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First Time Co-Write...Veterans Show...and The Dog House Marriage

Little rain with our Hump Day Wednesday.



I had a first time songwriting appointment with Scott Barrier who moved into town several years ago from Maryland...up in farm country.  We both hauled hay at one point in our lives back when the bales were bigger than both of us.  So we had some common ground to talk about before we started rhyming into computers over coffee at Scott's breakfast table at his house.  It's always fun getting to hear the back stories of folks who move to this town to chase a crazy music dream.  Scott is "ate up with it" pretty good...a necessary quality I think to have a chance of staying afloat while you write songs.  Gotta admire that.  And...the first effort was pretty danged good if I do say so. 



I'll be up and back to Missouri again for this show that you see on the poster to honor our Veterans...sponsored by the Gateway Country Music Association.  The show will take place in Wentzville, Missouri and I'll be there to sing a few tunes and help emcee the event that will feature several other folks as you see on this bill.  Always always and honor to contribute this way and say thank you to the men and women serving our country.  I hoping to see a lot of old Show Me friends out front...and my thanks to Dodge and Dean Raymer for having me as part of this event.






Apparently...the new "trendy" flavor this Fall will be maple.  Maple donuts...maple Starbucks flavored drinks...you name it.  And some in the know think maple could be the new "pumpkin".  I wouldn't worry a ton if I had a pumpkin patch.  I don't see us carving a jack o lantern in mass amounts into the bark of maple trees.  We'll see.



Candy cane.  Christmas.  I never see a candy cane unless it's Christmas.  Maybe I'll see it more now since candy cane fingers are supposed to be a trendy fashion look.  Seriously.  Take a look.  Add some mistletoe toe rings and you're good to go for Santa.









Here's an eye opener for Disney fans.  When Disneyland opened in 1971 you could get a one day pass for $3.50.  Today...a little over $113 per day.  This is why I've started booking vacations at Chuck E Cheese for my thrills.  The ball pit dive will save you a bunch of bucks.



"Woman Celebrates 8 Year Marriage To Her Dog".  Guess it goes without saying...they make a "fetching" couple.  If this doesn't work out...I wonder who gets the dog house?  Okay...I'll stop.



Nothing really huge...so a chance ro re-load and re-set for the end of the week.


Have a great Wednesday!

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