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Skyline Chili...Jennyville and Donuts

Oct 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from the Queen City.



I'm on a little back and up trip to Cincinnati....back home later this evening.  Good to see family on my wife's side...and always good to see this beautiful city that sits on the Ohio River where we have so many friends.  I spent 12 years in "Porkopolis" on the radio...and a part of me always feels like it belongs here.  So any chance we have to get back here...catch a Reds game, meander through their world class zoo, ride the "Beast" at Kings Island or...enjoy a 3-way and a cheese coney?  Pretty good deal.  Folks here in this city of 7 hills can appreciate the fact that I feel like Nashville...where I live now...would be the perfect city if it had a Skyline Chili parlor and the Reds. 






My great friend Jenny Tolman who I write with a lot just got this glowing review of her new project "Jennyville" that her talented boyfriend...and also a co-writer Dave Brainard produced and co-wrote for.  Check out this Rollingstone.com review on her album "Jennyville" where I have a little voice part as a weather man between the great tracks of music.  Though I've written a lot with Jenny and Dave...none of my songs made this great album which I'm disappointed about for sure...but still...I'm just extremely happy for the notice she and he are starting to get.  This is a great creative project which is only going to make me be on the next one even more.  Congrats to my friends on the deserved spotlight that's starting to shine on them.




A family decides to go through one of those corn mazes that pop up this time of year.  They finally figured out how to get out of the maze and left.  Just one thing...they forgot a kid of theirs who was still lost someone where between the acres of tassels and ears.  Doh!  Parents...remember...the farmer would rather raise corn...not your kids.





The worlds most expensive donut?  A dozen will cost you $1,200.  It's filled with champagne and topped with 24 K gold.  Some chef in Miami came up with it. A donut...a dang donut.  J-Lo lives in Miami.  Maybe she and her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez will order up a couple dozen.





One article I read this morning predicts that $100,000 pickup trucks are on the way and will become Kings Of The Road.  Two dozen of those donuts I just mentioned will come complimentary for those that purchase one.  I'm guessing.



In Nashville...one of our craft brewery places is called "Brewnuts".  It combines beer with donuts.  A draft and a donut please.  Wonder if Homer Simpson has heard about this place yet?



I have a brother in law who works for Caterpillar.  For years...and he'll be able to retire in a few.  I'd never really thought about how bad news is sometimes good news for companies like Caterpillar.  They've gone in to warp speed production these past several weeks because of the natural disasters...hurricanes...floods.  Cities in Florida...Houston?  A lot of demand for Cat products to lift and carry and remove flooded cars...and remove debris caused by the hurricanes.  Their factory in North Carolina is working overtime to keep up with demand.  Just never thought about it before.


I do know that the video and song I mentioned here before, "We Are Houston" is about ready to roll out to help raise money for that city.  They have released a little video tease of this BJ Thomas project (he's from Houston) that folks everywhere will see soon that features an All Star choir of folks you may know.  It's certainly an honor to be standing on the rafters with these folks and contributing in a small way.




Returning home this afternoon.  Then packing for a show in Missouri coming up this Sunday to salute our vets.  More on that tomorrow.


Have a great Thursday!



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