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The Road...Christmas Lights Already and Crayons

Fog...big time this morning.  I had to roll the windows down and follow the smell of coffee this morning to get to Mickey D's.  It is that time of year with constant temperature-weather change.  75 for a high today...86 on Saturday and just 66 for a high come Monday morning.  I'd doing the closet ping pong game right now...shorts...long pants...shorts...long pants.



My wife and I got back in from her hometown of Cincinnati last night up and back with our daughter.  And today we start packing a guitar and few clothes for an upcoming run to my home state of Missouri that will also be a quick up and back as I'm doing this show you see on the show bill for the Gateway Country Music Association.  It's that time of year when I really have to look hard at my calendar to make sure I don't miss anything.  After we get back from Missouri...I'll leave Thursday morning early for a songwriters festival down in Port St. Joe, Florida with "Hits & Grins" that I always look forward to.  Life is busy...but it's all good.






If I go by Pensacola weather...I should be packing shorts and flip flops for the Blast On The Bay Songwriters Festival next week in Port St. Joe.  Pensacola broke a record high yesterday at 92 degrees on October 12.  And...it's still warm enough in a place called Jay, Florida for them to hold a clothing optional mostly nude 5 K race.  True.  Most of the runners will leave their running shoes on...after that?  Don't look Ethel!



On the opposite side of Pensacola...you get a cooler feeling if you drive up to the Opryland Hotel these days here in Nashville.  A few days ago when I went there to pull a shift on WSM Radio which is tucked inside the mammoth hotel...I noticed the crews were already stringing Christmas lights on the property.  That's how long it takes them to get it ready for the tourists who come every year to see the amazing display.  They have to start stringing in early October.  Wow.  Because I work on the property some...I've gotten used to seeing it every year.  But once in awhile if I finish a shift and it's already dark out as I leave the hotel...I do stand and look at some of the display while it's quiet.  It really is worth a trip to check out if you've never done that.  So...bring your kids...check it out..and come by the studios if I'm on air and bring me a cup of hot cocoa. 



The wildfires there have been unreal...with no end in sight.  I have a good friend up in the NAPA Valley region.  She and her husband had to evacuate and leave everything.  I'm hoping their place is still standing as I blog this.  With wind...fires can pop up anywhere...and they seem to be doing that.  The married couple who saved their own lives by hunkering down in their swimming pool while the fire ravaged their property and house is remarkable.  Here's hoping they get rain and a turn around soon.



With hurricanes, and floods and fires and earthquakes seemingly in the news every day here in the country maybe it' actually encouraging news that NASA seems to thing they may have found a "crater of life" up on Mars.  What that life could be?  Dunno.  Wanna live in a crater?  Me neither.



Now...I'm not a mechanic.  I don't even play one on TV.  I can start one...gas one...wash one...but then I'm pretty much useless after that.  When something goes wrong with my car I'm the guy yellling "honey...can you take a look at this"?  She loves that.


I guess that's why the article in MSN caught my attention with 19 tips that's useful for car owners.  A couple caught my attention for sure.  First...clean your headlights with toothpaste and toothbrush.  Shinier lights.  Who knew?  I guess one should floss the grill on their cars too...but it did not suggest that.  So...that one's all mine if you want to steal it.


You can also thread a rubber band through your AC vents and make a redneck cup holder if you'd like. 


If you put your key fob on your chin...you can open your car doors from a longer range.  Of course you look like and "Erkel"...but you can do that.


And finally...check out this little VIDEO that demonstrates how you can unlock your door with shoelaces.  This would be another reason not to buy velcro strip shoes.



Remember those huge crayola boxes you envied when you were going to school that the rich kids could afford?  64 crayons in one box!  I guessing this guy Herb Williams got one of those.  That's because he uses his crayons to re-make master piece art from Picasso, Van Gogh etc...and they are so impressive that he travels and hangs his works in art galleries for showing.  He's here in Music City this week doing so.  Some folks never have to grow up.  I was the kid who could never stay between the lines with my little box of crayolas.  Sigh. If I were to show mine in a gallery I would promote it as the "Outside The Lines" exhibit.




How bout Arby's getting ready to offer up venison sandwiches.  "We've got the meat"!  I guess they mean it.  The deer just got more nervous.  A lot of folks swear by venison.  Leaner...more heart healthy.  Will it catch on at a major chain like Arby's?  I dunno.  But I'm betting while it lasts the person selling them in the store will be up on tree stand with a cash register.  Climb on up.



I'm off to write with Jenny Tolman this morning fresh off a great review of her new album in Rollingstone.com.  She's gluten free...so I probably won't take her venison sandwiches today from Arby's.  I've got a little comedy writing to do for New York this morning...and then this evening it's time to start packing once again for the weekend trip.  I don't know why I ever put a suitcase away sometimes.


Have a great weekend!






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