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Writing with a Four Time Winner...Great Podcast Interview...Best Place To Live

Oct 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday morning in Music City.  Halfway to the weekend. 75 for the high here today and in the 60’s the next couple of days!



I spent the better part of yesterday morning writing with Brooke Aldridge who is the International Bluegrass Music Association’s reigning Female Vocalist of the Year.  In fact, she’s been wearing that crown for four years now. Her husband Darin joined us for a second but had to run so it was just me and Brooke yesterday working on an idea we’d talked about last time we wrote.  We crafted something a little different than what Darin & Brooke normally record, but because it is a tad different that may help its chances of landing on their next project. We’ll see.  Either way it was a fun song to write and it was certainly fun getting to say congrats to Brooke on her four-time award.  They’ve been kind to me having recorded 5 songs I’ve helped written through the years, and now I’m truly getting to know them better as we have started co-writing together. It’s been fun watching their career grow record by record and now their semi-regulars on the Grand Ole Opry.  Congrats to both of them.



I’ve blogged many many times about my friend Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores who I write with a lot. Brent’s been doing his thing for a very long. Writing songs, recording albums, entertaining snowbirds who come down to the ocean. This is a great podcast of my friend being interviewed by another longtime friend of his comedian-author Andy Andrews whom many of will recognize. Andy lives down there too and has an office in the Wharf complex and invited Brent to be his guest yesterday on his podcast. It’s a great interview and I had no idea that Andy considered Brent to be his mentor. Watch the interview HERE. Great fun stuff.


And yea, both Brent and I…and Andy for that matter entertain older crowds these days all of us love it. There’s a great quote about aging from Theodore Roosevelt who once said, “Old age is like anything else.  To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young”.



Jerry Lee Lewis is 85. The Killer. And he’s still got a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”. On October 27 you’ll be able to watch is virtual birthday celebration at jerryleelewis.com.  Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Lee Ann Womack, Elton John, former Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton and others will all drop by to say “hey”. 



Yesterday I mentioned the Christian revival held here in Nashville that’s drawing fire as it drew 10,000 mostly non wearing mask folks. The young conservative preacher who held the event calls it a “protest” so it’s legal. Newspaper and online writers live for writing the headline for things like this. Rolling Stone Country referred to the event like it was a Broadway Musical… “Jesus Christ Superspreader”.


Also in Nashville, the virus spread through the Tennessee Titan football team forcing them to postpone games. Last night they played a TUESDAY night football game here in town against the Buffalo Bills.  The Titans had not played a game because of Covid since September 27.  So, everyone wondered or thought without any practice (and they had none) how rusty would the 3-0 Titans be. Well, if you go by last night and you’re a Tennessee fan you might root for more shutdowns. They played their best game of the year beating Buffalo 42-16! Go figure.



Who knew that McDonald’s McNuggets came in four shapes. I’ve never looked…. I’ve just eaten. Take a look next time.  You’re McNugget will look like a ball, a boot, a bell or a bow tie.  They should be using those bad boys for Monopoly pieces.



And now you can get an M&M flavored Coffee Mate creamer. Uh huh.  Foo Foo stuff.  Real coffee…black…straight up…no additives. Some people put so much stuff in their coffee that it winds up tasting more like ice cream than java.  I think I covered that in this song, “Good Cup of Coffee”. 



Some guy claimed he was nervous about riots. So, he did what anyone would do when the go to Disney World. He tried to carry in an AR-15 rifle. It might be along while before he’s ever allowed back in to ride Dumbo.



The latest “Best Places To Live” is out from US News and World Report. The top ten list starting with number 10 is: San Francisco, Portland, Fayetteville AR, Des Moines, Charlotte, Fort Collins CO, Colorado Springs, Austin, Denver and number one is Boulder, Colorado.


Four cities listed in Colorado. They base this on quality of life, cost of living and overall value.



I’m writing with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur today and we’ll be able to celebrate the good news that Jeannie Kendall recorded a song the three of us wrote “I Got You”. I’m blessed to have four songs in total on that album that’s being finished as I blog. Can’t wait to share some of those with you after I get a copy. Hopefully the three of us can write something that good again today.


Have a great Wednesday! 



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