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Little Joe...A New T-Shirt...Female Vocalist of the Year

Oct 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Time to make the donuts…it’s early Tuesday morning.



I had an off day which is always dangerous because if my wife sees I have nothing to do she’ll find something. So, I found myself doing one of my least favorite things…working in the yard. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. If it were up to me?  I’d pour concrete over the yard, or artificial turf. So, there I am out there helping trim bushes that have gotten as high as a Redwood tree. I think I’ve eased my workload in the future as I grabbed the roundup and sprayed them heavily.  We’ll see.



Man, I was sorry to hear that Hall of Famer Joe Morgan died at the age of 77 yesterday. He was a huge part of the Reds championship teams. He could hit for power, steal bases, and was a multiple time Gold Glove award winner at second base. When I moved to Cincinnati the Big Red Machine was gone.  Pete Rose was still playing as a player manager some. And I got to be around the Reds some in different ways. And being in the market you’d see Joe everywhere…always the gentleman…always SO knowledgeable about the game. Jon Miller & Joe Morgan are still one of my favorite announcing teams.  They spent 20 years together and Joe Morgan was my favorite color analyst. I learned things about the game I didn’t know every time I listened or watched him.  Next time I get to go to Great American Ballpark I’ll be sure to touch his statue that stands just outside the ballyard.  RIP Joe…thanks for so many great memories.



I did catch quite a bit of game 1 in the National League Championship Series between the Braves and Dodgers…two great teams this year.  The Braves won handily last night. It was interesting to see fans in the stands at that new Texas baseball park in Arlington where the series is being played…a neutral site. As I sat on the couch I wondered, “hey, what would a ticket cost”?  How great it would be to sit in the stands for ANY baseball game this year much less a playoff game.  So, I did the Google thing and checked out the prices for fun. If there is a game six, one could get a seat for about $130 or so. I got a tad excited and thought, “flights are cheap, hotels need customers…. I’ve not seen that ballpark”. And then when I looked deeper, they require you to buy 4 seats because of Covid. No single tickets sold. Sigh. 


Jerry Seinfeld who’s a big long time suffering New York Mets fan said the perfect day is one in the ballpark with great weather and a hot dog in one hand and a beer in the other.  Couldn’t agree more Jerry.


NEED A T-Shirt??

That song I’ve been bragging about “If I Could Invent A T-Shirt” that’s out now for Jenny Tolman that I helped write with her and Dave Brainaird now has…guess what…YES…a T-Shirt.  Jenn chose to put some of the lyrics included in our song on the front…and a few more place (appropriately) on the LOWER back end of the shirt.  Git ya one if you’d like…Christmas is coming up. Certainly appropriate for anyone you would sing our lyrics too…”and you’re free to kiss or not kiss my derriere”!



According to one study Covid-19 has cost Americans roughly 16 TRILLION dollars…so far.


News this morning is that a man in Nevada is the first in the US to catch the virus twice. That ain’t good. So, any statement or thought that one is immune because they’ve had it?  Maybe not so much.


Many Americans are saying they are going to start stockpiling food again with the threat that the virus is going to ramp up big time again this Fall. How’s your stock of toilet paper?


Here in Nashville a Christian revival happened this past weekend with about 10,000 folks out in front of the stage, many of them wearing no masks.  Hope the offering plate was full that day as fines are probably forthcoming. Those that get sick? Surely there are still some “healers” who can place a hand on their forehead and push them backwards into wellness again.  Don’t forget to tip the healer.


And a little humor to go with all the insanity.  About the virus, I never thought the comment “I wouldn’t touch them with a six- foot pole” would become national policy.


Early Christmas shopping starts today for some as it’s Amazon Prime Day with bargains on TV’s, Roomba’s, Earbuds and you can buy one of those little Echo devices really cheap the next couple of days. That little pod that will play music for you on voice command, or give you the weather, sports scores and keep track of everything you’re saying and then sell it to the tabloids to embarrass you?  Yea…that one.


I never worry that my computer or phone or any device is spying on me.  I figure I could use the publicity.



Roberta McCain, the mother of the late Senator and war hero John McCain passed away at the age of 108!  She credited her long life to “No exercise and doing what I was supposed to do”. Her Grandmother lived to be 104 years old.  And her Granny said here recipe for living that long was to “drink cheap vodka (the kind that could take the wallpaper off the walls) and telling people exactly what she thought”.  And this is my favorite thing she said. She ate “Nary a vegetable unless it was fried”.  Maybe I’ll live to be 100 after all!  Thank you Roberta…AND Granny.



The Grand Ole Opry announced they will start having Friday night shows again with limited audiences and the shows now have been expanded to two hours. So, a bit of a return to half normal and that’s nice to see. My co-writer Laura Leigh Jones is in charge of backstage tours at the Opry House and she’s had a challenging job through Covid as many Opry employees…some of hers were furloughed or let go because of the pandemic. But they are still doing tours. And if you come to Nashville?  It’s worth the price to go backstage and see the dressing rooms where the stars hangout and step foot on that iconic stage. The Opry House is a gorgeous building and seeing from the stage looking out at the seats is pretty cool.



The annual “mullet toss” at the world-famous Flora Bama that was scheduled in April has been rescheduled for October 23-25. Not Covid, not a hurricane can stop folks from getting out on the sand in front of the Flora Bama that straddles the Alabama-Florida state lines to toss a fish as far as they can. No sir. The late great QB Kenny Stabler who played college football for Bama used to show up and toss one too.  With any luck I’ll be playing at the Flora Bama in November for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival and I’ll be able to ask, “who won”?



Disney has announced they are spending at least as much time if not more time developing movie and content for streaming platforms like Disney + as they are for mainstream movie cinemas.  I’m not sure if movie houses will ever be the same when this thing is over.  The popcorns not as good at home…but it’s a whole lot cheaper.



“11-Year-Old Steals School Bus, Flips Middle Finger To Cops As He Passes Them”. Betting his grades are suffering at school.



Today I get to say congratulations to Darin and Brooke Aldridge online as they join me from North Carolina. Brooke was just named the Bluegrass Female Artist of the Year for the 4th year in a row!  These two are so talented and humble to boot.  And today we’ll be co-writing again and I’ll get a chance to share in their happiness.  They certainly deserve it.  Nice to be creative with nice folks.


Have a great Tuesday!



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