there again someday. 



I’m so excited to share this new video from Kristy Cox. This song, “Person of the Year” is a song idea I had to  pay tribute to those doctors and nurses and everyone working on the front lines of this pandemic we’re in. I wrote this with my friend Jerry Salley, and they released this wonderful video yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, click on the link and watch and listen. And if it moves you, share it with your friends. And thank you Kristy who said in this article how this song moved her when she first heard. It.



Just back from Texas where the Governor there is trying to prohibit employers from having to force their employees to get vaccinated. Not everyone is on board. Three of their biggest companies Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and IBM will not be following the Governor’s order. They’ve chosen to follow the federal mandate.


A new Covid-19 vaccine study suggests that Pfizer and Moderna are best for the booster for Johnson and Johnson. Mix and match.


Masks. Mask wearing is all over the yard, isn’t it? For the most part on our 800-mile journey to Texas and back again, I saw a mixture. We’d stop at one place, and you might not see any, or hardly anyone wearing a mask. And at other places, more than not were masked up.



Help for those who snore, or those who lay next to someone who snores at night. Supposedly, this Snore Mask that costs $65 uses something called “bone conduction” that’s designed to detect and snore and stop it. I believe the way it works is that when it detects you snoring, an alarm goes off on the mask waking your wife who then wakes up and slaps you. And the snoring stops. Common sense engineering, I think.



How about this robot dog that they can now equip with a 65 mm assault rifle? New way of warfare I suppose. I’m going to try very hard not to upset this Fido if I see him.



The National and American League Championship series are set. Boston-Houston in the American League. Atlanta and whoever wins game 5 tonight between LA and San Francisco for the NL crown.


There’s been some great games. Boston winning late twice for instance. But one of my favorite moments so far came in the stands when this woman used her prosthetic leg to catch a baseball!  Watch this if you haven’t seen it. The heck with taking a glove in the stand with ya.



A new “Home Alone” movie is coming soon on Disney +. This one is called “Home Sweet Home Alone”, a British version and of course will have a completely new cast. I can’t imagine them being able to cast funnier crooks than the ones Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. But the premise remains funny, so who knows?



“Woman Walks Through Airport Naked Asking People Where They’re From”. There surely were some interesting answers.



I’m doing an online songwriter coaching session today with a client that was sent to me who wants me to help him improve and critique a song he’s written. I’m looking forward to that.


And then it’s time to re-pack for a 6:30 AM departure tomorrow morning for “Blast on the Bay”, the great songwriter festival in Port St. Joe-Mexico Beach Florida with “Hits & Grins” that includes my friend Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  Looking forward to playing and being on the beach tomorrow night.


Have a great Thursday!

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