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Christmas Songs...Beach Songs...Dolly Says "No" to Elvis

Oct 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday…Columbus Day…got to be a mattress on sale somewhere.



First, I had a long day of writing but a fruitful one for sure that started with Rick Lang out east. Rick sent me three or four ideas and one of them was this really nice Christmas song. He just sent lyrics, and by the time he popped up on my computer screen I had taken what he sent, added a melody and a chorus and the song was pretty much done before we ever started looking at it together.  The great part is that Rick is going to do a Christmas album project that I had not heard about, so it was good timing as this song turned out so great, I’d be surprised if Rick doesn’t choose it for the album


And right before we booted up online, he sent me a partial chorus idea to an up-tempo catchy bluegrass gospel idea that I wrote a full chorus for.  And because the first song was mostly written we were able to finish this song too. Two for one Monday morning kind of thing. That doesn’t happen a lot to me much these days as I only schedule one writing appointment per day.


And if that weren’t surprising enough, I had a 12:30 write with my long time Gulf Shores Trop Rock pal Brent Burns along with Donny Brewer who’s also a noted Trop Rock artist.  Donny sent the two of us an idea and the three of us hooked up on computers to write that beach song.  It took a while, but we got it there and that mean in one Friday I got three new songs to stick into my catalog.  That NEVER happens.  I’m sure my publisher was wondering how much caffeine I took in Friday after turning in 3 songs.



I did watch the first two episodes of "The Right Stuff" on Disney + last night and I'm hooked. I've seen "The Right Stuff" movie multiple times and this series about the Mercury 7 astronauts gives us an even more in depth look at who those guys were. Young test pilots full testosterone (and all that goes with that) and then thrust into the limelight as each go strapped onto the top of a rocket. I'm hooked. 



Microsoft is now saying their employees will have the option of working from home or remotely permanently if they like.


The International Air Transport Association is saying that you have a better chance by far of getting hit by lightning than you do of catching the coronavirus on a flight anywhere.  I’ve not flown since March but have several friends who are flying and all of them say they feel safe doing so.


And folks are indeed traveling.  Yellowstone National Park recorded a record number of visitors in the month of September. Pretty sure a fair number of tourists got trampled by Buffalo when they tried to take a selfie with one.


Finally, can you imagine having just moved into one of those tiny homes that are trending these days about the time the virus hit…and THEN you have to quarantine? There’s a reason divorce rates have gone up during the pandemic.


And in Disney World?  Not one case of Covid so far. Apparently, Mickey’s rigid restrictions are working and it’s still the happiest place on earth.



No second Presidential Debate it looks like. I’d call that a Public Service Announcement myself. The third and last one is here in Nashville at Belmont University which is where my daughter Heather graduated. Nope...won't be going...or watching. I think I'd rather go play a Claw Machine 200 times.  More on that at the end of today's blog.


SNL dealt with the fly thing on Pence’s forehead…predictably. I’m betting some folks will be dressing up as Mike Pence with a fly on their head for their Halloween costume this year. Or, some may just dress up as the fly. I’m trying to convince my wife to dress as the fly and I’ll dress as a flyswatter but…umm…no. 



Gonna be a lot of Covid related Halloween costumes this year.  Anyone going out as a hand sanitizer?  Yep…you can buy that costume.



Kamala Harris said she would like to decriminalize marijuana which I do think will happen sooner or later. But after she said it weed stocks surged. I’m trying to resist saying that weed stocks have gotten really high.  Really trying not to say that.



Have you seen the PSA for mail in voting?  Clever. Though the hard right may not be amused. Those that are into politics in a hardcore way seem to have lost their sense of humor if the joke’s on their candidate. I’ve never gotten that. I can laugh when either side is getting poked at. Lighten up folks…it’s just politics.


They got Seinfeld’s old mailman “Newman” played by actor Wayne Knight to reprise his role for this thing. Newman!



American League Championship it’s the Astros vs the surprising Tampa Bay Rays who got rid of the powerhouse Yankees over the weekend.  And no surprise in the National League.  Braves vs Dodgers. And if you’re a baseball geek as I am you must sort of be rooting to see the Astros match up against the Dodgers after they caught the Astros cheating against LA by tipping off pitches to their batters from the dugout. Because there are no fans in the stands this year, the Astros have escaped hearing a lot of booing and seeing a lot of ugly signs. But if Houston and LA both get to the Series?  Could be fireworks folks.  I see a lot of high and tight fastballs coming Houston’s way.



They are going to make a movie based on the iconic ride at Disney World…Space Mountain.  I have zero idea what the plot might be in that. But to this day, Space Mountain is a must ride for me and most other Disney fans when they’re in the Magic Kingdom.



Dolly Parton told Late Night host Seth Meyers the great story about why she would not let Elvis record her song “I Will Always Love You” that she original wrote as a goodbye song to Porter Waggoner after being his duet partner for several years. She said it broke her heart and made her cry. But Colonel Parker wanted half of Dolly’s publishing on the song and Dolly was one of the very few who gave in to that demand…maybe the only one to do so considering how much money a song recorded by Elvis would have made.  BUT…Whitney Houston comes along and records it and Dolly still owns the publishing and millions and millions of extra dollars because she held the publishing.  This just in…besides being so talented Dolly is a shrewd busines-woman as well. 



“Man Fails at Claw Machine in Japan 200 Times and Calls Police”.  If you’re a grown man and you play the claw machine 200 times?  For gosh sakes do the right thing and turn in your Man Card.



Nothing big today, no writing so essentially Columbus Day is a day off for me too.  I see a Fall Walk coming.


Have a great Monday.








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