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Good Music News...A Great Feel Good Story and Dynasty On Capitol Hill

Columbus Day must be over because all the Mattress Sale ads are gone.



I had a fairly light morning for me.  I wrote a couple of funny parody radio jingles for a radio station in Colorado Springs and their afternoon show in Colorado Springs through United Stations in New York.  I've been writing those for maybe a couple of years now.  Two a week...and the afternoon guy can use them how he sees fit.  One of the oddities of writing this way is I've never set foot in that radio station...and...I've never met or had any conversation or correspondence with the afternoon host.  So I'm the anoymous guy behind those that he knows nothing about...which is more than cool with me.  One of the reasons I've always loved writing and radio is it's creative...but you're mostly anonymous in what you do.


Now...I will say there have been a couple of ocassions that made me smile from the radio angle.  One of those being the time I went through the grocery line in some city and the clerk asked "cash or credit" to which I replied "cash".  And then she lit up and said "are you????"""!!  She recognized my radio voice in a one word reply because she was a big fan of the show. 


It's funny to at least myself when this happens because I truly think (inner ear) that I have just an ordinary voice.  But I'm reminded by friends and my wife all the time that no...it' a radio voice.  My wife Kathy has to remind me from time to time to lower my voice in a conversation because it carries so much.  Weird.  I'm grateful for those pipes of course...but it bothers me none that it's the folks on the TV screen who REALLY get recognized in public...and radio guys only get recognized some.  It's the reason I chose not to do TV at one time in my career...plus the fact that I don't have enough hair for that medium.



And my other writing assignment was to write a parody song about a new study claiming that sugar is as addictive as cocaine.  So I took the Zac Brown Band hit "Chicken Fried" and turned that into "Sugar High" that some radio stations somewhere this morning may be playing.  That's the other great thing about writing behind the curtain.  Nobody knows I'm writing drug songs.



I go for a refill of coffee.  My Starbucks is closed for remodeling so at 5 am most mornings I'm at Mickey D's going through the paper and prepping for my day.  Holding my cup out the woman behind the counter holds up the coffee pot and something is wrong.  They didn't get enough coffee in the filter apparently and it looked like light brown water.  Now here's the best part.  The lady pours a little in my cup and says, "taste that".  Uh...no.  Pretty sure they're not paying me to be a taster for McDonald's so I had her pour it out and grab another pot.  Next thing ya know some government official will ask me to walk around a nuclear reactor to see if I come down with anything.




"Ophelia".  That will be the name of the next hurricane now that Nate has done his thing.  Male to female to male to female is how they name those storms.  I just know one day there will be a hurricane named "Cantore".  Gotta be.



I had one of those really nice unexpected phone calls yesterday when my Aussie friend Tamara Stewart...in her words..."rung me up".  She was calling to tell me that she was going to include a song we wrote together on a new album she's in recording right now called "Dear Hometown".  And I truly love this tune we wrote one day at her little cottage in town about her hometown...but a lot of mine is tucked into this song as well.  Tamara is dug in here in Nashville...by herself...no husband...no family....all her family is way across the pond.  But she skyped with her Father a few days ago and played him our song and told me it moved him...and that he approved.  Good enough for me Dad. 



Shania Twain was gone 15 years.  Her new album is #1.  Her and Garth.  They left...but were not forgotten.  Both are incredibly nice folks...at least that's been my experience whenever I was around them.  So it makes sense that both are still popular enough to sell albums and concert tickets.



I had a conversation with our son in law to be yesterday.  He's in the Army up in Fort Campbell.  A commercial for a cooler came on TV and showed the price for this bad boy to be $275.  My daughter says, "who would pay that for a cooler"?!  (I agree)  But her fiancee' Casey said, "check out some of those Yeti coolers. 


Admission...I had no idea what a Yeti was until I heard the Chris Janson hit "Buy Me A Boat" that has a line in it that goes, "it could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down with some Silver Bullets".  I remember hearing that the first time I heard it and goggled "Yeti".  They are expensive coolers.  You can drop almost $1,300 on their largest one.  Uh...you can.  Not me.  Unless that cooler is also big enough to house my car...uh...no.  There's a dang good reason God invented styrofoam.



You can now purchase a whiskey advent calendar.  Something for the holidays.  Just like it sounds.  Each day there's a new whiskey for you to try.  God bless us everyone.







Have you seen this moving true story?  Guy always wanted to be on ESPN.  His name is Steve Winfrey.  He got sick. He needed a kidney.  Amazingly his wife was a match and she tells him she's donating hers in a very clever way...on a baseball card she gave him.  The story went viral.  And guess who just interviewed Steve Winfrey about his good fortune?  Uh huh.  ESPN.  I encourage you to watch this VIDEO.  But grab some Kleenex first. 








I'll admit.  I am a Star Wars fan.  I'm one of those that had my mouth open in amazement when I saw the first one...and I've remained a fan.  Now...I will not line up for a ticket for 300 hours in advance with a light saber in my hand accompanied by a "Wookie"...but...I won't miss the next film.  We go a sneak peek of a the movie last night during Monday Night Football when they aired this new TRAILER.  It was better than the Bears-Vikings game...by far.



The "Battle of The Sexes" is out now with Emma Stone and Steve Carrell playing the parts of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.  But how about this new sports movie coming out.  They're rehashing the story of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.  Margot Robbie is the actress who will play Tonya in the movie I, Tonya..and I don't know who is playing Nancy yet.  And will OJ play the guy who was hired to whack Nancy's knee?  Hopefully not. 



The two of them are going at it...back and forth as to who is the real "First Lady".  With that in mind...they are re-doing Dynasty.  It should be easy for producers to decide who to cast as Alexis and Crystal. 






I'm off to write for the first time with Scott Barrier.  I played a songwriters show in Gatlinburg this year with Scott and enjoyed his songs a lot so we'll try to rhyme something together later this morning.  He grew up as a farm boy in Maryland so we can talk about square bales as opposed to big round bales before we get started today.  Should be fun


Have a great Tuesday!


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