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Southwest No Fly...Breakfast Show...Down Under Writing

Oct 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and I have a trip to Texas today. I was set to fly this afternoon on Southwest out of Nashville to Houston to play a show in Woodmont, Texas tomorrow night with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Our world got turned upside down with all the thousands of Southwest Airline cancellations going on, so we’re up early for the long drive there. Bags and guitar in the hallway ready to go.



It is Columbus Day today. That means that all those years ago ole Christopher stumbled onto America and on his first day here he started mattress sales.



Mine started Friday morning in a recording studio not too far from my house. I recorded some voice narration that folks will hear when they go see one of the Christmas shows at Busch Gardens this year in Williamsburg. They’ve changed the name of the show, so I’m not sure exactly what it is now. But it’s a biblical kind Christmas show with old familiar Christmas tunes and hymns built around a cast of singers and dancers. My friend Victoria Venier and her husband Matt Davenport routinely produce these kinds of show, and this show starts running October 25 and will run right up to Christmas. So, if you’re sitting in the house, you may recognize the voice. Thank you, Victoria, for choosing me.(Oh...and Happy Birthday today Victoria!)



I can’t remember the last time I sang in the morning. But that’s what I was doing Saturday morning as I was part of a breakfast brunch show at the Listening Room Café here in Nashville that was hosted by my young friend Taylon Hope. Songwriters Bill DiLuigi and Henry Thompson filled out our foursome. 10:30 AM show, and the place was sold out. Amazing. My thanks to Taylon for including me in her songwriter round, and it was a treat to her sing a new song we literally had just written a few weeks ago. That was a surprise, and she did it proud. A fun way to spend a Saturday morning in Nashville.



Saturday evening I hooked up with Angus Gill in Australia and before we wrote a word or note we had a little online celebration as Angus new album “The Scrapbook” is sitting at number one on the Australian Country Charts!  I wrote the title track with Angus for the album and well as this duet the two of us wrote with Jerry Salley that honors our mutual friend Aaron Wilburn who passed from Covid a few months ago. The song title was Aaron’s idea that he never got to write with Angus, so Angus invited me and Jerry to write it with him. Glad he did. It was a wonderful way to honor the legacy of such a wonderful-funny-talented man.


Some nice reviews have been printed about the album and the songs like this one which shares a bit of the inspiration for the title track. Thank you for that.


And…we did manage to write a funny song before the evening was over!



Some good news on the virus front today. The infection rate has dropped 40% over the past few months, and Fauci is now saying expect the death rate to start dropping too.


More and more experts in the field are starting to say that immunity after you’ve had Covid is just as effective as the vaccine. In parts of Europe if you prove you have antibodies, you’re good to go to anything vaccinated folks can. I can see that trend taking hold here someday sooner than later too.


In Palm Beach Florida, a fully vaccinated man just died of Covid.


A half million Covid-19 tests have now been recalled because of producing so many false-positive readings.



I seem to be seeing mor roundabouts for whatever reason these days. In the middle of nowhere Georgia last weekend we ran into a series of them. They were everywhere in Ireland when I was trying to keep my wits about me while driving on the wrong side of the road over on the Emerald Isle. You’re in the left lane, come to a roundabout, and that will mess with your mind for sure.


Some are getting more creative with theirs. In Paris, they’ve put up pieces of art to look at while you spin around. Kind of cool.


Here in Nashville, we have one too. That one has a statue of naked people that will get your attention too. They call the dang thing “Musica”. I think they should name it “Nakeda” instead. And for the record, I did not pose for any of this. You’re welcome.



Well, our trio is not the only one to have a flight cancelled. William Shatner aka Captain Kirk, who’s 90 years old, just had his space flight cancelled this Tuesday on the Blue Origin rocket ship owned by Jeff Bezos of Prime. High winds is the culprit. So, he’ll have to wait a bit before he can say, “take us out Sulu”.



Multiple asteroids larger than pyramids are reportedly hurling themselves towards earth. I can only hope Captain Kirk will obliterate them with some laser strikes when he goes up into space.



I wrote that title with my friend Brady Seals years ago that has lines like, “Blazing Saddles, pinto beans, we all laugh at that campfire scene, that’s just boys being boys”. I’m pretty sure as boys we’ll never figure women out. But certainly that’s a two-way street. One woman posted this over the weekend, “My boyfriend used Dawn Dish Soap as a body wash then said, “if it’s good enough to clean ducks, it’s good enough to clean me”. Hard to argue with that solid logic.



I’ve got 800 miles of road ahead today so I’m looking for a soft butt pillow to take as our “Evening in the Round” show heads to Woodmont, Texas for a show tomorrow night at Dosey Doe’s…The Big Barn. The good news is, as Linda Davis always says, “the real show is the show that goes on inside the vehicle during these road trips”. True.











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