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Happy Columbus Day.  Bet there's a big mattress sale somewhere...pretty sure it's the law.



Busy.  Friday I was on air for WSM as that radio station and the Grand Ole Opry were both celebrating 92 years of history together.  And the phone was ringing with celebrities who love both of those entities who wanted to wish us a Happy Birthday.  Charlie Daniels was awesome and told me it was Roy Acuff himself who introduced Charlie to the Opry stage the first time.  Ronnie Milsap called as did John Berry, Linda Davis and Grand Ole Opry star Jan Howard who told a chilling story about her involvement in the Ken Burns PBS series "Vietnam". 



Jan Howard had two boys who fought in Viet Nam.  One did not come back.  A peace activist rang her door bell and her response to this guy is riveting.  She talked openly about it...and it was plain to hear that that kind of hurt never really leaves a mother who's lost a son.  If you've not yet seen that series...seek it out.


AND...Leslie Satcher the great songwriter-singer was with me "live" in the studio for a couple of hours on Friday and we played her great new song "This Won't Take Long" that features Vince Gill and Sheryl Crow singing along. (Check out the paintings in the video...that too is all Leslie Satcher). Leslie talked about how she and songwriter Monte Holmes wrote the huge George Strait  hit "Troubadour" in about 20 minutes one day.  Sometimes magic does happen.


And a little magic happened while we were talking on air.  I said something that my friend Linda Davis caught that I did not hear and texted me that "we should write that"!  Leslie quickly agreed...so the three of us have a date on the books to kick the tires on that.  So...a nice bonus for being on the air Friday for sure.  Such a pleasure to go in and be on the air every now and then for that great radio station.



Saturday night I was at Puckett's in Franklin for a wonderful night with songwriter pals Bobby Tomberlin and Brady Seals.  Gosh...what a great night filled with stories and hits and laughter.  Brady sang songs his Hall of Fame uncle Troy Seals has written like "There's A Honky Tonk Angel" by Conway and others, "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes" for George Jones, "Lost In The Fifties" for Milsap and on and on and on.  And one of my faves by Dobie Gray "We Had It All".  And he also sang a song from his cousin Jim Seals "Summer Breeze" a classic Seals and Crofts song.




And Bobby lit it up with his huge hit "One More Day" for Diamond Rio and told one great story after another.  His Mom and Dad were there from Alabama...and so was Phil Everly's widow...of the Everly Brothers of course.  Bobby also had a special moment that happened at our Country Music Hall of Fame Saturday afternoon when he was doing soundcheck and running through "One More Day".  A guy hears the song...asks for a guitar and joins Bobby to play and sing it in front of Bobby's few friends where were in their seats before the door opened.  That guy turned out to be Livingston Taylor...a talented writer-singer who happens to be the brother of James Taylor.  Only in Nashville folks.  At soundcheck!


And me?  I was just tickled to be sittin' in in the middle of such talented friends.  Thanks to all who came out and had fun with us Saturday night.



It looks like "Nate" is mostly done.  Nothing really serious...some wind, some water.  The worse part of it was it landed Jim Cantore in my favorite vacation spot Gulf Shores.  Never a good sign when he comes to town as my little Jim Cantore song points out with my friend Brent Burns.  He should be untying himself from a lamppost right about now and headed back to the Weather Channel with not much to report.  Just the way we like it.



I was saddened to hear of the passing of comedian Ralphie May who lived here in Nashville...from Chattanooga originally.  Always liked his stuff.  Interviewed him a couple of times on the radio...nice young man.  Way to young to pass...45 years old.  Gosh life is just a blip for some isn't it?










MTSU near hear is offering degrees in "Fermentation Science".  In plain language...they are teaching kids how to brew beer.  A local distillery will use some of those college kids as interns to learn that science.  Soon they'll be able to brew their own personal beers to use when they play Beer Pong at their sororities and frat houses.  I would think getting kids to sign up and attend these classes would not be a problem.  Unless they are missing classes from a hangover of course.



Border Patrol Agents will be trick or treating at your door soon.  Won't make a big difference in my Halloween as I've built a wall in front of my door so they can't reach the door bell.  Making Hallowen Great Again...that's me.



With that in mind...you can really amp up your Halloween experience this year by renting a jail cell in Alcatraz for an overnight stay.  True.  People will PAY to be locked up in an old decrepit jail cell on an island off of Frisco.  Don't know if they can take their "My Pillows" with them or if it's strictly prison issued sheets and pillows.  Y'all go have fun without me. 



Now they are selling "Meggings".  That's the male equivalent of "Leggings" that's become standard attire for women whether they are working out or just going for Starbucks or to catch a flight.  I could be wrong...but I don't see me lining up at Ole Navy "begging for meggings".  Might be a Man Card violation...I'm checking.






You can smell like you've bathed in a forest.  That's right.  They put that smell in one of those little aromatherapy bottles.  Put a dab on and you smell like you've been walking in the woods.  Don't forget to check for ticks later.



Jerry Seinfeld said in a recent article, "there's always a joke...you just have to find it".  True.  Those that think funny like Jerry can find and or write a joke about almost anything.  I've always thought the challenge for people like me is to know when NOT to try and say something funny.  Probably shouldn't joke about folks tailgating at a funeral home right?  Some of the funniest jokes are squelched by the comedian before that funny thought crosses over their lips.  Those usually wind up in an HBO Special.


All I know for a fact is we need more funny folks to lighten up the mounds of serious stories we are hit with every day in the news.



"Wife Carrying Contest For Beer".  Yep.  You can enter.  Hoist a wife...hoist a beer.  That works.   I'm guessing if you're wife is petite...you're prize would be Lite Beer...but it's just a guess.



Slow day...Columbus Day.  I've got a little writing to do for New York...and then prepping for a couple of road trips this week. 


Have a great Monday!


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