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Great Review...My Talented Daughter...Beach Writing Today

Oct 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Kind of hard to celebrate the weekends when these days almost every day seems like a Saturday or Sunday. But, here’s to the weekend.



For the first time I wrote with Josh Shilling and Steve Dean as a trio.  I’ve written with both of them a lot but never together. Steve had not met Josh until I introduced them to each other online before we started trying to create a song. So that was fun. It took us a while on this idea I had come up with, but we finally got it where it needed to be, and we created a new friendship I think in the middle of doing all of that. A good day for sure.


I posted this yesterday I think but if you’ve not heard this yet, check out the new timely song that Josh Shilling just released titled “Go to Hell 2020”. 



Robert K. Oermann reviews new songs for Music Row Magazine.  He can be a very TOUGH critic at times.  And that’s why it was so great to read his review of Jenny Tolman’s new single that I helped her, and Dave Brainard write “If I Could Invent A T-shirt”.  This song is all about the times we’re living through today spun with humor. And it was nice to see that Robert did not miss that sense of humor in their great review. Thank you Mr. Oermann.


JENNY TOLMAN/“Invent a T-Shirt”
Writers: Jenny Tolman/Dave Brainard/Bill Whyte; Publisher: none listed; Producer: Dave Brainard; JT
-The always witty Ms. Tolman tickles yer funny bone with this talking-blues ditty about social media, virtual bickering and wild opinion spewing. Accompanied by scampering fiddle and lickety-split guitar work, she offers a saucy, catchy chorus that ends with “kiss my derriere.” She is practically single handedly bringing humor back into country music and deserves our heartiest applause for doing so. The “selfie” video with her band will make you smile as brightly as the lyric does.



My daughter Heather has a Disney You Tube Channel.  Yesterday she released a video she shot along with help from my wife to promote a “Boo as they call it. Simply explained, folks send each other Disney boxes that they unveil, and they try to do so in creative ways to help entice folks to follow their channel. Heather parodied a Bruno Mars song in this video, and it blew her Dad away. Check this bad boy out. It's like an MTV music video. 



The Human Health Secretary Alex Azar is now saying the US could have enough coronavirus vaccines for all of us by March. The question is, will you take the shot when it becomes available?


Even Minks need to be wearing masks. Covid spread through a mink farm (who knew they existed) and it killed thousands of minks. 


Mason Jars are in short supply now. That’s because of being quarantined more folks are canning now. If we have to choose one or the other?  I’ll take a shortage of Mason Jars over toilet paper.


And the holiday Covid question is, will Santa be wearing a mask this year in the parades, in the mall, online, coming down your chimney?  Couldn’t he just pull his beard up over his mouth and nose and give us a muffled “Ho Ho Ho” or two?


Here’s how long some think the pandemic will go.  Broadway Shows will not even think about returning now until the end of May 2021.  AND…Australia has announced no outside tourist might be a thing until the END of 2021.  That Mason Jar shortage is going to get to be a bigger deal apparently.



I mentioned yesterday how comedy writers everywhere will be all over the fly that landed on VP Mike Pence’s head in the debate that took place this week. Did not take long.


Joe Biden’s campaign page is raising donations by offering a Pence mini flyswatter for $10.


AND…the Milwaukee Bobble Head Hall of Fame and Museum is now selling a Pence bobble head doll with the fly on the head for $15. AND it comes with the Covid 19 plexiglass wall and a mini-fly swatter. I lived in Milwaukee for six years and had no idea they had such a museum.  Maybe it came after me.  Surely they’ll offer up a Kamala Harris bobble head giving you a choice between several different funny expressions?


I have several bobble head dolls on my desk.  Had so many at one point I had to throw some “bobbles” out. This happens when you attend as many bobblehead baseball game days as I have. 


And when I was in Miami to see the Marlins play a game at their ballpark with my daughter several years ago, I discovered that on the concourse they have what must surely be the largest collection ever of baseball bobbleheads.  I missed a couple of innings checking out those bad boys. 



The other day I sang at a celebration of life and ran into Russ Jeffers who played music at the old Opryland Theme Park for years with his wife. He still plays music, but his real job is with Hemphill Bus. Those are the folks that that build and rent and sell busses to country stars to travel in when they tour. Well, there’s no tours these days. So, Hemphill he told me is doing a “Rock Star Experience” thing where anyone can rent one of the stars busses with a driver and hit the road and party with their friends. And Russ says business is booming. That my friends is how you keep a business afloat in difficult times.



It is the month for beer and lederhosen.  But Covid has cancelled many Oktoberfest celebrations around the world this year. There’s a place here in town at Opry Mills called the Bavarian Bierhaus that I’ve played at once…but my Polka Queen friend Lynn Marie plays there all the time…and is still playing there in October with her husband Eddie Roddick. If you need a little Oktoberfest spirit?  Check out this song Lynn recorded that she, and Eddie and I wrote called “Celebrate”.  Lift your stein as you listen.



Vince Gill may be the most talented guy in this talented town. Though he no longer rules the charts the guy is busy and more relevant than ever. And by not being tied to having to have chart success he just does the coolest things. Like playing with the Eagles, or the swing band the Time Jumpers for years. He plays on lots of projects, jumps in the middle of bluegrass bands, sings harmonies for others…you name it. And he’s always in touch with what’s happening. His simple stripped back tribute to songwriter Mac Davis at the Grand Ole Opry last weekend singing “In the Ghetto” was just spot on.  Click the link…see & hear for yourself.



I have a double-header as I’m writing twice today…and I don’t do that much. But I start this morning with my lumber company owner and Grammy nominated guy Rick Lang out east as we continue to try and pile up songs for his next “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout” project that did receive two Grammy nominations last years.


Then this afternoon I’ll take off my gospel hat and put on flip flops as I’m going to held Trop Rocker Donny Brewer and my friend Brent Burns write a beach song idea that Donny has.  Donny and his wife are from Texas, sold their home and bought a motorhome and they just travel all over the country from one beach type gig to another. And he’s been very successful doing so.  And he’s got a little studio in his motorhome! It will be the first time I’ve written with Donny so this should be fun.


And Brent go lucky as hurricane Delta is going to miss Gulf Shores where he lives.  Stay safe Louisiana.   


Have a great weekend!








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