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Lay Down The Piano...Change Of Dates...Blimp Rides

Oct 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Wednesday morning where I see some leaves starting to drop off the trees.



Another great writing day with Josh Shilling whose talent I so admire. I held an idea for Josh that I had partly written knowing he would be a great co-writer to finish up the song…and was he ever.  Because he plays great piano and in fact does a lot of session work on piano it always gives a song a different kind of feel and texture as opposed to writing a song with guitars.  I never make predictions about songs but I feel pretty good about this tune finding a musical home down the road.  Fingers crossed.



So our “Hits & Grins” trio heads for Port St. Joe, Florida next week and "Blast On The Bay"  and I posted our schedule a couple of days ago.  That’s changed and now the correct dates and venues are as follows.


Friday October 18 at Lookout Lounge at 5pm

Saturday October 19 at Krazy Fish Grill at 4 pm.

Sunday October 20 back at Lookout Lounge at 1 pm with guest Jerry Salley.


There’s a pretty good chance we will have a fourth show to be announced so stay tuned.  For complete info on the songwriters festival on the coast just go to their website at blastonthebay.com



This is how life has change for millennials and even older than millennial.  I had a conversation a few days ago with a 30 year old who talked about growing up in a small town like I did. No running water, not a lot of great health care, snowed in winters where you can’t leave the house…BUT…the worst part?  No Starbucks for 50 miles!  That’s how big Starbucks is.  You choose where you live or retire very very carefully.  Just how far is the nearest Starbucks? 



Did you know you can stay in a Goodyear Blimp overnight?  It will cost ya $150.  And that’s not hot air I’m tossing at ya. 


Better yet…fly in one if you ever get a chance.  I did once.  I begged on my radio show in Cincinnati to get a ticket when I had heard the blimp was in town. A lady listening got so fed up with me begging on air she wrangled me a seat as she worked for Goodyear.  Hey, sometimes begging pays off!


The ride was so cool.  Noisier than you would think…and a slow drift.  Overlooking the city that was just very fun.  Now, if you can’t wrangle a seat on the blimp…jump in a hot air balloon sometime.  Same kind of experience but quieter.



They’re not for me.  But it’s that time of year when many when seek out scary movies and haunted houses.  I think when I saw them shoot “Old Yeller” in that Disney movie I was scarred from ever watching one again. 


I did see “Sixth Sense” with Bruce Willis…so there’s one.  Can’t believe I got through it without changing my pants a couple of times but I did.


So y’all go on and hang with Freddie Krueger all you want.  I’ll pass.


Oh…and haunted houses?  It’s more fun to work in one and be the scarier as opposed to being the scaree. 



They are still my favorite rock-pop band.  And they have announced a “Hotel California” tour visiting several cities for the band that includes Vince Gill and Glenn Frey’s son these days.  Here’s the LIST of cities they’ll be playing.  And these shows are all about the iconic album “Hotel California” as the band will sing every song off that great project.  I’m thinking, “what’s the nearest city near me”?



In Ecuador folks love the Guinea Pig flavored ice cream.  No kidding.  I don’t think I want to go in the kitchen to see how they make these two scoopers.  Not once in my life have I looked at a Guinea Pig and thought, “dessert”?



“Man Uses Cheese Grater To Remove A Tattoo He Got Days Earlier”.  Ouch.  Proof that no one should get a tattoo of a girls name or your bank account password.  Don’t do it!



I’m writing with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard who are all about “There Goes The Neighborhood” that’s out right now…a great very fun album to listen to from Jenny.  We’ve been writing songs for a long while together now and we’re stacking up songs for consideration for the next project for her that I’m hopeful of having songs on.  And I do believe there’s a pretty good chance they will release a Christmas cowboy song for the holidays that three of us wrote one day.  I’ll find out more about that today but I do know they have it partially recorded…a good sign!


And we have 3 game 5 MLB playoff games today!  I’ll be home in time to root for the Cardinals for sure.


Have a great Wednesday!





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