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More WSM...Michael and Squirrels

Oct 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A busy Thursday coming up.



My morning started with my parody song assignment from New York.  Already folks are digging into Halloween big time and I parodied the Miranda Lambert hit “House That Built Me” into the “House That Scared Me” as in haunted houses. 


Now…I’ve actually worked in a haunted house once.  In Cincinnati when I was on the radio there, a local charity sponsored one and they invited me to come out and participate.  So I hid behind a darkened wall and jumped out in costume and scared the bejeezus out of some folks who PAID to be scared.  Haunted houses are not really my thing.  The one at Disney World?  I’m good with that.  But the local one’s where the town butcher is running through dark hallways with a chainsaw?  Uh…no.


I was happy to write the song though and somewhere this morning some radio station is playing that thing with the lyrics “peed my pants”.  Thought you should know.



After finishing that I made a run down to Music Row and went upstairs at the Sony Building to meet my cowboy buddy Paul Bogart in the Hank Williams writing room.  Hank’s gone…but he still has a writing room with his name on it that overlooks Music Row.  Pretty cool room to draw inspiration from.  Paul and I have both been busy.  He’s on the road a lot touring with his band and he has played in Italy more than once.  So we had a chance to compare tourist notes since I just got back from there.  And then before we left the building we managed to write a new western swing thing for Paul, that Paul does SO well that was inspired by one of his two young sons who just got a miniature pony.  He told his Dad, “it’s just my size”!  And that led to the song.  I always always enjoy the “hang” with Paul.  And every time Paul talks about his two young Buckaroos I think of this song we wrote together that's on his new album "Leather" titled "Grow".



And after that it was off the Opryland Hotel to do the “Nashville Today” show on WSM radio.  Devon O’day, the regular host is STILL sick with that cold so I covered for her again with her talented partner and producer Lexi Carter.  And…I’ll be back on air later this afternoon too.


Yesterday we had a full slate of guests.  A pain specialist, an owner of a vintage drum shop and two singer songwriters both of whom were very talented. 


Hunter Price was just on America’s Got Talent where he found a fan in Simon Cowell.  He did not get into the quarter final round but did himself proud for sure…and his music is cool.  Watch his cool segment HERE on America's Got Talent.


And then Gethen Jenkins came in with his Duck Dynasty kind of beard and “outlaw” music and knocked my socks off.  He was in the Marines for 8 years and taught soldiers how to shoot.  After living in the hills of West Virginia AND Alaska…one do learn to shoot pretty well.  Just a really interesting artist that I liked a lot.  Check out both of the guests who were in studio by hitting the links.



Gosh…I’m feeling for those folks down in the Panhandle.  While no official word has come in yet about the “Blast On The Bay” songwriters festival I’m supposed to be at next Thursday with “Hits & Grins” in Port St. Joe, Florida…I just can’t imagine they’ll be able to put that great event on this year.  Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach were pretty much the bulls eye for hurricane Michael.  And now the water.  I should be getting official word I’m thinking today or tomorrow.  But certainly all my good thoughts are with the friends I’ve made who live there.


Our WSM meteorologist John Weatherbee did a “live” break with us yesterday and admitted that most of the folks in the know were surprised at how high the winds got.  Nobody saw a Cat 4 or 5 as a possibility until almost the last second.  That proves once again how unpredictable Mother Nature still is despite technology.



The stock market dove over 800 points yesterday.  The good news?  The stock price for Tums jumped significantly.



They had to unload an entire American Airlines flight after a woman brought her emotional SQUIRREL on board with her.  Uh huh. My daughter flies American.  She tells me she could write a book already.  I believe her.  I’m sure there must be a song in “emotional squirrel”. 



I’m back on the air 3-6 pm today on WSM.  If you want to listen that would be great.  You can listen in from anywhere at wsmonline.com


Then tonight I’m out to hear my talented friend and co-writer Jenny Tolman do her thing at the “High Watt” club here in town.


Full Thursday.  Hope you have a great one too!

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