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Texas Show Tonight...Barn Door Video...A Rooster and A Goat

Oct 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and I’m awake in Carthage, Texas the home of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame that my friend Linda Davis is a member of.



Our “Evening in the Round” trio with Linda, Lang Scott and myself pivoted yesterday and drove instead of flew here to Texas because we were booked on Southwest and…well you know. Southwest cancelled hundreds more flights yesterday and we did not want to take a chance of not getting to our gig.  So we had an all-day drive to Linda’s hometown and when we got here, we spent a little time with some of her family before we got a little Mexican dinner and then crashed in our hotel rooms.


In a few hours we’ll hit the road again for another three hours for Woodland, Texas, just north of Houston for our 8 pm show and video shoot at Dosey Does. Looking very forward to that this evening. More on that at the end of today’s blog.



Before my head hit the pillow last night, I got a couple of great e-mails and texts from friends. The first came during the drive when Jerry Salley let me know he was in a production meeting laying out plans to make a video of “Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit Ya” that former American Idol star Alex Miller recorded and has released as his first single. It’s a fun “swing” song that I wrote with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson. So I texted Jerry back and told him jokingly that I would start looking for “barns” for the video shoot to which he quickly texted back that they’d taken care of that. They are going to film it in Kentucky at Alex’s grandfather’s farm using his old barn which is really cool. I’ll post the video when it’s available, but again, thanks to Alex for recording the heck out of this song. Can’t wait to see the video.



Right before bedtime I got a text from Scott Southworth who sent me a lyric video of a song we wrote “Less to Break” that will premier officially this Friday on You Tube. Scott is a hardcore traditional country singer, and that’s what this song is. Flat out “country”. So I got a sneak peak of that, and you’ll be able to see it this Friday.  Man, if you like your “country” with a fiddle and a steel guitar?  Scott is your guy. Click the link above, listen, and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. Thank you, Scott!



The news here in Texas is that their Governor, Greg Abbott just told the private sector they can’t enforce a vaccine mandate here in the Lone Star State.


In Iowa they are reporting that 25% of covid patients in the hospital there are fully vaccinated.


And how about this. Rock singer Ozzie Osbourne says the reason a lot of his family got Covid, but he did not was because he worships Satan, and that protected him. That and biting off the heads of bats I’m guessing. I’m also guessing this method of protection is not approved by Fauci or anyone else.



The CEO of Universal says the box office at movie theaters is going to continue to take a hit for a long while. Covid, more folks streaming, is taking a toll. I was just thinking how long it’s been since I’ve been in a movie theater. A long while. Before Covid for sure. My wife and I used to go almost weekly, sometimes more than once a week. Now, like most folks we’re on the couch watching something on Prime, or Netflix, or Hulu or whatever.


And yea, some on Disney + for sure too. In fact, most “in the know” folks say that Disney + is set to become the largest streaming platform and will overtake Netflix. The kids can safely watch Disney, so it does make sense.


I do kind of miss the theater experience though. So, whenever my wife and I watch a streaming movie on our big screen, I make her produce a ticket and then I tear it in half before I allow her to sit on the couch.



Pumpkins, Halloween, leaves falling, cooler temperatures. Yep, it’s Fall. And with that comes articles advertising the best new Fall shoes and boots to wear. I saw an article like that and thought to myself, “Ya know, I really DON’T have any Fall tennis shoes to wear”. Sigh. I’m so out of touch with the fashionistas.



A company in the UK makes lobster and crab flavored butter. Oh yea. I’d buy a tube of that if it weren’t for the fact that a tub costs $130. For me to give them that much, even as good as it sounds, the butter would need to be attached to a lobster or crab.



Ever see a rooster and a goat come to the rescue of a chicken? Me neither. Check this video out. A hawk swoops down to grab a chicken and then watch a rooster AND a goat race in to save the chicken. Sort of like watching the barnyard version of “Cops”.



William Shatner will shoot into space today. 90 years old and up goes “Kirk”. I would so do that but won’t because a flight would cost a whole lot more than a tub of lobster butter.



“Woman Wakes Up to A Meteorite Laying in Her Bed”. My wife says I sleep like a rock, so this woman may want to take a second look.



We have a three hour drive this morning to Woodmont, Texas. Show time is 8 pm at Dosey Do. But before that, we’re hitting the stage while the place is empty and doing a 4-camera shoot of our “Evening in the Round” show. The 8 pm show will also be caught on film, and we’ll have a host moderating the show from the stage. He’ll ask us questions, we’ll sing songs, that kind of deal. We plan on taking the footage from both and editing it down for a new promotional video we can use in the future to help us secure even more shows in the future with buyers across the country. I keep telling Linda and Lang that I have a “Face for Radio”, but they just won’t listen.


Have a great Tuesday!










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